Person:Anthony Bowen (1)

Anthony Bowen, Sr.
d.abt. September 1787 Greenbrier County, Virginia
  • HAnthony Bowen, Sr.abt 1740 - abt 1787
  • WAlice HamiltonABT 1744 - ABT 1820
m. ABT 1765
  1. Andrew Bowen1770 - 1797
  2. William Bowenabt 1771 - aft 1850
  3. Anthony Bowen, Jr.abt 1773 - abt 1836
  4. Susannah 'Susey' Bowenabt 1774 - 1834
  5. Hannah Jane Bowen1777 - aft 1842
  6. James Hamilton Bowen1779 - 1851
  7. Mary Bowen1781 - 1864
  8. Elizabeth Bowenabt 1785 - abt 1832
Facts and Events
Name Anthony Bowen, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt. 1740 Maryland or Massachusetts
Marriage ABT 1765 Augusta County, Virginiato Alice Hamilton
Death[1] abt. September 1787 Greenbrier County, Virginia

Anthony Bowen, Sr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Page 154, 39-40 - Anthony Bowen, Will; September 11, 1787 Probate October 30, 1787.
Wife - Ellis (Alice) Bowen, sons; Andrew Bowen, William Bowen, Anthony Bowen, James Bowen; daughters; Susanna Bowen, Hanna Bowen, Polly Bowen, Betsey Bowen. Exec; wife, Ellis, Andrew Hamilton.
Witnesses J. Reed, Geo. Clendinen, Chr. Byran, B. Strother.
[Greenbrier County (W) Virginia Wills, 1777-1833, Volume 5].

Wednesday 27, 1788 (no month listed) Else (Alice) Bowen, Andrew Hamilton, executors of Anthony Bowen's (deceased) against Frances Boggs the same.

April 1789 - the pedition of Else (Alice) Bowen and Andrew Hamilton executors of Anthony Bowen's (deceased) vs Frances Boggs, dismissed.

November 1797 - On a motion of Alice Bowen, Execturix of the last will and testament of Andrew Hamilton, deceased, vs Moses M. (no last name given, prob. Mann), Anthony Bowen, her security.
Source:ChalkleysChronicles Vol 1:209]

Under "Anthony Brown", but with "Bowen" as an alternative surname; text uses both surnames to refer to the same person. SInce we already have an Anthony Bowen, its probably the right name. HOwever, the Anthony Bowen of this article died by 1787 (probate date) and this is well after that. So this may arefer to his son Anthony, Jr.

Donolly vs. Lockhart--O. S. 278; N. S. 98--Bill, 19th November, 1808, by Charles, James and John Lockhart of Kentucky, children and residuary legatees of Jacob Lockhart of Greenbrier, who died, testate, in fall of 1785. Andrew Donnally and George Clendennin were executors, with securities, Robert Clendennin, James Huston and Anthony Brown (Bowen). George Clendennin is dead. Robert Clendennin is also dead and his personal representative lives in Ohio. James Huston lives in Kentucky. Anthony Bowen is dead, insolvent, and has no personal representative. Bill for settlement of Jacob's estate. John and James Finney (ie) live in Kentucky, 10th August, 1807. Will of Jacob Lockhart of Greenbrier County. Wife, Mary; sons, Charles, James and John, lands in Kentucky; daughter, Agness. Dated 31st March, 1734. Recorded in Greenbrier, 23d March, 1786.
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