Person:Balthaser Nageli (1)

Balthaser 'Paulser' Nageli, of South Branch, Potomac River
  • HBalthaser 'Paulser' Nageli, of South Branch, Potomac River1726 - Bef 1772
  • WChristina RaischAbt 1735 -
  1. Christina Neghley1755 -
  2. Elizabeth Negley1757 - 1843
  3. George Negely1760 - 1837
  4. Sarah Negley1764 - 1840
  5. Margaret NegelyBef 1772 -
Facts and Events
Name Balthaser 'Paulser' Nageli, of South Branch, Potomac River
Alt Name Sebastian 'Paulus' Neghly
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1726 Oberhasle District, Canton Bern, Switzerland
Marriage Aberhasle, Amstrechung, Switzerlandto Christina Raisch
Death[1] Bef 18 Aug 1772 Augusta Springs, Augusta County, Virginia

Balthasar Nageli was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Estate Records

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 535.--18th August, 1772. John Shull's bond (with Michael Abecost. Leonard Seeman) as administrator of Sebastian Neigley.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 18, 1772 - (402) Admn. of Sebastian Neigley granted to John Shull.
  • Page 225.--17th March, 1774. Recorded, viz: The estate of Pollis Negter (Paulus Neghly), Dr., to John Shell Shell. 1773, 19th May--Paid Henry Benninger.
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    pg. 210.

    The Nageli (Negley, Nageley) Family came from Switzerland. The following items received April 13, 1953 from Mrs. Katherine Butler, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    "Aberhasle, Amstrechnung 1742, May 20. Lieutenant Casper Nageli paid in the name of the widow and children of Balthaser Nageli, who went to Carolina forth (40) Crown, the customary tax on four hundred (400) Crowns (Aberhasle has only a few villages in the Burnese Alps).

    Mittelwegziehungsprolokall 1776, October 14 (Page 201). In the year 1742 the five brothers and sisters, Peter, Heinrich, Balthasar, Barbara and Margaretha Nageli of Aberhasle, emigrated to America. Their property still left in the country, amounting to four hundred forth-nine (449) Crowns, will be awarded to their nearest relatives."

    The family of Nageli is spread over almost all of the parishes and district of Aberhasle.

    Barbara Nageli married Rudolph Hug son of Dr. John Weiner and Margaret (Besh) Hug. Children: Margaretha and Hieronymus.

    Balthasar Nageli (Palsor Nagly or Poltis Negler) came from Canton Bern, Switzerland and died 1872* in Augusta County, Virginia (now in Pendleton County, West Virginia). He married Christina Raisch (now Rush) who was born in Canton, Schaffhausen, Switzerland near the German-Swiss border. This district possibly at one time in the state of Wurttemberg, Germany.

    From Will Book 5, Page 225, Augusta, Virginia, Abstracted:

    "The estate of Balthaser Nagli (circa 1726-1773) with John Shall as executor. Many accounts, including those of Wolry Conrad, Jacob Conrad, John Flesher, etc."
    In John Shall's accounts is: "To my thirds of thirty-five pounds and seven shillings (35-7-0) and eleven pounds and fifteen shillings (11-15-0)". (evidently indicates John married the widow). These accounts were recorded March 17, 1774.

    From the Will Book 4, Page 535: "Bond of John Shall as administrator of the estate of Sebastian Neigley deceased, dated August 18, 1772. His sureties were Michael Arbogast and Leonard Seaman."

    The children of Balthasar (Palsor) and Christina (Raisch) Nagli have been listed as follows:

    1. Christina, born September 18, 1755 Rowan County, North Carolina; married 1774 John Justus Henkle, Jr. (#5-11 - this genealogy).
    2. Elizabeth, born September 20, 1757 New Jersey (?), married Reverend Paul Henkel (#52) this genealogy.
    3. George, born July 20, 1759, married Sarah Phares (Faris) daughter of John Faris.

    George Negley sold his holdings in Pendleton County, Virginia October 1, 1811 (Book 5, page 350) and removed to Ohio. Reverend Paul Henkel in his diary of his journey through Ohio in April and May 1812, in part: In Champaign County, Ohio, in the Germany Settlement on the Mad River, there "I met Saul and Joel Henkle, sons of Moses, also old widow Ellsworth, sister of my father". Also George Negley, who settled on the Little Miami (River) and has bought 700 acres of land.

    Andrew Jackson Henkle (#5-11-69) this genealogy in a letter to Dr. Stapleton, author of the Henkel Memorials from Priest River, Idaho, stated he and his father called on Uncle George Negley shortly prior to Jacob Henkle, Sr., and family leaving Fayette County, Ohio for Lee County, Iowa.
    4. Sarah, married Jonathan Phares, Sr., son of John Faris. (parents of #59853 this genealogy.
    5. Margaret, married Jacob Root.
    6 and 7. Unidentified.

    The father of Balthaser Nagli has been indentified tentatively as Bas (?) Nagli. It is further reported that five children including Balthaser emigrated in 1742 to Rowan County, North Carolina, namely: Peter, Heinrich, Balthaser, Barbara and Margaretha.
    Balthaser Nagli married Christina Raish (Rush) said to be a sister of Dr. Benjamin Rush a signer of the Declaration of Independence** . It is also claimed the wife of Dr. Rush was a sister of Balthaser Nagli (Negley).

    * - s/b "1772", not "1872".
    ** - it appears highly unlikely that Balthaser's wife Christina was the sister of Dr. Benjamin Rush.