Person:Christina Sherratt (1)

Christina Farquharson Sherratt
m. abt 1833
  1. Christina Farquharson Sherratt1835 - 1922
  2. John Sherratt1836 -
  3. Archibald Farquharson Sherratt, Jr.1838 - 1915
  4. Robert Sherratt1841 - 1841
  5. Jane Sherratt1842 -
  6. Farquharson Sherratt1844 - 1930
  7. Mary Sherratt1847 -
  8. Isabella Sherratt1850 -
  • HJohn Cunningham1830 - 1910
  • WChristina Farquharson Sherratt1835 - 1922
m. 27 Jul 1855
  1. Mary Ann Cunningham1857 - 1941
  2. Twin Cunningham1857 - 1857
  3. John Cunningham1858 - 1916
  4. Archibald Farquharson Cunningham1862 - 1943
  5. Robert Cunningham1863 - 1941
  6. William Cunningham1865 -
  7. Christina Cunningham1866 - 1933
  8. Alexander C. Cunningham1868 - 1955
  9. Agnes Cunningham1869 - 1906
  10. Thomas Cunningham1870 - 1942
  11. Andrew Cunningham1872 -
  12. James Cunningham1874 - 1960
  13. Margaret Matilda Cunningham1876 - 1879
  14. Minnie Cunningham1879 -
Facts and Events
Name Christina Farquharson Sherratt
Gender Female
Birth[1] 21 Aug 1835 Nichol, Wellington, Ontario, Canada
Marriage 27 Jul 1855 Nichol, Wellington, Ontario, Canadato John Cunningham
Death[1] 2 Apr 1922 Nichol, Wellington, Ontario, Canada

The following obituary appeared:S1

The funeral of the late Mrs. John Cunningham took place on Wednesday, April 5th from the family home at Ennotville at 2:30 to Belsyde Cemetary, Fergus. The service at the house and grave was conducted by Rev. Mr. Nichol of Fergus, in the absence of her pastor, the Rev. Mr. Craw who was in Toronto. To the sorrowing family we extend our sincere sympathy. The pall bearers were Mr. Thos. Elliott of Toronto, Mr. Geo. Clarke of Fergus, Mr. J.W. Cunningham, Mr. J.C. Cunningham, Mr. Jas. Scott, Mr. Harry Sherrit of Cobertton.

From a 1922 letter:S1

At my last writing I mentioned the late Mrs. Cunningham as being still alive at a far-advanced age. Little did I think that before many days I would read of her death. I had not seen any account of her illness.
With her passed away one of the early pioneers, and there must be practically none of them remaining. Mrs. Cunningham was not in the strict sense one of the first pioneers but rather a daughter of one of those. Archibald G.[sic] Sherratt came very early into the woods around Ennotville, a tract where many splendid farms are now seen. So far as the writer knows, he was one of the first settlers in Lower Nichol. His daughter Christina and the other older members of the Sherratt family and ofall the early settlers, who were able, did their share in making the county what it is today. The Cunningham homestead was one of the first that I can remember in passing up and down the Guelph road; and I distinctly remember the day of the "raising" of Mr. John Cunningham's frame barn.
Mr. Cunningham was a man much respected by everybody. He was a man of most amiable disposition, and had a true helpmate in Mrs. Cunningham. When the majority of men were drinking, many of them to excess, Mr. John Cunningham was a member of the Temperance Lodge that met weekly in what was then called the Mechanic's Institute at Ennotville. So both father and mother were very worthy and respected citizens and have left behind them that best of legacies to their children at the same time they prospered on the good old farm beside Fergus.
Old friends as well as relatives will feel sad at the passing of Mrs. Cunningham; and her daughters will recall many events of former days.

Another obit:S1

There passed away at the old homestead, Ennotville, on Sunday, April 2nd, Christina Sherrit (sic) widow of the late John Cunningham, having reached the good old age of 86. Mrs. Cunningham was the daughter of the late Archibald G. [sic] Sherrit, whose farm was close in proximity to Ennotville. Sixty-six years ago, she married John Cunningham, a man much loved and respected in the community, who entered his rest twelve years ago. To them were born in due time a large family of thirteen children fo whom six sons and three daughters survive. viz. Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Wylie, Mrs. Hawthorn, Archie, Robert, Alexander, Thomas, Andrew, and James. Twenty two years ago Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham took a trip West on a visit to their children, most of whom were settled there. It was a visit most enjoyable at the time and full of happy memories. For some time the family have been scattered except for one son, Robert, who continues on the homestead and whose kindness to his aged mother was most beautiful. To him and the rest of the family, we extend the sympathy of many, in the passing of a mother much beloved, and an aged friend and neighbor endeared and revered. In the unavoidable absence from home of their pastor, Rev. R.W. Craw of Melville Church, the funeral was kindly taken by Rev. Walter L. Nichol of St. Andrew's on Wednesday, the 5th, many having come to pay their last tribute of respect.
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