Person:Bertha Littman (1)

Betty Littman
d.19 Sep 1932 Manhattan, NY
m. abt 1850
  1. Hani Littman1852 - 1894
  2. Moricz Littmanabt 1854 -
  3. Fanny Littmanabt 1857 -
  4. Joseph Littmanabt 1860 -
  5. Lena Littman1862 - 1900
  6. Betty Littman1864 - 1932
  7. Esti Littman1866 -
  8. Rose Littman1868 -
m. 5 Jun 1892
  1. Rachel Brautman1893 - 1957
  2. Fanny Brautman1897 - 1984
  3. Hannah Brautman1900 - 1930
  4. Nina Brautman1902 - 1977
  5. Celia Brautman1904 - 1923
Facts and Events
Name Betty Littman
Religious Name Bluma bat reb David
Alt Name Bertha Littman
Gender Female
Birth[1][2][3] 10 May 1864 Szepes-Váralja, Szepes, HungaryRibnicsek
Residence bet 1892 and 1893 Manhattan, New York City136 Ridge St
with Louis Brautman
Marriage 5 Jun 1892 Manhattan, New York Cityto Louis Brautman
Residence bet 1901 and 1918 Manhattan, New York City87 Cannon St
with Louis Brautman
Residence bet 1920 and 1925 Manhattan, New York City1524 Madison Ave
with Louis Brautman
Residence bet 1930 and 1934 Bronx, New York City314 E. Tremont Ave
with Louis Brautman
Death[4][5] 19 Sep 1932 Manhattan, NY
Burial[4][5] 20 Sep 1932 Maspeth, Queens, NYMt. Zion Cemetery

Betty Littman was born in 1864, in the northern county of Szepes in the Kingdom of Hungary. She arrived in New York in late 1887, traveling with her sister Lena. The story told by her granddaughter is that Bertha had come to visit some cousins in New York when she received word that something had befallen her family back home, and that she should stay in New York. While in New York, she met Louis Brautman, a Jewish immigrant (from Romania?) whom she married. Together they raised five daughters. She lived to age 68 (though she only claimed 62), and was survived by her husband, three daughters, and several granddaughters.

Image Gallery
  1. Židovská obec Huncovce (Kežmarok). Matrika, 1833-1942. (Salt Lake City, Utah: Mikrofilmy boli zhotoven? Genealogickou spolocnostou ?t?tu Utah, 1991), May 1864, Primary quality.

    LITTMAN, Betty; b. 10-May-1864; David (father), Sali SCHON (mother); Hunfalu (town registered) / 165b-02 (record num), Tatra (jaras), Szepes (megye); Ribnicsak (town born). FHL 1739204, item 7. (Note: Ribnicsek was the name of a rural spot just outside the town of Kirchdorf / Szepes-Váralja. See parents' page for more details.)

    Betty Littman 1864 birth registry
  2. Szepeshely, family 26, in Magyar Statisztikai Hivatal. Népszámlálás, 1869 : Szepes (megye). (Salt Lake City, Utah: Filmre vette a Genealogical Society of Utah, 2000), 10 Jan 1870, Primary quality.
    David Litmann family in 1869 census in Szepeshely
  3. Her records in America have her 6 or more years younger than she seems to really be. A birth record index gives her birthdate as 10 May 1864, and an 1869 Hungarian census concords with 1864 as her birth year. However, her June 1892 marriage license gives her age as 20, which would indicate birth late 1871 or early 1872, and her Sept 1932 death cert gives her age as 62 (as does her gravestone), making her birth 1870 (or late 1869). A handwritten list of family vital dates (circa 1950) gives her birth date as 30 May 1870 (this is the only American source of a specific date). The JewishGen index of the birth record says 10 May vs. 30 May, but we should get a look at the actual birth record to see if it may have been mis-transcribed in the index.

    Though her eldest granddaughter claimed that Bertha was from Bohemia, most documents (marriage cert, Fanny's birth cert, Bertha's death cert) point to Hungary. Moreover, some old photos, apparently of Bertha's siblings and cousins, were taken in Kassa, Miskolcz, and Siofot, all Hungarian towns.
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