Person:Daniel Hovey (1)

Daniel Hovey, Sr
m. Est 1595
  1. Agnes HoveyEst 1597 - 1597
  2. Thomasine HoveyEst 1598 -
  3. John Hovey, the Elder1599 -
  4. Margaret Hovey1602 -
  5. Jane Hovey1604/05 -
  6. Francis Hovey1607 -
  7. James Hovey1610 -
  8. John Hovey, the Younger1612 - Bef 1651
  9. Isabell Hovey1614/15 -
  10. Katharine Hovey1616 -
  11. Daniel Hovey, Sr1618 - 1692
  12. Elizabeth Hovey1620 -
m. Bef 1643
  1. Daniel Hovey, Jr1642 - 1695
  2. Sgt John HoveyEst 1644 - 1718
  3. Lt Thomas Hovey1648 - 1739
  4. James Hovey1650 - 1675
  5. Abigail HoveyAbt 1650 - 1677
  6. Joseph Hovey1653 - 1693
  7. Nathaniel Hovey, Sr1656/57 - 1692/93
  8. Priscilla Hovey1659 -
Facts and Events
Name Daniel Hovey, Sr
Gender Male
Christening[1] 9 Aug 1618 Waltham Abbey, Essex, England
Property[4] 1637 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesowned six acres of land on Muddy Creek
Property[4] 1639 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesgranted one acre by the town for a house lot on the south side of the Town river
Marriage Bef 1643 to Abigail Andrews
Property[4] Bet 1659 and 1660 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesgiven permission to build a wharf
Property[4] 1665 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United Stateshad a share in Plum Island, Hog Island and Castle Neck
Residence[4] Bet 1668 and 1675 Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts, United Statesjoined other settlers from Ipswich
Military[4] 1675 Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts, United StatesKing Philip's war drove away the settlers in Brookfield
Will[2] 21 Mar 1691/92 Written
Death[3][4] 24 Apr 1692 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Probate[2] 3 Oct 1692 Will proved
Probate[1] 31 Oct 1692 Will proved
Property[4] 1894 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United Stateshis home destroyed by fire
Occupation? Farmer
Burial? Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

Daniel emigrated to Ipswich, MA, in 1635 at the age of 17. In 1637 the town granted him six acres on Muddy Creek, a house lot on the Town River, and six acres of farm land on Sagamore Hill. He was living in Topsfield in 1663, in Quaboag in 1660 and 1672, and in Hadley in 1675, where he suffered at the hands of Indians, and moved to Ipswich.

BAPTISM: Extracted from Parish Register in Abbey Church at Waltham, Holy Cross, Essex, England; 28 Oct 1905; by J. Henry Stamp, Curate; Vol lll; pg 137 [see Text under SOURCES below]

Emigrated from England to Massachusetts on the "Griffin".

HISTORY: In May 1660, a colony went from Ipswich to Quaboag, which was subsequently renamed Brookfield; Daniel joined the group in 1668. His sons James and Thomas went with him. He was still living there in May, 1672, but had settled in Hadley before the massacre in Brookfield in 1675. Town was destroyed by fire during massacre.

Daniel Hovey was one of the early settlers of Ipswich, Mass., arriving in 1635 at the age of 17. He married Abigail, daughter of Captain Robert Andrews and Elizabeth Franklin of Ipswich circa 1641. Abigail Andrews' ancestry is noteworthy. Her father, Robert, retained the English spelling of Andrews. Robert's aunt, Mrs. Johane Andrews, widow of Thomas Andrewes, resided in London on Tower Hill. Her son, Lancelot, the Bishop of Winchester, assisted in crowning Elizabeth and James I. Lancelot was 1st in the list of 54 learned men selected to make what is known as the "King James" version of the bible. The Widow Johane Andrews left one-third part of the ship called "The Mayflower" to her son Thomas, and her brother-in-law, William. William settled in Boston in 1633. Thomas subsequently belonged to the Massachusetts Bay Company. Both names figure frequently on the pages of the "Log of the Mayflower". Captain Robert Andrews, father of Abigail, was master & owner of the Angel Gabriel, which was an armed ship that came as consort of the James, in August of 1635. Both the James and the Angel Gabriel were caught in a terrible storm and had to part company. The James anchored near the Isles of Shoals, and the Angel Gabriel anchored off Pemaquid, on the coast of Maine. The disastrous gale imperiled the James, which finally arrived "rent asunder and split to pieces in the Boston Harbor." (note:The Angel Gabriel was the first vessel which miscarried with passengers from Old England to New. It was built for Sir Walter Raleigh, and sailed from Bristol, Eng., carrying 16 guns).

Letter to Essex Prob. Court, vol. 2, page 144, dated Sept. 27, 1683, names wife and 6 sons and 1 dau., her children. All the sons except James then living.

Will of Daniel Hovey - 21 Mar 1691/92

I, Daniel Hovey, Senr of Ipswich, considering the changes of man Doe Desygne by the helpe of the Lord to settle my concemes as may be for the glory of god and the good of my family. My soul I desyre to resigne and commit into the hands of my Loving father in Jesus Christ, who is the Lord of my righteousness. My body to be decently buried in earth in hope of a glorious and blessed resurrection by Christ. Amen.

Item. The estate which God of his grace hath given me, I have disposed of as followeth: To my oldest sons Daniel and John Hovey and my daughter Agnes, I have given them their portions of that estate I had to our mutual concent. The one at Ipswich, the other at Topsfield, now in their possession, Abigail paid by my son John to my son Ayers.

Item. To my son Thomas and James his son Daniel, I give all that my yland called Hovey's yland which with the thatch banks and low marsh belonging to me on the other side of the creek which I allowed Quarter Master Perkins to improve, holding my possession till I had occasion for the same. Also all the houses and Land in Ipswich that I shall not dispose of before death.

Item. I give to my sons Joseph and Nathaniel Hovey one hundred rods of ground apiece. Joseph bounded next to Mr. Emerson's land from the highway to that land Daniel Ringe. Nathaniel one hundred rods of my land next to my son Daniel with ye dweling house, Barn, part of ye orchard to butt on Daniell Ringe, half planting Lot about three acres with a way to it over ye bridg I made to go to it. Three acres at Plum Yland also: which Lands I Leave in ye hands of my Executor and oversears: yt is left after my death to be disposed of as follows: the Children of Joseph Hovey: to have an equall proporshon of what is Left after my Deth as to yr father Legatee. The children of my son Nathaniell to have an Equall propporshon amoung them, only Nathaniell Hovy ye son of Nathanill Hovey to have a doubl proporshon if he Live to ye eage of one and twenty. If not, then to be divided among ye other Chilren of that family.

Item. My movables to my son Nathaniell, those sheep he hath of mine, to his children; my cart and plow Irons chains great tramill, great bras Kettell, Iron Kettell, Little Iron pot, my pewtter poringer and drinking Cup, with one chamber pot, and my wife's wearing aparell to Nathaniell children.

The other to Joseph his brother's children: all my wearing cloaths, my great brass pot and pewter quart pot and my great Bible and books as foloweth: Come to Christ and Wellcome, Cotton on ye Covenant, Mather's 7 Sermons to Nathaniel Children.

To Daniel, grandchild those sheep with which his master and books also, Christian warfare, Calvin on Job, Ten Divines, Ye Golden Scepter, with what other Books undisposed of by me of mine and such tools for his trade as suitable of mine.

To Abigail Hodgkins wife of Thomas Hodgkins ye brass pan and pewter salt seller; my part of ye mare and colt to granchild Daniel and Ivory.

Item. My interest of Brookfeld and Swampffeld I give to my son Joseph and Nathaniell children.

Item. I make my son Thomas Executor and would have his Nephew [Daniel] in case he Lives to age if capable to Joyne in ye same wt him and he pay out of his part to his brother James and sister Prasila and John Aires tenn pounds apice within three years after his posession and in case of his death I put James Hovey in his Roome and Let yn four Equaly devid his part: my bed bolster and pillow with my gren Rug a paier of Blankits with ye bedsted to Daniell granchild, I would have my son John of Topsfield to take into his posesion with his Books.

Item. I doe apoynt my Loving sons Daniell Hovey, and John Hovey to be overseers, of this my Last will: and to discharg my funeral Charges which I alow four pounds Estate: and to take any inventary of my estate: and discharge all my debts and make probet of my will: and to see Nephus have their equall proporshon: Joseph and Nathaniel children now have lately decesed: for which I alow my own sears three pounds apice for their care and truble:

This is my will as witness my hand and seale.

[Daniel's signature] Daniel Hovey, Sen'r.

Wittnesses: Philemon Dane, Thomas Hodgkins
Proved Oct. 3, 1692

Aged seventy three and goin to seventy fower, this one & twentieth day of March one thousand six hundred ninety one or two {SEAL}

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    The certified copy of Daniel Hovey's baptism is as follows:
    August 1618.
    Daniell Hovey, sonne too Richard Hovey, baptised 9 day.

    I hereby certify that the above is a true copy of the entry recorded in the Register of the Parish of Waltham Holy Cross, otherwise Waltham Abbey, in the County of Essex, England, as witness my hand this 3rd day of Nov 1905.
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    "died in April, 1692"

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  5.   Daniel Hovey, in Find A Grave.

    Burial: Unknown

  6.   The town of Great Waltham is perhaps 10 miles north of Chelmsford and perhaps 40 or 50 miles NE of London. The small village of Waltham Abbey is listed as 16 miles north of London. Whether the Hovey families lived directly in Waltham Abbey or near is not stated precisely in The Hovey Book, but Great Waltham seems much too far away for the baptisms and marriages to have taken place in Waltham Holy Cross parish, village of Waltham Abbey.