Person:Benjamin White (68)

m. 8 Oct 1786
  1. Jonathan White1788 -
  2. Benjamin Franklin White1790 - 1877
  3. Dr. William Ballard White1791 - 1870
  4. James WhiteAbt 1795 -
  5. Celia White1796 - 1880
  6. Susan White1798 - 1860
  7. Jane White1801 - 1858
  8. Lucinda WhiteAbt 1802 - Abt 1878
  9. Sarah WhiteAbt 1803 -
  10. Talitha White1804 - 1886
  11. Thomas Jefferson White1806 - 1866
  12. Jesse White1810 - 1860
  13. Rufus White1812 -
Facts and Events
Name Benjamin White
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1760 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 8 Oct 1786 Franklin County, Virginiato Susan 'Sucky' Bartee
Death[1] 1825 Sullivan County, Tennessee
Burial[1] 1825 Beeler’s Cemetery, Sullivan County, Tennessee

Benjamin White was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia

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    “Benjamin White (1760-1825) was born in Augusta County, Virginia. He lived in Franklin County, Virginia, during the Revolutionary War. He married Susan Bartee in October, 1787. They moved to Wythe County, Virginia, in 1807, and lived on Cripple Creek. He died in Sullivan County, Tennessee, and is buried in Beeler’s Cemetery. Their children were: Dr. William Ballard White; Nancy White; Celia White, married Louis Hale, Jr.; Jesse White; Susan White married Rev. Jerimiah Hale; Jane White married Jerimiah Stone; Sallie White married Abe Cox; Talitha White married Valentine Bridleman; Lucinda White, not married; Rufus White married Sarah Booher; Polly White; Benjamin White.”[1]

    In 1787, no Whites or Bartees appear on the personal property tax lists in Franklin County.

    Benjamin White first appears on the Franklin County personal property tax lists starting in 1788, with no horses or slaves. Benjamin White doesn’t appear on the 1789 list, but he appears in the 1790 list with three horses. Benjamin appears every year from 1791 through 1796, each year with between two and four horses, and with between one and three slaves. After 1796 Benjamin White disappears from the Franklin County personal property tax lists.

    On 8 Nov. 1796, Benjamin White joined George Bartee (his brother-in-law) and William Highley in the bond for George Bartee’s marriage to Elizabeth Highley.[2]

    We don’t currently know where Benjamin White went after 1796, but he shows up in the Wythe County, Virginia personal tax lists starting in 1807.

    The first White in these Wythe County records was John White in 1805. He then disappears, but Benjamin White appears in 1807. There was no personal property tax in 1808, but Benjamin appears again in 1809, together with William White. William White then disappears from the Wythe County lists, but Benjamin White appears every year through 1823 (except 1817).

    Benjamin White appears in the 1810 census list in Wythe County as follows: 2 males under 10; 1 male 16-25; 1 male over 45; 4 females under 10 (Lucinda, Talitha, Susan?, and X); 2 females 10-15 (Celia and X); 2 females 16-25; 1 female 26-44.

    In 1810 and 1811 Benjamin's record shows that he had an extra adult male living with him. This appears to be his presumed eldest son Jonathan, who was both newly married and newly of age in 1809. Jonathan is listed next to Benjamin in the 1810 census, and in 1812 Jonathan is listed next to Benjamin in the personal property tax list.

    Benjamin had one adult slave in 1813, and seems to have had this slave through 1819. During these early years, Benjamin is listed with only one horse, but suddenly in 1816 he has seven horses. He has a similar number of horses through 1821 (except for 1817, when he's not listed), and then he's back to 1 horse for his final two years. In 1816 Benjamin White appears along with James and William White, as well as Jonathan. All of these Whites disappear in 1817 except for Jonathan, but Benjamin reappears in 1818, together with Thomas White. This Thomas White has around three horses every year through 1828; then one horse in 1829, and he's not listed in 1830, the final year available.

    Benjamin White appears in the 1820 census in Wythe County with 2 males under 10 (Jesse and Rufus); 1 male 10-16 (Thomas J.); 2 males 18-26; 1 male over 45; 1 female 10-16 (Lucinda?); 1 female 16-26 (Talitha); 1 female over 45.

    Children of Benjamin and Susan (Bartee) White (all listed on the above-quoted page 640 except for the presumed children Jonathan, James, and Thomas Jefferson:

    1. Jonathan, b. 1788, m. Catherine Meade 1809 at Wythe County, Virginia.

    2. Benjamin Franklin, born 27 Dec. 1790 at Franklin County, Virginia; died 3 Jan. 1877 in Texas; married Frances (Fanny) Lavender 1 June 1811 at Botetourt County, Virginia. She was born 19 June 1794 at Roanoake, Franklin County, Virginia, and died in 1877 at Honey Grove, Fannin County, Texas. Benjamin appears in the 1820 census in Botetourt County, Virginia. Children: George Washington (1815-1870), Robert Lavender (1817-1880), Elizabeth (b. 1819), Jesse S. (b. 1819), Benjamin Franklin III (1821-1909), William B. (1821-1895), John H. (1822-1887), Frances Fanny (1823-1880), Alonzo Henderson (b. 1827), Samuel H. (b. 1829), Catherine L. (b. 1834), Francis Marion (b. 1836).

    3. William Ballard, (1791-1870). In Wythe Co. personal property tax 1816 only. “After his marriage in 1818 to Sarah Boy of Sullivan County, Tennesee; they settled on Beaver Creek where William Ballard worked as a hammerman at King’s Old Iron Works until 1837. He also acted as a practicing physician for many years though never accepting pay for his services. His house was the place of regular circuit preaching.” But on the above-quoted page 640 of the Sullivan County History: “Soon after William married he bought a boundary of land at the mouth of Beaver Creek in Sullivan County. Here he built one of the early iron furnaces in the area. In addition to the manufacture of iron he farmed and practiced medicine. He moved with his family to Scott County, Virginia, in 1849 and built the first successful iron furnace on Big Moccasin Creek east of Gate City. For several years there was a post-office on his property known as White’s Forge. William died on April 12, 1870 and his wife, Sarah A., died march 12, 1894. They are buried in the Lawson Confederate Memorial Cemetery east of Gate City.”

    4. perhaps James, b. presumably around 1795; m. Mary Robnett [Robinette?] 15 Sep. 1816 Wythe Co.; in Wythe Co. personal property tax 1816 only. Here is a webpage for this James White:

    5. Celia (1796-1880), m. Louis Hale, Jr. (1795-1871) on 5 June 1816 (per family tree at; died 11 Sep. 1880 at Bradley County, Tennessee. Lewis Hale was born 13 July 1795 at Elk Creek, Grayson County, Virginia and died 13 May 1871 at Bradley County, Tennessee. He appears in the 1820 census in Grayson Co., Virginia: 1 male 16-25; 2 females under 10; 1 female 16-25. He appears in the 1830 census in McMinn County, Tennessee; and the 1840 and 1850 census at Bradley County, Tennessee. They had children Charlotte (b. & d. 1817), Lucinda White (1818-1895), Susan Bartee (1819-1833), Talitha (1821-1885), Richard McClure (1823-1824), Benjamin M. (1825-1826), Mary A. (b. 1827), and William L. (1832-1849).

    6. Susan, b. 1798 m. Rev. Jeremiah Hale 28 Oct. 1819 at Wythe County, Virginia (per family trees at One tree states that she was born 1798 in Elk Creek, Grayson County, Virginia and died 8 Mar. 1860 at Elk Creek, Grayson County, Virginia. Jeremiah Hale appears in Grayson Co., VA in 1820: 1 male 16-25, 1 female 16-25. Jeremiah Hale appears in Sullivan County, Tennessee in 1830: 2 males under 5; 1 male 20-29; 1 female under 5; 1 female 20-29. Jeremiah Hale appears in the 1840 census in Grayson County, Virginia: Jeremiah Hale appears in the 1850 census in District 19, Grayson County Virginia: Jeremiah Hale, 53, Susanna, 52, Livis R., 27; John C., 18; Oscar, 14. Jeremiah (but not Susan) Hale is in Elk Creek, Grayson Co., Virginia in the 1870 census.

    7. Jane (1801-1858), m. Jeremiah Stone 11 May 1815 at Wythe County, Virginia; died 18 Sept. 1858 at Rusk County, Texas. Jeremiah Stone was born 1788 in Virginia and died 13 Dec. 1836 at Roane County, Tennessee. He appears in the 1820 census in Grayson County, Virginia and the in the 1830 census at Roane County, Tennessee. Children Manoah F. (1818-1865), Rufus W. (b. 1819), Sarah K. (b. 1821), William Green (1823-1884), Jonathan F. (b. 1826), Jeremiah (b. 1827), Susan Elizabeth (b. 1830)

    8. Nancy

    9. Sallie, m. Abe Cox

    10. Polly

    11. Talitha, born 27 May 1804; died 20 Feb. 1886 in Washington County, Virginia, m. Valentine Biedleman as a second or third wife. In Sullivan County, Tennessee 1850; in Kinderhook, Washington County, Virginia 1880. See this article about Valentine Biedleman.

    12. Thomas Jefferson, b. 1806 in Virginia; died 28 July 1866 in Howard County, Indiana; married Elizabeth Alder, who was born Nov. 1810 in Virginia and died 14 Mar. 1878 at Howard County, Indiana. Their eldest son William B. White (1830-1903) was born at Wythe Co., Virginia. Other children: James Patterson (1832-1902) born in Hendricks Co., Indiana; Elizabeth (1834-1888); George W. (1836-1888), Harvey S. (1838-1925), Jesse (1840-1917), Andrew J. (1842-1924), Jacob (1844-1919), Mary C. (1846-1917), Thomas Jefferson (1848-1902), Malinda Jane (1852-1925), Susan (1854-1919).

    13. Lucinda, born 1806, never married

    14. Jesse, born 1810 Virginia; died Feb. 1860 Sullivan County, Tennessee. In Sullivan County, Tennessee 1850 census

    15. Rufus, born 1812, m. Sarah Booher. In Sullivan County, Tennessee 1840, 1850, and 1860; in Kinderbrook, Washington County, Virginia 1870 and 1880. Daughter Sarah born 1840.

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    Image:Biography of Benjamin White (1760-1825).jpg