Person:Catherine Mason (12)

  • HWilliam Cox1802 - 1856
  • WCatherine Masonabt 1803 - 1876
m. 19 Apr 1826
  1. John Cox1827 - 1891
  2. Elizabeth Cox1829 - 1902
  3. Ann Cox1830 - 1832
  4. Thomas Cox1832 - 1884
  5. Emma Sophia Cox1833 - 1834
  6. Mary Cox1835 - 1908
  7. Catherine Cox1837 - 1933
  8. William Cox1838 - 1917
  9. Matthew Cox1840 - 1915
  10. Josiah Cox1843 - 1912
  11. Sophia Cox1844 - 1915
Facts and Events
Name Catherine Mason
Gender Female
Birth[2][3][4] abt 1803 Barnack, Northamptonshire, England
Marriage 19 Apr 1826 Barnack, Northamptonshire, EnglandSt John the Baptist
to William Cox
Census[1] 6 Jun 1841 Barnack, Northamptonshire, England
Census[2] 30 Mar 1851 Barnack, Northamptonshire, England
Census[3] 7 Apr 1861 Barnack, Northamptonshire, England
Census[4] 2 Apr 1871 Barnack, Northamptonshire, England
Death[5] 11 Nov 1876 Barnack, Northamptonshire, England
Burial[6] 16 Nov 1876 Barnack, Northamptonshire, EnglandSt John the Baptist

Catherine Mason's origins have yet to be established for certain. She claimed in the censuses to have been born around 1803 in Barnack, Northamptonshire. She may well have been the Catherine Mason baptised at Barnack on 15th May 1803. However, when the adult Catherine married one of the witnesses to the marriage was a Maria Mason, and no Maria connected to the Catherine baptised in 1803 can be found.

Catherine's first confirmed sighting is therefore her marriage at Barnack on 19th April 1826 to a blacksmith named William Cox. William and Catherine stayed in Barnack after their marriage, having eleven children baptised there between 1827 and 1844, although two died young. The 1841 census finds them living in Barnack with their children and William's mother.

By 1851 they were living at a house which, judging by the order properties are listed, appears to be the house now called Ragstone Cottage, 2 Station Road, although at the time the road was not called Station Road; Barnack Station was not built until 1867. Station Road in the 1850s was considered to be an eastern continuation of Main Street. The Cox family appears to have lived at Ragstone Cottage in each census from 1851 to 1901. The 1851 census also describes William as a farmer of 95 acres rather than a blacksmith.

William died in 1856, aged 54. He and Catherine had been married for thirty years. Catherine continued living at Ragstone Cottage after his death, appearing there in the 1861 census with three of her sons. On this occasion her occupation was given as 'formerly dressmaker'. By 1871 Catherine's son Thomas had married and he and his wife and children (Catherine's grandchildren) were living at Ragstone Cottage with Catherine.

Catherine died on 11th November 1876, when she was said to be 73 years old.

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    AddressBarnack, Northamptonshire
    NameSexAge*Implied birthdateOccupationBorn in county?
    William Coxmale391801/2BlacksmithY
    Catherine Coxfemale381802/3Y
    John Coxmale141826/7Y
    Elizabeth Coxfemale121828/9Y
    Thomas Coxmale91831/2Y
    Mary Coxfemale61834/5Y
    Catherine Coxfemale41836/7Y
    William Coxmale21838/9Y
    Matthew Coxmale11839/40Y
    Luke Broommale181822/3J. BlacksmithY
    Catherine Coxfemale681772/3IndY
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    AddressBarnack, Northamptonshire
    NameRelation to headMarital statusSexAgeImplied birthdateOccupationBirthplace
    William Coxheadmarriedmale491801/2Farmer of 95 AcresBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Catherine Coxwifemarriedfemale471803/4Farmers WifeBarnack, Northamptonshire
    John Coxsonunmarriedmale231827/8Farmers SonBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Elizabeth Coxdaughterunmarriedfemale221828/9DressmakerBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Mary Coxdaughterunmarriedfemale161834/5Farmers DaughterBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Catherine Coxdaughterfemale141836/7Farmers DaughterBarnack, Northamptonshire
    William Coxsonmale121838/9Farmers SonBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Matthew Coxsonmale111839/40Farmers SonBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Josiah Coxsonmale81842/3ScholarBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Sophia Coxdaughterfemale61844/5ScholarBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Catherine Coxmotherwidowfemale771773/4Barnack, Northamptonshire
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    NameRelation to headMarital statusSexAgeImplied birthdateOccupationBirthplace
    Catherine Coxheadwidowfemale571803/4Formerly dressmakerBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Thomas Coxsonunmarriedmale291831/2WheelwrightBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Matthew Coxsonunmarriedmale211839/40WheelwrightBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Josiah Coxsonunmarriedmale181842/3Farm LaborerBarnack, Northamptonshire
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    NameRelation to headMarital statusSexAgeImplied birthdateOccupationBirthplace
    Thomas Coxheadmarriedmale391831/2Wheelwright & CottagerBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Elizabeth Coxwifemarriedfemale371833/4Great Hale, Lincolnshire
    William Coxsonmale81862/3ScholarBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Elizabeth A. Coxdaughterfemale61864/5ScholarBarnack, Northamptonshire
    Thomas Coxsonmale41866/7ScholarBarnack, Northamptonshire
    John H. Coxsonmale9m1870Barnack, Northamptonshire
    Catharine Coxmotherwidowfemale671803/4Barnack, Northamptonshire
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    d. Catherine COX, December Quarter 1876, Stamford Registration District, Vol. 7a, page 209, aged 73 [1802/3]

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    BURIALS in the Parish of Barnack in the County of Northampton in the Year 1876
    No.NameAbodeWhen buriedAgeBy whom the Ceremony was performed
    312Catherine CoxBarnack16 Nov 187673 [1802/3][not transcribed]
  7.   Stamford Mercury (Stamford, Lincolnshire, England), 5 Jan 1877, Primary quality.

    At Barnack, on the 11th Nov., Catherine Cox, aged 73