Person:Alexander Caldwell (11)

Alexander Caldwell
b.13 November 1748 Virginia
m. 1746
  1. Alexander Caldwell1748 - 1830
  2. James Caldwell1749 -
  3. Anthony Caldwell1751 - 1818
  4. Samuel Caldwell1753 -
  5. Sally Caldwell1754 -
  6. William Caldwell1756 -
  7. Polly Mae Caldwell1757 -
  8. Hugh Caldwell1760 -
  • HAlexander Caldwell1748 - 1830
  • WMargaret Looney1758 - BET 1830 AND 1840
m. 25 JUL 1778
  1. Benjamin CaldwellABT 1778 -
  2. Robert Caldwell1788 - 1866
  3. Absolom Caldwell1793 - 1863
  4. Jane "Jennie" CaldwellABT 1803 - BEF 1835
  5. Margaret Caldwell1808 -
Facts and Events
Name Alexander Caldwell
Gender Male
Birth[1] 13 November 1748 Virginia
Alt Marriage 5 JAN 1778 Craig's Creek, Botetourt County, Virginiato Margaret Looney
Marriage 25 JUL 1778 Craig's Creek, Botetourt County, Virginiato Margaret Looney
Death[1] 9 June 1830 Knox County, Tennessee

Alexander Caldwell was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Alexander CALDWELL 1755 - 1830

Birth Abt 1755 VA - Botetourt Co? [1] Gender Male Birth Abt 1755 Death 9 Jun 1830 Knox Co, TN [1] Died 9 Jun 1830 Knox County, Tennessee [2] Death Abt 25 May 1831 Knox Co, TN [1] Person ID I135335 Singleton Last Modified 19 Mar 2006 00:00:00

Father John CALDWELL, Jr., b. 1714/15 Mother Jane KENNEDY, b. 1720 Family ID F93132 Group Sheet

Family Margaret LOONEY, b. 5 Jan 1758, VA - Botetort Co?
Married 5 Jan 1778 Craig's Creek, Botetourt Co, VA [1,2]
1. Benjamin CALDWELL, b. Abt 1778, VA
2. Robert CALDWELL, b. 3 May 1788, TN
3. Absolem/Absolam CALDWELL, b. 9 Dec 1793, TN
4. Margaret CALDWELL, b. 26 May 1808, Knox Co, TN
7. Elizabeth CALDWELL
8. Alexander CALDWELL
9. Margaret Peggy LOONEY
11. Polly CALDWELL
12. James CALDWELL
13. Nancy CALDWELL
14. Jane Jennie CALDWELL, b. Abt 1803

Family ID F93112 Group Sheet

Notes Marriage record I found in MASTER INDEX OF MARRIAGE BONDS/LICENSES BY MEN'S NAMES BOETOURT COUNTY 1770-1853 SHOWS 1/5/1778; PAGE 6 in register and pg 1 in the "Big Books" available to the courthouse worker only. I have certified copy.

Wilene Smith says Alexander appears to have been a son of William Caldwell and Elizabeth Straley. Alexander's brother presumably married Margaret's sister, Priscilla Peggy Looney in 1789. I believe Alexander CALDWELL was a son of William CALDWELL and Elizabeth STRALEY of Craig's Creek in southwest Virginia. The Botetourt County Court set William "levy free [tax free] on account of his age and other infirmities," June 10, 1779, and he probably died soon after this date. He appears to be the same William who was a son of Hugh CALDWELL and Sarah (unknown). Hugh CALDWELL d. before Dec. 7, 1769, in Cameron Parish, Loudon Co., VA. She has no "proof" of linage.

Margaret LOONEY was a dau. of Absalom LOONEY of Craig's Creek for whom Abb's Valley in southwest VA was named as he is credited with discovering it while hunting for ginseng. Margaret's mother was Margaret Eleanor "Peggy" MOORE, b. in Ireland as was her husband.

The April sessions 1832 of the Knox Co Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions considered a petition of some of heirs of Alexander Caldwell, dec, to divide a tract of land he owned at the time of his death. Margaret is widow: The land had been granted to Alexander Caldwell by the State of NC on May 18 1789. All 11 children were listed and two - James Caldwell and Polly Caldwell Coupland, were dec. James had 6 children; the last 3 were Nancy, Rebecca and Polly. Four of the heirs (Alexander Jr, Benjamin, Robert and Absolem) were awarded an undivided 96 acres at their request. John Caldwell, Elizabeth Caldwell Smith and Nancy Caldwell Gallaway, all of Roane Co, TN, had already sold their interests to Samuel Williams of Knox Co. John Williams rec 20-1/2 ac, Benjamin Looney 25 ac, James Caldwell heirs 29 ac, and William Copeland 24 ac. Knox Co Archives, Knox Co Court of Pleas and Sessions, John Williams and wife, etc. div of property, docket #7654, 1832)

age categories: 0 to 10, 10 to 16, 16 to 26, 26 to 45, 45 and older; number of other free persons except Indians not taxed; number of slaves; 1820 Pulaski, Giles, Tn census has Alexander Caldwell : 200100001 2M<10; 1M 26-45; 1F 26-45 James Caldwell : 221111013015 2M<10; 2M 20-16; 1M 16-26; 1M 26-45; 1F<10; 1F 16-26; 3F 26-45; 1other free person not taxed and 5 slaves.

1830 - TN census does not seem to be on this one but Mgt is so he either died before census was taken or was living elsewhere? She is listed in Knox Co, TN as self, 1F 70-80.

1833 March 25, Final settlement, Alexander Caldwell estate, Knox Co, TN; Robert Caldwell ($82.50), Absalom Caldwell (82.50) George Smith (29.50), John Caldwell (73.25), Benjamin Looney (82.50), Benjamin Caldwell (82.50), Alexander Caldwell (82.50), Benjamin Looney ($73.25), Jesse Gallaway (73.25), William Copeland ($55.23) and others. Note that two Benjamin Looneys received an heir's share. [caldwell looney for jackie.FTW]

[My Looney line.FTW]

Somehow the Caldwell family is linked to the former Vice President of the United States, John Caldwell Calhoun. Find out how please. Marriage record I found for these two is 25 Jul 1778, Botetourt Co, VA

1833 Sept 25, Final settlement, Alexander Caldwell estate, Knox Co, TN; Robert Caldwell ($82.50), Absalom Caldwell (82.50) George Smith (29.50), John Caldwell (73.25), Benjamin Looney (82.50), Benjamin Caldwell (82.50), Alexander Caldwell (82.50), Benjamin Looney ($73.25), Jesse Gallaway (73.25), William Copeland ($55.23) and others. Note that two Benjamin Looneys received an heir's share. [1]

Sources [S5960] reda

[S3808] Descendants of Robert Looney- Letter from Reda Jo Goodwin;YqcsHg;20071016124350-0400

Subject: Alexander Caldwell & Margaret Looney md. 1778 Botetourt Co. From: Wilene Smith <[log in to unmask]> Reply-To: Wilene Smith <[log in to unmask]> Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 12:43:50 -0400 Content-Type: text/plain Parts/Attachments: text/plain (98 lines)

Absalom Looney (1729-1791) and wife Margaret "Peggy" Moore lived in the Craig's Creek area (now Craig Co.) of Botetourt Co., VA.

Their daughter Priscilla married William Caldwell, March 24, 1789. William was reportedly a son of John Caldwell and Susannah who lived in the Craig's Creek area. There is much information out there regarding William Caldwell a Priscilla Looney and their 13 children.

Priscilla's older sister, Margaret Looney, married Alexander Caldwell, July 25, 1778. Alexander and Margaret spent their entire married lives in Knox Co., TN. Their marriage record also has the date of Jan. 5, 1778, which might be the date of the Bond. From somewhere I got the tidbit that Alexander went to Knox Co., TN, before 1778 but returned to VA to marry. This could explain the expanse of time between Jan. 5 and July 25 in the marriage record.

Alexander and Margaret had 11 children, not necessarily in this order -- 1) Benjamin md. who? 2) Alexander md. who? 3) Margaret md. John Williams, May 26, 1808, Knox Co., TN 4) Robert md. Sarah Rhodes, March 1, 1810, Knox Co., TN, and moved to Greene Co., MO, by 1839 where he d. in 1866 5) Absalom md. Hannah Hinds, Jan. 11, 1808, Knox Co., TN, and moved to Jefferson Co., AL, around 1825 where he d. in 1863 6) John md. who? (possibly Polly Ann Riggle, May 19, 1818, Knox Co., TN) 7) Nancy md. Jesse Galloway, July 31, 1816, Knox Co., TN, and moved to Morgan Co., IN, where she d. about 1836, then Jesse re-married 8) Jane "Jessie" md. cousin Benjamin Looney, March 18, 1821, Knox Co., TN, and lived in Hawkins Co., TN 9) Elizabeth md. George Smith, where? 10) James md. who? (possibly Mary McCampbell, March 13, 1819, Knox Co., TN); he had 6 children, and was dead by 1832 11) Polly (probably Mary "Polly") md. William Copeland, where?

Now to back track a bit. Alexander and Margaret's son Robert (my husband's ancestor) named their first son Absalom L. Caldwell, but he was general known as Loon Caldwell. When his name finally led us to Absalom Looney, we went downtown to the library and poured through the Kegley, Summers, Chalkley, and other books looking for Caldwell families in the vicinity of where Absalom Looney lived but found too many Caldwell families to come up wi anything definitive.

However, there was one name that struck us -- William Caldwell, and here's why.

William acquired 197 acres on Craig's Creek (a branch of the James River), February 13, 1770, and operated a mill there by 1770-1771. Absalom Looney and other Looney families were also in the Craig's Creek area by 1770. William Caldwell and wife Mary sold 297 acres on Craig's Creek, Botetourt Co., to John Taylor, May 12, 1778. The Botetourt County Court, June 10, 1779, "s William Caldwell] levy free [tax free] on account of his age and other infirmities." William probably died soon after this date. Other sons may or may not include Robert, Walter, John, Joseph, and Hugh; all are identified with Craig's Creek, 1774-1799. [Note: there was another Caldwell family on Cub Creek in Lunenberg Co. in south-central VA that is sometimes confused with the Caldwell family on Craig's Creek in west-central VA, and I have not found any connections between them.]

The connection to the William Caldwell above is based primarily on the 1770 date because a William Caldwell, the son and heir of Hugh Caldwell who died in Cameron Parish, Loudoun Co., VA, sold his father's land on Dec. 7, 1769, and 2- 1/2 months later, a William Caldwell bought land on Craig's Creek. It's not known if the two Williams were the same man. Nine years later, a William Caldwell was set tax free in 1779 by the Botetourt Co. Court, but again, it's not known if this was the same William who bought the land on Craig's Creek in 1770. Another clue that suggests Hugh Caldwell of Loudoun Co, VA, may have be the grandfather of Alexander Caldwell is seen in the names of the first three sons of Alexander's son Absalom -- Alexander (after Absalom's father), Benjamin (after Absalom's brother), and Hugh (possibly honoring Absalom great-grandfather?).

I again searched through Lewis Preston Summers, Annals of Southwest Virginia, 1769-1800, and found Alexander Caldwell mentioned three times --

listed under Revolutionary Soldiers, Alexander Caldwell and Michael Looney (Margaret's brother?) are listed as Privates in Captain Henry Pauling's Company of Volunteers of the Botetourt County Regiment. --Summers, p.1413

The Library of VA, electronic card index, Dunmore's War (1774) also shows Alexander Caldwell in Captain Henry Pauling's Company, Botetourt Co., V militia at the Battle of Point Pleasant, October 10, 1774 (index p.xxii Dunmore's War Record, p.168).

If Alexander was born ca. 1757 as I believe, then he would have been just old enough to be brought into the local militia in 1774.

and Summers, p.255, mentions Alexander Caldwell twice during the term of the Botetourt County Court, May 14, 1776: The Grand Jury retd. and presented: Alexander Caldwell for profanely swearing by his Maker two oaths. Then on down the page: Alexander Caldwell is apptd. Constable in the room of John Potts, Junr., who is dischd. from that office.

So, bottom line, my question is: Who were Alexander's parents? And was he related to the William Caldwell who married Priscilla Looney? My sincere thanks if you managed to read this far.

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