Person:Anthony Mustoe (1)

Anthony Mustoe
b.23 September 1748 London, England
d.18 June 1807 Bath County, Virginia
m. abt. 1744
  1. Anthony Mustoe1748 - 1807
m. 13 March 1780
  1. Sarah Mustoe1781 - 1781
  2. Margaret Catherine Mustoe1782 - 1840
  3. Anthony Mustoe, Jr.1784 - 1854
  4. Elizabeth Mustoe1787 -
  5. Catherine Chambers Mustoe1793 -
  6. Chambers Mustoe1797 - 1801
Facts and Events
Name Anthony Mustoe
Gender Male
Birth[1] 23 September 1748 London, England
Marriage 13 March 1780 to Mary Dorothy Seyler
Death[1] 18 June 1807 Bath County, Virginia

Anthony Mustoe was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 382.-- 2d (?) September, 1786. William Long, of Greenbrier, by John Atkinson, of Spottsylvania, to Anthony Mustoe, lease of lot 8. (Note: the location of "Lot 8" is not listed, although it is possible that it may be "Lot 8" in Staunton. William Long, Sr., owned some of the lots in Staunton and is apparently the same "William Long, deceased" referenced in the record below).
  • Page 174.--15th June, 1787. Wm. Long and Elizabeth ( ), of Greenbrier, to William Chambers and Anthony Mustoe, lot in Staunton, leased to Wm. Long, deceased, by Beverley and now leased for remainder of term.

Accompanying Record:

Page 198.--16th July, 1788. Commission to George Clendenin and Samuel McClug, gent., Justice of Greenbrier, to take privy examination of Elizabeth, wife of William Long, deed to Anthony Mustoe, dated September, 1786. Executed and returned, 20th July, 1788.
  • Page 262.--21st October, 1788. Samuel Anderson and Farah, wife of Samuel, heir-at-law of his son, James Anderson, Jr.. deceased, to Anthony Mustoe and Wm. Chambers, on Long Glade, 200 acres devised to said James by his grandfather, James Anderson, Sr., and conveyed to James, Sr., by John Anderson, 17th February, 1762; 34 acres patented to Samuel Anderson, 1st June, 1782.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 177.--15th July, 1788. Anthony Mustoe and Dorothy, and William Chambers and Ann, to Robert Gamble.

Records of Anthony Mustoe in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 16, 1779 - (143) Grand Jury presentments for retailing liquors without license, viz: Col. Sampson Mathews, Daniel Kidd, Wm. Thomas, David Griner, Patrick McDavid, George Smith, Valentine Cloninger, Thomas Colony, Edward Brookbank, Thomas Price, John Alexander, John Anderson, John Blair, William Burk, John Burk, James Hill, Robert Reed, Alex. Kilpatrick, Euphemia Hughes, Anthony Mustae, Jacob Grass, Elizabeth Hartgrove, Arthur Conoly, William Blair, John Hind, William Kyle, Abel Griffith, Enos Jones, Valentine Shirley, Peter Caphart, Andrew Scott, James Langsby, Robert Gregg, Thomas Poage, Jane Wallis, John McClenachan, John Black, Mary Tees, Thomas Smith, David Bell, Henry Swink, John Ramsey and William Foster.
  • Vol. 1 - Return of patroling done by the patrol of Staunton from May 24 until June 26, 1782: Patrolled June 2, at night, viz: William Blair, Francis Mora, Anthony Mustoe, David Greiner, Dennis Calaghan; June 6th and 8th, Blair, Mora, Mustoe; June 18th and 26th, Blair, Mora, Mustoe and Greiner. Sworn to by Capt. William Blair, 28th June.
  • Vol. 1 - Return of the patrol of Staunton from April 20, 1782: April 20th, Wm. Blair (Captain), Francis Mora, Anthony Mustoe, Dennis Callaghan; April 24th, 28th, 30th, Blair, Mora, Callaghan, Mustoe; May 4th, 8th and 12th, Blair, Mora, Mustoe; May 22d, Blair, Mora, Mustoe and David Greiner. Sworn to by Blair, May 24.
  • Vol. 2 - NOVEMBER 19, 1782. - (435) William Blair, captain of patrollers, 4 nights (26 June to 29 July, 1782), 40 lbs. tobacco; Francis Mora, captain of patrollers, 4 nights, same; Anthony Mustoe, captain of patrollers, 4 nights, same; Dennis Callaghan, captain of patrollers, 3 nights, 30 lbs. tobacco: Valentine White, captain of patrollers, 3 nights, 30 lbs. tobacco; Wm. Blair, Francis Mora, Anthony Mustoe, captains of patrollers, 5 nights each, 50 lbs. tobacco; David Griener, captain of patrollers, 3 nights, 30 lbs. tobacco; Dennis Callaghen, captain of patrollers, 1 night, 10 lbs. tobacco; Dennis Callaghen, captain of patrollers (20 April to 24 May).
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 18, 1784. - (223) Anthony Mustoe, Captain of the Patrollers in Captain Thomas Smith's Company, made several returns, which are ordered to be certified.
  • Page 13.--17th March, 1785. Moses Hays to John Bosang, power of attorney to recover tract in Orange County conveyed to Moses by George fathers and sell same. Teste: Robert Renick, Peter Hume, Anthony Mustoe.
  • Page 178.--6th April. 1785. Jacob Grass's will--To daughter, Mary, to live in small house on plantation built by Anthony Mustoe; to son, Peter, daughter, and John Bosang, property in Staunton; to son, Frederick, has sold his share to his brother Peter; to daughter, Barbara; to daughter, Mary. Executor, son Peter. Teste: John Griffin, Hugh McDowell, Anthony Mustoe. Proved, 21st July, 1789, by McDowell, and 15th September, 1789, by Mustoe.
  • Page 181.—20th April, 1785. Jacob Seyler's (Siler) (German) wiB (Sr.)—To wife, Dority, after her death to children; to eldest son, Philip, 5 shillings in lieu of birthright; to daughter, Magdalene at death of her husband, and her children; to son, Jacob; to second daughter, Mary Catherine, now married to Martin Yeakly; to daughter, Anna Catherine, now married to John David Griner; to daughter, Anna Mary, now married ta Geighford (Geo. Eiford? Ayford?); to daughter, Elizabeth, now married to Monanel Hcrlis; to daughter, Dorothy, now married to Anthony Mustoe; to daughter, Anna Margaret; to daughter, Eve Margaret, now married to dinger. Executor, Hermon Levingood. Teste: Elijah McClenchan, Wm. Burk, Edward Burk. Proved" 20th October, 1789, by McClenachan and Burk. Executor refuses; Dorothy also refuses, and administration granted A. Mustoe and George Wiford.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1785--May 4, Hugh Fulton and Sarah Tate, widow of James Tate, deceased; surety, John Tate; witness, Anthony Mustoe.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1785--May 4, Frederick Hanger and Mary Hull, daughter of Francis Hull; surety, Anthony Mustoe; witnesses, Robert Campbell, Saml. Black.
  • Page 200.--14th November, 1785. Robert Bailey to Anthony Mustoe. "Lie Bill."
  • Vol. 2 - Insolvents and Delinquents, 1786; Anthony Mustoe's List: Thomas Morgrave, removed; Wm. Williams, removed; John McCord, removed; Thos. Parker, Knowleghucky; Jas. Shackelford, removed; Sam'l Wright, removed; Joseph Kerr, removed; James McLoney, removed; Thomas Garwm, removed; John Carr, removed; Hugh Tifney, removed; Samuel Lamme, removed; Andrew McClure, Kentucky; Jno. Surfice, Rockingham; Thos. Griffin, removed; Wm. Hutcheson, removed; Wm. Henderson, removed; Wm. Brooks, removed; Wm. Brown, Kentucky; Joseph Giles, removed.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1786 (A). - Anthony Mustoe vs. Samuel Steel and Margaret, his wife.--Writ, 8th February, 1785. Margaret said Anthony was a convict.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1786--March 23, William Chambers and Anthony Mustoe, surety. William Chambers and Ann Heatherley.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 24, 1787. - (248) Anthony Mustoe qualified land searcher for the District of Staunton.
  • Page 20.--24th March, 1787. Anthony Mustoe's bond as "Land Searcher."
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 19, 1787. - (334) George Cordell appointed Constable. vice Anthony Mustoe.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1787--September 6, Coats Thornton and Anthony Mustoe and William Chambers, sureties. Coats Thornton and Mary King, daughter of Henry King (consent--crest on seal). Teste: Valentine Jones, John Chrism.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1787--November 10, Wm. Forbish and Anthony Mustoe and Wm. Chambers, surety. Wm. Forbish and Barbarah Gabhart.
  • Page 69.--17th April, 1788. James Culbertson's will--(Sets out transactions with Maj. Robt. Burns and Isabella Burns in 1782 and since showing indebtedness to him); also that out of his 4,000 acres to which he is entitled as Captain in the Virginia Line, he has sold 1,000 acres to Hugh Donaho, lying near Mouth of Miami; also Thomas Johnston, of Louisa, is to have 800 acres; Richard Bruce, of Albemarle, owes him £4 balance for a watch, &c., after deducting £3.0.0 allowed him to pay his brother, George Bruce. His accounts for services as Commissary and Quarter Master and Forage Master to Polaski's Legion (vouchers in hands of Capt. Geo. Rice (Brice) have not been paid. Also for services as issuing Commissary for the Prisoners stationed at Staunton of Burgoyne's Army (also in hands of Capt. Geo. Brice) also unsettled. Capt. Wm. Long owes £60 for money lent and other transactions in 1776. Robert Draffors (ons), of Charlottesville; Geo. Divers, of Albemarle: Wm. Holliday, of Winchester; Col. Thomas Rell and Mrs. Brice's claim for washing which she has charged to Robert Gamble to be paid. Then all debts to be paid (after deducting his reasonable wages as storekeeper for Gamble; John North). John Parris to be allowed 500 acres military lands for making clothes. Estate to be divided between brothers and sisters, viz: Robert Culbertson, Molly, Anne, and Margaret. Executors, brother Robert Culbertson, of Sherman's Valley, Penna.; Thomas Bell, Anthony Mustoe, Robert Gamble. Teste: Alex. St. Clair, Hugh McDowell, John Boys. Proved, 17th June, 1788. Anthony Mustoe qualifies.
  • Vol. 1 - SEPTEMBER 16, 1788. - (608) Anthony Mustoe to be paid £6 out of County levy for removing the Court House.
  • Vol. 1 - OCTOBER 20, 1789. - (142) David Greiner, orphan of David Greiner, chose Anthony Mustoe guardian.
  • Vol. 2 - 21st October, 1789--Anthony Mustoe, ditto (guardian of) of David Greinor, ditto (orphan of) of David Greinor.
  • Vol. 1 - DECEMBER 16, 1789. - (186) Credit by an old Court House, sold to Anthony Mustoe for £3, 17/2. 2,742 tithables at 2 shillings.
  • Vol. 2 - APRIL, 1790. - Anthony Mustoe vs. Daniel Joseph--Slander.
  • Page 401.-- January, 1790. Anthony Mustoe, administrator of David Grayner (Griner), deceased, and guardian of his children, with Catherine ( ) Grinor, administratrix and relict of said David. Agreement to use and control of David's lots and houses in Staunton. Teste: Michael Bowyer and Peter Hanger.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1790--January 29, Henry Shields and Elizabeth Mitchell, daughter of William Mitchell (consent); witnesses, Christian Mummer, James Henry; surety, A. Mustae.
  • Page 295.--17th August, 1790. Robert Astrop's will, of Staunton--To wife, lot opposite the Court House bought of Mustoe and Chambers, lot No. 6 (stable) bought of Wm. McDowell; house, stable and 1/4-acre lot above Mr. Mustoe's dwelling house opposite the church; to children, boys or girls, part of lot 2 where testator now lives; to children, alive now, viz: Henry, Jesse, Elizabeth. Polly. Wife, executrix, and Alex. St. Clair and Anthony Mustoe, executors. To James Holmes in July, 1789, I (owe) £30 for one year as storekeeper; son Henry to be brought up as a silversmith, or some light trade; son Jesse to be brought up as a cabinetmaker or shop joiner. Teste: Michael Bowyer, Alex. Gibson, Jr., James Seawright. Proved. 21st December. 1790, by Bowyer and Seawright. Executrix Jane qualified.
  • Vol. 1 - JANUARY 18, 1791. - (380) Anthony Mustoe to he paid £64, 18/10, deducting the price of an old Court House bought by him.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1792--February __, George Craig and Kitty Kennerly, daughter of James Kennerly; surety, A. Mustoe.
  • Vol. 2 - DISTRICT COURT. SEPTEMBER, 1793 (G to Z). - Anthony Mustoe and William Chambers vs. John Poage, Thomas Poage, executors of John Poage--Case. Augusta, 21st October, 1790.
  • Vol. 2 - SEPTEMBER, 1794 (K to Z) - Mustoe vs. Harrison--Attachment against Andrew Shanklin, Benjamin Smith, John Ewin, Samuel and Reuben Harrison and other Justices of County Court, Rockingham, for not granting appeal to Anthony Mustoe, as commanded, 13th September, 1792. Proceedings in case of Ezekiel Harrison on Anthony Mustoe. Mandamus awarded 7th April, 1791. Judgment given in County Court, 25th August, 1790.
  • Vol. 2 - DISTRICT COURT JUDGMENTS. SEPTEMBER, 1794 (K to Z). - William Taylor vs. Anthony Mustoe, William Chambers, William Bowyer. Debt. 25th March, 1794.
  • Vol. 2 - APRIL, 1795 (K to Z). - Anthony Mustoe vs. Thomas Lynn Lewis, Elizabeth Strother Lewis, Charles Augustus Lewis, John Banks Lewis. Writ of right, 26th June, 1793. Bath, 400 acres in Bath on Thompson's Mill Run, a branch of Cowpasture, surveyed for defendants, 29th September, 1792, by virtue of a location made 3d February, 1787, in name of John Lewis, for 400 acres. Plaintiff claims, by a survey of 1,000 acres, made January 10, 1793, by virtue of three locations, &c., viz: (1) 397-1/2 acres, by warrant, for 1,000 acres, No. 12,433 assignee of Charles Copeland; (2) 202-1/2 acres, by warrant, for 4,000 acres, No. 489, assignee John Oliver, assignee Zachariah Clarke; (3) 400 acres, by virtue two warrants (a) 140 acres, by warrant, for 500 acres, No. 12,600, assignee of George Clendennin, (b) 260 acres, by warrant, for 1,687-1/2, No. 12,095, assignee William Poage, assignee James Rucker, assignee Augustine Rucker. Locations for Mustoe at Warm Springs. Three cases.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1795. - Francis and Christian Eccord vs. William Chambers and Anthony Mustoe. Writ, Spa. April, 1789. 1785 to 178_ plaintiffs had dealings with defendants as deputy sheriff. Francis was a Gennan and unacquainted with English language. The bill charges serious impositions on Francis by defendants and prays settlement of accounts, etc. Christian was son of Francis.
  • Vol. 2 - CIRCUIT COURT RECORDS. SEPTEMBER, 1799 (M to G). - Augusta, 25th August, 1798. Merrit not found. Mustoe no inhabitant. William Rennick vs. Major Dowell and William Moore--Debt. Writ to
  • Vol. 2 - SEPTEMBER, 1799 (A to C). - William Bowyer, Anthony Mustoe and William Chambers vs. Margaret Lewis--1796. From Bath County. Suit for prohibiting plaintiffs, and then boarders, from using the Warm Spring, contrary to sale of lots by her husband, John Lewis. Thomas Lewis swears justice will not be done Margaret in County Court of Bath.
  • Vol. 2 - John Fleiger vs. Beverley's Heirs--O. S. 37; N. S. 13--Bill filed 15th January, 1803. Account of the mode of selling the Beverley Manor lands. On 20th March, 1773, Henry Hall made an entry with Patrick Buchanan, assistant surveyor and agent for Lewis, agent for Beverley. Survey made 2d November, 1787, for Anthony Mustoe and William Chambers. Hall sold to M. & C. in 1787. Following are representatives and heirs of Robert Beverley, viz: Robert, William, Mackenzie, Peter R., Carter, Byrd, Mundford Beverley, _____ Corbin and Maria his wife, late Maria Beverley, _____ Randolph and Lucy his wife, late Lucy Beverley, Maria Munford Beverley, George Lee and Evelyn Byrd his wife, late Evelyn Byrd Beverley, Jane Brashaw Beverley and Harriet Beverley.
  • Vol. 2 - APRIL, 1804 (M and O). - Anthony Mustoe and William Chambers vs. Jacob Peck, Robert McDowell, Margt. Bowyer--Ejectment, 50 acres on Lewis Creek conveyed by Handley & Snider to plaintiffs, 1788. Will of Saml. Wilson, 1760. Deed, McDavid and wife to Jno. Handley and Gasper Snider, 1780. Deed, Beverley to Wm. Bowyer, 1789. Deed, Wm. Long to Wm. Bowyer, 1786.
  • Vol. 2 - Elizabeth Bosong vs. Chambers--O. S. 262; N. S. 92--Bill, 1812. Oratrix is widow of William Bosong who died, intestate. He had owned lot 7 in Staunton by descent from his father, John Bosong, who died 1793, intestate, leaving widow Elizabeth, since married to Robert Bailey; said William Bosong and Polly Bosong, since married to Jesse Minter, children and heirs of John. Anthony Mustoe is dead, leaving widow Dorothy and heirs. William Chambers is dead, leavmg widow Ann and children, viz: Thomas, Catherine, married to Geo. W. Sevier; Mustoe, Margaret, Nancey, Kinney, William, Jane, and Harriet Chambers. Jacob Kinney is dead, leaving widow Nancey Kinney and daughter Matilda, married to Erasmus Stribling; Elizabeth Bosong (oratrix) married James Fox, Elizabeth Mustoe (daughter of Anthony) married William S. Littlepage. Heirs of Anthony Mustoe are: Anthony, Nancy and Catherine Mustoe and Samuel Gay and Margaret, late Mustoe.
  1. 1.0 1.1 National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970.

    Name: Anthony Mustoe
    Birth Date: 23 Sep 1748
    Birth Place: London, England
    Death Date: 18 Jun 1807
    Death Place: Bath, Virginia
    SAR Membership: 80670
    Role: Ancestor
    Application Date: 30 Mar 1956
    Father: George Mustoe
    Mother: Mary Robertson
    Spouse: Dorothy Silor
    Children: Anthony Mustoe