Family:Theobald Crisler and Rosina Garr (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? abt. 1736 Culpepper, VA, USA
est 1736-1747 Culpepper, VA
13 APR 1818 Culpepper, VA
Est. 1739-1743 Culpepper, VA
Est. 1740-1750 Madison, VA
14 SEP 1822 Madison, VA
Est. 1741-1749 Culpepper, VA
Est. 1741-1757 Culpepper, VA
Est. 1741-1757 Culpepper, VA

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Descendants of Theobald 'Deobold' Fawatt Cristler

Generation No. 1

1. THEOBALD 'DEOBOLD' FAWATT2 CRISTLER (MATTHIAS1 CRISLER) was born Abt. 1700 in Rotterdam, Holland, and died 1776 in Culpeper County, Virginia. He married ROSINA GAAR Abt. 1736 in Culpeper County, Virginia, daughter of ANDREAS GAAR and EVA SEIDELMANN. She was born 11 Aug 1713 in Prob. Germany, and died 1807 in Virginia.


Theobald Fawatt Crisler was born circa 1700 at Rotterdam, Holland.1 He married Rosina Gaar, daughter of Andreas Gar and Eva Seidelmann, circa 1736 at Culpeper Co, VA.1 Theobald Fawatt Crisler died in 1776 at Culpeper Co, Virginia.

Last Edited=23 Jan 2008 Children of Theobald Fawatt Crisler and Rosina Gaar Adam Crisler Leonard Crisler David Crisler Andrew Crisler Catherine Crisler Mary Crisler Henry Crisler b. 1737, d. 1811 John George Crisler b. c 1745, d. 13 Apr 1818 Margaret Crisler b. c 1750 Elizabeth Crisler+ b. 1752 Michael Crisler b. 17 Dec 1752, d. 29 Nov 1836 Citations [S298] Jr William Neville Crisler, Genealogy of Kreisler-Crisler. From "Germanna History", Notes:(

Michael Crisler, the son of Theobald Crisler and Rosina Gaar, had married the widow Mary Ann (Thomas) Debolt. Mary Ann Thomas was the daughter of Michael Thomas, the son of John Thomas and Anna Maria Blankenbaker, both of Neuenbuerg. It seems to me that a connection had been carried from Neuenbuerg to America.


i. CATHERINE3 CRISLER, b. Bet. 1736 - 1747, Culpeper County, Virginia.
ii. HENRY CRISLER, b. 1737, Culpeper County, Virginia; d. 1811; m. ELIZABETH WEAVER, Abt. 1760; b. Abt. 1738, Orange (now Madison) County, Virginia; d. 1789.
iii. MARIA 'MARY' CRISLER, b. WFT Est. 1739-1743, Culpeper County, Virginia; m. MICHAEL CARPENTER/ZIMMERMAN, WFT Est. 1755-1761; b. WFT Est. 1728-1742.
iv. ADAM CRISLER, b. 1740, Culpeper County, Virginia; m. ELIZABETH CRIGLER; b. 08 Aug 1750.
v. ANDREW CRISLER, b. WFT Est. 1741-1757, Culpeper County, Virginia.
vi. DAVID CRISLER, b. WFT Est. 1741-1757, Culpeper County, Virginia.
vii. DOROTHEA CRISLER, b. WFT Est. 1741-1757, Culpeper County, Virginia; m. NICHOLAS BREIL.
viii. LEONARD CRISLER, b. WFT Est. 1741-1757, Culpeper County, Virginia.
ix. MICHAEL CRISLER, b. 12 Dec 1752, Culpeper County, Virginia; d. 29 Nov 1836, Boone County, Kentucky; m. MARY ANN THOMAS; b. WFT Est. 1740-1749.
x. ELIZABETH CRISLER, b. 1758, Culpeper County, Virginia; d. 1796, Madison County, Virginia; m. MICHAEL WILHOIT; b. 1744, prob. Virginia; d. Bef. 28 Mar 1805, Madison County, Virginia.


Michael Wilhoit b. 1749, d. before 28 March 1805

Michael Wilhoit|b. 1749\nd. b 28 Mar 1805|p91.htm#i2726|Adam Wilhoit|b. c 1722\nd. 1763|p94.htm#i2808|Catherine Broyles|b. c 1722|p94.htm#i2809|Michael Wilhoit|b. 9 Sep 1685\nd. 1746|p95.htm#i2823|Mary M. Blankenbaker|b. 1690\nd. c 1755|p95.htm#i2824|John Broyles|d. b 26 Jul 1744|p95.htm#i2825|Ursula||p95.htm#i2826|

Charts - Ancestors of Sandra Barrett

Michael Wilhoit married Elizabeth Crisler, daughter of Theobald Fawatt Crisler and Rosina Gaar, at Culpeper Co, VA.1 Michael Wilhoit was born in 1749.1 He died before 28 March 1805 at Madison Co, VA.2 Michael Wilhoit is an approved ancestor for Daughters of the American Revolution.3

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Children of Michael Wilhoit and Elizabeth Crisler
Frances Wilhoit
Jeremiah Wilhoit b. c 1774, d. 4 Apr 1824
Anna Wilhoit b. Aug 1776, d. Aug 1861
Elizabeth Wilhoit b. 1779, d. 3 May 1832
Ezekiel Wilhoit b. c 1781, d. 1838
Nancy Wilhoit+ b. c 1786, d. b 1850
Caleb Wilhoit b. 1791, d. 1 Apr 1832
Adam Wilhoit b. 1794, d. 26 Aug 1846

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xi. MARGARET CRISLER, b. 1760, Culpeper County, Virginia.