Person:Alexander Buchanan (23)

Alexander Buchanan
m. WFT Est 1665-1699
  1. George BuchananBtw 1671-1700 - Btw 1677-1779
  2. William Buchanan1671-1700 - 1677-1779
  3. Samuel Buchanan1671-1700 - 1677-1779
  4. Archibald BuchananBtw 1671-1700 - Btw 1677-1779
  5. Alexander BuchananABT 1677 -
  • HAlexander BuchananABT 1677 -
m. Bef. 1700
  1. Archibald BuchananBtw 1698-1727 -
  2. James BuchananABT 1700 - 1764
  3. Matthew BuchananBEF 1706 - 1707-1796
  4. Samuel BuchananABT 1710 - Bef 1783
Facts and Events
Name Alexander Buchanan
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1677 Coldraine, Tyrone Co., Ireland
Marriage Bef. 1700 prob. Irelandto


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  1.   Matthew Buchanan.FTW.

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Birth: Abt 1650 in, Scotland
Death: Abt 1728 in, USA (almost certain PA, probably Chester County]Q 21:20, 29 November 2011 (EST)

He is thought to have been a son of John Buchanan, Jr. and Jean ___ of County Tyrone, Ireland. He married in Ireland and had issue: James, Archibald and Samuel.

On or before 1702 he and his children had crossed from Ireland to Chester, Nottingham Township, PA. He later moved to Lancaster County, PA. The list of the family by Alexander Buchanan, the son of Captain John Buchanan and Martha Buchanan Buchanan, a great grandson, showed the landing and settlement at Chester. That record was in the papers of Capt. Felix Grundy Buchanan in 1921. Roy George Buchanan stated that his grandfather had told him that

  • the family was from 3 brothers who were born in North Ireland, likely Tyrone County, about 1660,
  • that the names of two of the brothers were Samuel and Alexander, who came to America at the same time.
  • That the children of the third brother were in Virginia by 1740.
  • That he came to America in 1702 and died in 1730.

Bertie Rose showed that Alexander Buchanan was born in 1650, married in Ireland, brought his family with him to America, and died in 1728. She listed his brothers as William, George, Archibald and Samuel. A paper in the home of Raymond Madison Buchanan, Smyth County, VA, shows, "John and Jean Buchanan, of Scotland, had several children, two of whom were John and George. Both of these children went to Ireland in 1674. John had two sons who came to America from Ireland, namely Samuel and Alexander, about 1702, settled in Chester County, PA and later in Augusta County, VA." A paper in the Historical Society of PA, Philadelphia, PA shows that Alexander Buchanan was a native of Ireland and had two sons who emigrated to America about the beginning of the 18th century and settled in Chester, Nottingham Township, PA. In the same Historical Society the Buchanan Genealogical data, Gen Ha 201 shows that Alexander Buchanan had two sons, James and Archibald, who emigrated to America about the beginning of the 18th century. The sons settled in Chester County, Nottingham Twp, PA.