Person:Adam Crisler (1)

Adam Crisler
d.14 SEP 1822 Madison, VA
m. abt. 1736
  1. Catherine Crislerest 1736-1747 - 1752
  2. Heinrich Henry Crisler1737 - 1811
  3. John George Crisler1738 - 1818
  4. Mary CrislerEst 1739-1743 -
  5. Dorothea CrislerEst 1740-1750 - 1797
  6. Adam Crisler1740 - 1822
  7. Andrew CrislerEst 1741-1749 - 1749
  8. Leonard CrislerEst 1741-1757 - 1824
  9. David Thoebald CrislerEst 1741-1757 - 1823
  10. Michael Crisler1752 - 1836
  11. Elizabeth Betsey Christler1758 - 1796
  12. Margaret Crisler1760 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Adam Crisler
Gender Male
Birth? 1740 Culpepper, VA
Marriage 1768 Culpepper, VA, USAto Anna Elizabeth Crigler
Death? 14 SEP 1822 Madison, VA

Notes from Crisler Genealogy written by Orval Hamilton Crisler in the early 1980's: " Adam Crisler, the third child of Thebolt and Rosina Crisler was born in the year 1744 in Culpeper county, Colony of Virginia. Adam grew up in that area and married Elizabeth Crigler, daughter of Nicholas Crigler of Culpeper County in the year 1767 or 1768. Adam and Elizabeth communed at Hebron Lutheran Church in Madison, VA. Adam was a member of the Culpeper County Militia, Virginia Continental Line, during the Revolution with draft cadre number 77, in the same cadre as his elder brother, John George, ensign of that cadre. Adam participated in the last two years of the war (1780-81) being at the seige and surrender of Cornwall is at Yorktown in September, October, 1781. Adam's grandfather Matthias had long preached to his children and others to cross the mountains and find their fortunes. With the famous Cumberland Gap that provided a gateway to the westward migration of settlers, Adam received a land grant in Kentucky and in 1810 Adam, his children and their families migrated to Boone County, Kentucky. After arriving in Kentucky, they decided that Ohio looked better from across the river, so they later migrated north and westward into Ohio after the Battle of Fallen Timbers around 1810. Adam and his progeny formed the basis for the Ohio and Indiana branch of the Crisler Family of American and it's allied families to this day."

Adam Crisler supposedly was living in Preble County, Ohio at the time of his death in 1820, however, he does not appear in the 1820 US Census of Preble County, Ohio. His sons, William and Aaron, do appear in Preble County, Monroe Twp, in the 1820 US Census of Preble Co, OH.

"Adam Crisler wrote his will August 30,1819 and it was probated February 28, 1822 (Madison Will Book 4, page 123). In this will he mentioned his wife and the children named above except Hannah who perhaps died young without heirs. This will was witnessed by George Harrison, David WIlhoits, and Nicholas Blankenbaker. The inventory of his estate was made May 23, 1822 by Nathaniel Welch, James Beckham, and James Twyman. FInal settlement of his estate was made February 24, 1825.

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