Person:Daniel Dugger (1)

Daniel Dugger
m. Bef 20 Feb 1716/1717
  1. William DuggerBefore 1720 - 1773
  2. John DuggerBefore 1721 - 1803
  3. Benjamin DuggerBefore 1724 - After 1756
  4. Elizabeth DuggerBefore 1725 - After 1749
  5. Lydia Dugger1727 - Before 1762
  6. Henry DuggerBefore 1733 - 1806
  7. Sarah Dugger1735 -
Facts and Events
Name Daniel Dugger
Gender Male
Birth[1] Before 1696 Surry, Virginia, United States
Marriage Bef 20 Feb 1716/1717 Surry, Virginia, United Statesto Mary Scarborough
Death[2] 1773/1776 Brunswick, Virginia, United States

About Daniel Dugger

Daniel Dugger was born ca 1696 or earlier (if he was at least 21 when his first record was made in 1717). It isn't known whether or not Daniel was born in Virginia or if he was an immigrant.

There were three known Duggers in VA records prior to Daniel. The first was a John Dugard who was imported on 29 Nov 1674 (Virginia Patents Book 6 page 546). He is a possible father of Daniel, but no proof so far. Next was Abraham Dugard imported on 20 Apr 1689 (Virginia Patents Book 7 page 695). I don't think Abraham is a likely candidate for Daniel's father, as the name "Abraham" was never used among his descendants. The final one was another John Dugar imported on 2 May 1705 (Virginia Patents Book 9 page 674). I don't know of any other Duggers in early VA.

Daniel Dugger is generally thought to be the progenitor of most of the American Dugger families. There may be another group of Duggers not descended from Daniel, but I have no data on that so far. DNA testing has shown that there is more than one distinct lineage of Duggers in the US, even among those thought to be closely related.

Daniel Dugger married Mary Scarborough sometime prior to 20 Feb 1716/17 most likely in Surry Co., VA. On that date, Daniel Duggard and Mary his wife were listed as next of kin to Edward "Scarborow", deceased, and came into Surry court and made an oath that Edward had died without leaving a Will. (Surry Co, VA Court Orders 1713-1718 page 105)

In March 1716/17 Daniel "Duggard" as administrator of Edward Scarborough's estate, presented the inventory and appraisal of the estate in court. (Surry Co, VA Court Orders 1713-1718 page 109)

On 20 Mar 1716/17 the above inventory and appraisal was recorded with a value of L30.9.1. (Surry Co, VA Deeds, Wills, etc 1715-1730 page 32).

On 17 Feb 1719 Daniel "Duggard", administrator, paid cash to Grace Lucas and "daughter Duggard" from the estate of Edward "Scarborow", deceased. (Surry Co, VA Deeds, Wills, etc 1715-1730 page 353).

On 17 Aug 1725 Daniel "Duggard" received a Patent for 125 acres in Surry County, VA, Southwark parish on both sides of Buckhorn Branch, adjoining William Lucas and Jeremiah Ellis. (Virginia Land Patents book 12 page 263)

Apparently, Daniel Dugger and family resided on the above land until 1756 when he gave it to his son Henry Dugger. I haven't yet located "Buckhorn Branch" in Surry Co, VA. A land patent to someone else mention their land bordered Daniel Dugger and Marmaduke Cheatham and also stated the land was on the North side of Main Blackwater Swamp. This makes it clear that the land was in what is now still Surry Co, VA.

A land patent dated 10 Jun 1737 to William Jordan for 350 acres in Surry, for land on the North Side of Main Black Water Swamp mentions that it adjoins said Jordan, Thomas Collier, John Collier, Daniel Duggard and Chetam (Cheatham). (Virginia Land Patents Book 17 page 358).

Daniel Dugger was absent from public records for the next 19 years. On 17 Apr 1756, Daniel Dugger of Surry gave his 125 acres of land to his son Henry Dugger, with the land described as on both sides of Buck Horn Branch, and bordering Stephen Collier and Marmaduke Cheatham. Daniel reserved his life rights to the land, meaning he could remain living on the property until his death. (Surry Co, VA Deed Books 7 page 273)

Although Henry Dugger remained in Surry until 1777, apparently his parents decided to move to Brunswick Co, VA with their other children prior to 1773.

Daniel Duggar was listed on the 1773 Brunswick Co, VA Tax list.

Daniel Dugger and "wife" were mentioned twice in the Bath Parish Register of Dinwiddie and St Andrews Parish (which was the Parish covering Brunswick Co, VA). On 20 Jan 1773 they were named "Daniel Dugger for his and his wife's maintenance". Apparently they were given an allowance in their old age. (Bath Parish Register of Dinwiddie and St Andrew's Parish Vestry Book of Brunswick by William Lindsay Hopkins, 1989 - pg 91)

They were named again 11 months later on 27 Nov 1773 with the same entry, an apparent allowance. (Bath Parish Register of Dinwiddie and St Andrew's Parish Vestry Book of Brunswick by William Lindsay Hopkins, 1989 - pg 95)

The above record is the last I found for Daniel Dugger. I have seen other researchers list his death year as 1776, but I'm not sure what the source is for that. I think it must be that only Mary Dugger was named in the 1776 Parish register entry for an allowance, thus indicating that Daniel had died by then. So that means Daniel died between 27 Nov 1773 and 3 Mar 1776, presumably in Brunswick County.

From Family Tree Maker Home Page of Charles A. Demastus:

Daniel Dugger, b. abt 1700 in Surry County, Virginia, and Mary Scarborough, b. abt. 1695. Source - Dugger Family History, Sumner County, Tennessee Archives, 1994

Descendants of Daniel Dugger (1690-1776)

Generation No. 1

1. Daniel1 Dugger (JohnA Dugger?) was born 1690 in Surry Co, VA (Source: (1) Marty Grant, (2) Jackie L. Byrd, "Electronic.", (3) Hill-Daniel Genealogy Page, "Electronic."), and died 1776 in Brunswick Co, VA (Source: (1) Marty Grant, (2) Jackie L. Byrd, "Electronic."). He married Mary Scarborough 20 Feb 1716/17 in Surry Co, VA (Source: Marty Grant, "Electronic."), daughter of Edward Scarborough and Ann ______.

Notes for Daniel Dugger: Daniel DUGGER (m Mary SCARBOROUGH) 20 Feb 1716/17 Surry Co, VA Court Orders 1713-1718 pg 105 Daniel DUGGARD and Mary his wife, next of kin of Edward SCARBOROW, dec'd, came into court and made oath that the said Edward departed this life without making any will... (Source: Marty Grant)

Daniel Duggard received Letters Patent for a tract of land from the Crown Colony of Virginia and Dominion of Williamsburg August 17, 1725. This Treasury Warrant as a Patent for land was called after 1699, signed by Hugh Drysdale, Esquire, Lieutenant Governor, was for one hundred twenty-five acres situated on both sides of Buckhorn Branch in the Parish of Southwark, County of Surry. The consideration: 15 shillings with Proviso. Ref: Patent Book 12, Page 163. (Adj. Lands of William Lucas and Jeremiah Ellis) signed Hugh Drysdale. (by Troy Saul Kilpatrick McCurley, Lawrenceville, Virginia December 29, 1961 provided by Gene Blair)

"The first factual record for Daniel was on 17 August 1725 in Surry County, Virginia when Daniel Duggard patented 125 acres of land on both sides of Buck Horn branch in the Parish of Southwark in Surry County, Virginia....... "On 17 August 1756 Daniel Dugger of Surry County sold to his son Henry Dugger all that tract of land whereon the said Daniel now lives in Surry County on both sides of the Buck Horn Branch......The description of the land matched precisely the legal description of the tract patented by Daniel in 1725, except that the names of some of the neighbors had changed."

"Proven child of Daniel Dugger:
i. Henry, b ca 1720; m. Ann (Jordan??) by 1771.
"Probable, but unproven, children of Daniel Dugger:
ii. Elizabeth, b ca 1725.
iii. Lydia, b ca 1729.

"Another possible descendant of Daniel Dugger:

i. Alexander, b ca 1750"

("The Dugger Family History" compiled by Shirley Wilson)

Notes for Mary Scarborough: 27 Jan 1778 Mary DUGGER rec'd 22 Sep 1783

"In the name of God amen I Mary DUGGAR of the County of Brunswick being in perfect health of body and in perfect sense and memory thanks be to almighty, first and principally I give my soul to almighty my Creator, and Jesus Christ my redeemer fully trusting in their mercy for all my sins and for what Estateit hath God to bless me with in this life I give as is hereafter expressed secondly I give all my personal estate to my grandson Sterling DUGGER and his heirs forever freely and graciously free from all incumberances hereafter. This 27th day of January 1778.
Mary (N) Duggar Signed sealed in presence of John TURBYFILL, James DUGGAR, Sarah (X) DUGGAR"


Children of Daniel Dugger and Mary Scarborough are:
2i. David (Daniel)2 Dugger, born in Brunswick Co, VA (Source: Bill Ferguson, "Electronic."); died in KY (Source: Bill Ferguson, "Electronic.").
3ii. Richard Dugger, born 1717 in Surry Co, VA (Source: (1) Marty Grant , "Electronic.", (2) Hill-Daniel Genealogy Page, "Electronic."); died 1738 in Brunswick Co, VA (Source: (1) Marty Grant, "Electronic.", (2) Hill-Daniel Genealogy Page, "Electronic."). He married Margaret ______ Bef. Aug 1738 (Source: Marty Grant;

Notes for Richard Dugger: Richard Dugger questionable as son of Daniel & Mary Dugger. This person is mentioned in the August 1738 Brunswick County Court Orders as "...William Thomas and Margaret his wife, late the wife of Richard Dugger..." The problem is that some read his name as "Duggen" or "Duggin" instead. If he is actually a Dugger, then he is probably a son of Daniel and Mary.

+4iii. John Dugger, born 1720 in Surry Co, VA; died Dec 1803 in Brunswick Co, VA.
5iv. Benjamin Dugger, born 1722 in Surry Co, VA (Source: (1) Marty Grant, "Electronic.", (2), "Electronic."); died 1797 in Wilkes Co, NC (Source: Marty Grant He married Mary Kincaid 1748 in Brunswick Co, VA (Source: Marty Grant;
6v. William Dugger, born 1720 in Surry Co, VA; died 1773 in Surry Co, VA.
+7vi. Lydia Dugger, born 1729 in Surry Co, VA; died Bef. 30 Apr 1762 in Surry Co, VA.
+8vii. Henry Dugger, born Abt. 1733 in Brunswick Co, VA; died Feb 1806 in Brunswick Co, VA.
+9viii. Sarah Dugger, born 1733-1735 in Surry Co, VA; died in Brunswick Co, VA.
  1. Daniel was made administrator of his father-in-law's estate in 1717. Therefore he must have been at least 21 then, so born ca 1696 or before.
  2. Daniel Dugger was named in the Bath Parish Register on 27 Nov 1773, but not again. On 3 Mar 1776 his wife Mary was named, apparently widowed. Therefore Daniel died between the two dates.