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Christopher Acklin
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Name Christopher Acklin
Gender Male


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Christopher Acklin is said to have been born in Opequon, Frederick County Virginia, about 1745, though an earlier DOB may be justified. Christopher's eldest child is said to have been born about 1767, implying a DOM of about 1766. His wife is commonly identified as Christian Black. Her given name is encountered in several Washington County Virginia, records, showing her to be the wife of Christopher Acklin. The basis for identifying her surname as "Black" is unknown. Over their married life Christian bore Christopher nine known children, at roughly two year intervals.

Our first firm record for Christopher is when he signed in 1772 the "Call to Reverend Charles Cummings" by the Ebbing Springs and Sinking Springs Congregations (Presbyterian) in the Wolf Hills district (Abingdon), of Old Fincastle County (now Washington County) VA. Thereafter he appears frequently in Washington County records. These records show him as operating an Ordinary from his home in the town of Abingdon, serving for many years as Deputy Sheriff for the area, and later as Sheriff, and involved in the usual number of lawsuits, both as plaintiff and as defendant, some of which he lost, and some of which he won.

Christopher survived to old age, dying about 1816 in Abingdon, age about 70 [1].

Personal Data

Personal Data
DOB:1745 The basis for this is not known, though the DOB may be based on an assumption that he was 21 at the time of his marriage. His eldest known child is said to have been born in 1767, implying a DOM of 1766, and if Christopher was 21 at the time of marriage, a DOB of 1745 seems reasonable. There are, however, conflicting records that suggest an earlier DOB. Records of Washington County, VA include numerous entries for a "Christopher Acklin", and some entries for "Christopher Awkland". These two names may refer to the same person, and both are shown to have operated ordinaries in Washington County. While there is nothing explicit to confirm their identity, it seems likely that they are the same person. However. Christopher Awkland is also shown (in 1781) as being entitled to a land bounty owing to his service c. 1756 in William Preston's company of Rangers, as well as that of Robert Rutherford. This would make the commonly given DOB of 1745 as unlikely, as he would have been about eleven years of age at time of service. If these two names do refer to the same person, then an DOB earlier than 1745 for Christopher Acklin seems warranted.
POB:Opequan, Frederick, Virginia
DOD:20 MAY 1816
POD:Abingdon, VA
Spouse:Christian Black
DOM:15 JUL 1766
POM:Frederick Virginia
Name DOB POB DOD POD Spouse DOM POM Dispersion and Notes
Samuel ACKLIN 15 NOV 1767
Joseph ACKLIN b: 30 JUN 1769 Virginia
Elizabeth ACKLIN 2 NOV 1771 William Hinds A October 19, 1797 Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia deceased by 1813 when husband dies, and children given a guardian; Christopher Acklini s named surety.
John ACKLIN 5 DEC 1773
William ACKLIN 9 FEB 1776 Abington, Washington county, Virginia
Kezia ACKLIN 23 APR 1778 or 25 APR 1778 VA
James Vance ACKLIN 2 NOV 1780
Christopher ACKLIN 20 JAN 1783
Alexander S. ACKLIN JUL 1785 Abington, Washington, Virginia

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