Person:Alexander Walker (27)

Alexander Walker, Jr.
m. 8 JAN 1746/47
  1. Martha WalkerABT 1747 -
  2. John Walker1747 - 1814
  3. William Walker1749 - 1790
  4. James Walker1751 - 1800
  5. Ann Walker1754 - ABT 1835
  6. Alexander Walker1756 - 1764
  7. Joseph Walker1760 - 1763
  8. David Walker1763 -
  9. Alexander Walker, Jr.1765 - 1824
  10. Jane Walker1768 -
  11. Joseph Walker1773 - 1839
  12. Catherine Walker1775 -
m. 22 MAR 1790
  1. Cyrus Walker1791 - 1875
  2. Joseph Gilmore Walker1793 -
  3. David Walker1795 - 1795
  4. Abner Walker1796 - 1857
  5. Cynthia Walker1798 - 1892
  6. Margaret Walker1800 - 1828
  7. Allen H. Walker1802 - 1858
  8. Alexander Walker1803 -
  9. Jane Walker1805 -
  10. Andrew Hammond Walker1808 - 1885
  11. Pinkney Walker1811 - 1815
m. ABT 1813
  1. Quintus Walker1814 - 1902
  2. Martha Mary Magdalene Walker1816 - 1844
  3. Thomas Montgomery Walker1819 - 1888
Facts and Events
Name Alexander Walker, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 12 JUL 1765 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 22 MAR 1790 Augusta County, Virginiato Mary Magdalene Harmon
Marriage ABT 1813 prob. Kentuckyto Margaret Peggy Combs
Death[1] 25 JUL 1824 Adair, Kentucky, United States


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From Source:White, 1902:363

ALEXANDER Walker...the eighth child of Alexander Walker and Jane Hummer (Hammer). He was b. July 12, 1765. He was twice married. His first wife was Mary Magdalene Harmon, whom he married on March 23, 1790. After her death he married Margaret (Peggy) Combs.

"I wish to relate one incident in relation to my grandfather, Alexander Walker, as I remember hearing my father, Allen H. Walker, relate it, when I was a boy. Sometime in 1790, grandfather wanted to go back to Virginia on business, and as there were no cars in those days, he was in no ways deterred from his purpose by the thought that the journey must be made, if at all, on foot. His preparations were simple. He parched some corn — this he placed in one end of a sack, in the other end he put a saddle of dried venison. After committing his wife and little ones to the care of the Allwise Father, he called his faithful dog and started on his long journey through the trackless forest, which at that time was infested with Indians. At night he would light a fire with the aid of his flint and punk; after eating his supper he would clear away a warm place to sleep where his fire had been, being careful to put out all the fire, that it might not be the means of disclosing his whereabouts to the Indians. But one night he failed to extinguish all the fire, and was awakened by the growl of his dog. He saw a large Indian standing near, with a drawn tomahawk. He whispered to the dog, "catch him," and with one bound dog and Indian went out into the brush together. The faithful dog soon returned, but grandfather never looked to see what became of the Indian. I write this to show our children some of the perils their forefathers had to endure, before the comfortable homes of to-day were prepared for them.

T. G. Walker, Macomb, 111."


Husband: Alexander Walker
Born: 12 JUL 1765 at:

Married: 22 MAR 1790 at: Augusta County, Va.

  Died: ABT 1823         at:   
Father:Alexander Walker
Mother:Jane Hammer
       Other Spouses: Peggie Coombs  

Wife: Mary Magdalene Harmon
Born: 13 JUN 1769 at:
  Died:                  at: Fletcher's Cemetery, Adair Co., Ky.  
Father:Abraham Harmon
Mother:Nancy Bateman
       Other Spouses: 

Name: Cyrus Walker
  Born: 6 MAY 1791       at:   

Married: at:

  Died: 1 DEC 1875       at: Camp's Creek, Mcdonough Co., Illinois  

Spouses: Flora Montgomery

Name: Joseph Gilmore Walker
  Born: 17 JUN 1793      at: Rockbridge County, Va.  

Married: at:

  Died:                  at: Fletcher's Cemetery, Adair Co., Ky.  

Spouses: Martha Scott Susan Pope Bell

Name: David Walker
  Born: 15 APR 1795      at:   

Married: at:

  Died: 10 AUG 1795      at: Kentucky  


Name: Abner Walker
  Born: 10 AUG 1796      at:   

Married: 20 OCT 1829 at: Kentucky

  Died: 22 JUN 1857      at: Greenbush, Warren Co., Illinois  

Spouses: Jane Damron

Name: Cynthia Walker
  Born: 25 MAR 1798      at:   

Married: at:

  Died: 14 JUN 1892      at: Mapleton, Kansas  

Spouses: Sanders Campbell

Name: Margaret Walker
  Born: 7 JAN 1800       at:   

Married: 1824 at:

  Died: 4 JAN 1828       at: Columbia, Kentucky  

Spouses: John Calhoun

Name: Allen H. Walker
  Born: 2 JAN 1802       at:   

Married: 18 JAN 1825 at: Green County, Ky.

  Died: 30 AUG 1858      at: Camp's Creek, Mcdonough Co., Illinois  

Spouses: Maxamelia Rice

Name: Alexander Walker
  Born: 19 DEC 1803      at:   

Married: at:

  Died:                  at: Christian County, Ky.  


Name: Jane Walker
  Born: 4 JUL 1805       at:   

Married: at:

  Died:                  at: Camp's Creek, Mcdonough Co., Illinois  

Spouses: John Walker

Name: Andrew Hammond Walker
  Born: 16 AUG 1808      at: Adair County, Kentucky  

Married: 20 MAR 1834 at:

  Died: 6 JAN 1885       at:   

Spouses: Jane Campbell Mary Hogsett Noel

Name: Pinkney Walker
  Born: 11 MAR 1811      at:   

Married: at:

  Died: 15 MAR 1815      at:   


Husband: Alexander Walker
Born: 12 JUL 1765 at:

Married: ABT 1813 at:

  Died: ABT 1823         at:   
Father:Alexander Walker
Mother:Jane Hammer
       Other Spouses: Mary Magdalene Harmon  

Wife: Peggie Coombs
Born: at: Jessamin County, Ky.
  Died:                  at:   
       Other Spouses: 

Name: Quintus Walker
  Born: 20 MAY 1814      at: Adair County, Kentucky  

Married: 1 AUG 1833 at:

  Died: 13 JAN 1902      at:   

Spouses: Mahala Campbell

Name: Martha Mary Magdalene Walker
  Born: 28 NOV 1816      at: Adair County, Kentucky  

Married: 15 FEB 1838 at:

  Died: 22 NOV 1844      at: McDonough County, Illinois  

Spouses: Aradatha H. Berry

Name: Thomas Montgomery Walker
  Born: 26 FEB 1819      at: Adair County, Kentucky  

Married: 24 DEC 1846 at:

  Died: 18 NOV 1888      at:   

Spouses: Mary W. Montgomery

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