Person:Alexander Allison (5)

Alexander Allison
m. ABT 1763
  1. John Allison1765 - 1837
  2. Alexander Allison1768 - 1814
  3. Mary Allison1769 -
  4. Jane Allison1771 - 1854
  5. Sarah Allison1776 - AFT 1851
m. 26 JUN 1805
  1. Alfred Allison1805-1825 -
  2. Mary Allison1807 -
  3. James Allison1811 -
Facts and Events
Name Alexander Allison
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1768 Augusta County, Virginia[area became Rockbridge County in 1778]
Marriage 26 JUN 1805 Nicholas County, Kentuckyto Elizabeth Taylor
Death[2] 1814 Nicholas County, Kentucky

Alexander Allison was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Subj:Alexander Allison - we just added another line and more info on him! Date:5/16/99 8:58:47 AM Pacific Daylight Time From:AllisonGen

Here's the latest greatest on our ancestor, Alexander! - Proof of son, James. Proof that Elizabeth was not a Taylor, but had been married to a Taylor before Alexander!

Descendants of Alexander Allison

Generation No. 1

1. Alexander4 Allison (Charles3, John2, ?1) was born 1768 in Rockbridge County, VA, and died 1814 in Nicholas County, KY. He married (1) ? 1787 in Fayette County, KY. He married (2) Elizabeth ? June 05, 1805 in Nicholas County, KY, by Cabb Taylor, daughter of Cabb Taylor.

Notes for Alexander Allison: 1800-1810 Census, Nicholas Co, KY. Page 65. Alexander Allison 1719, 1 WM under 10, 1 wm 26-45, 5 wf under 10, 1 wf 26-45, 1 wf 45+.

1808 Nicholas Co, KY land: B325 sold to Elizabeth Taylor $5.00.

- - - Subj: RE: Allison fam. Date: 5/12/99, (Sprouls, Eric) Susan, In regard to the "Allison Family" attachment. I do not believe James Allison is descended from Alexander Allison. The James Allison who married Catherine Mann belongs to one of the four John Allisons in Nicholas Co., KY. Their history was included in the Nicholas County History and Genealogy book. Summarized as follows: John Allison and ? had the following:

1. Mary Mariah b 1802 married Elijah Snap
2. Elizabeth b. 1807 married Teter Snap
3. Lucinda b. 1809 married John Mann, Jr.
4. James b. 1811 married Catherine Mann
5. David Gray b. 1812 married Sarah Kithcart and AnnMcCarthy
6. Isaac b. 1821? married Sarah Marshall

Notice the brothers/sisters relationship with the Manns and Snaps. Interesting that a professional genealogist decided James belonged to Alexander, but I do not believe it. Eric. - - - - Subj: Re: Allison fam Date: 5/15/99 From: (Phil Zobrist) - sent us a ton of information on Alexander and Elizabeth Taylor - "HI thanks for reply glad you liked the stuff. i have some pretty nice pics of alexanders grandchildren. i will start to work on that. tell me if you want any of our line forward i can get you group sheets on that if you do. i don't know all of them but i can get some.i am very interested in most of it, maybe not the real current on stuff tha is not my line. i was floating on air when i found your site! I'm still thrilled. so it is wonderful for all of us." - - - - Per professional genealogist report provided by Phil: Universal Genealogy Center, Kathryn M Harmer, Genealogist.

"The Allison family lived in Nicholas County, KY for some years prior to 1850. Two Allison men headed families in 1810. Either of them could have fathered James Allison who was born in 1811. They were Alexander Allison and John Alison (note one L). Both of these men were on the same page of the Nicholas County, Kentucky 1810 census and were probably brothers. In 1810, Alexander Allison had one male under 10; 5 females under 10 ; two additional females under 25 as well as the adults in his household. Alexlander Allsion and his family have been compiled as possible ancestral. Alexander Allison married Elizabeth Taylor on 2 June 1802 at Nicholas County, KY (L) (extract 8). No Alexander Allison was listed in the 1820 Nicholas County, KY Gensus Index, but Mrs. Elizabeth Allison married David Feeback on 14 May 1818 (extract 8). the 1988 IGI was studied for early Nicholas County, Kentucky Allison entires. Many of these were probably descendants of Alexander Allison and his probably brother, John Allison. By 1840, two Allison men were listed on the Nicholas County, Kentucky Census index. They were David and James Allison. They were both living in Carlisle Township. James Allison was probably the one named in this 1840 Census Index. Allison families that were probably brothers or cousins to James Allison were extracted from the 1850 census of Nicholas County, Kentucky. Included were David Allison (extract 4), Mary Allison Snap (extract 8) (K) and Isaac Allison (K).

The 1860 Nicholas County, Kentucky census included D. (David) G. Allison, John Allison and Isaac Allison (extract 5). The marriages of Nicholas County also included many probable Allison relatives (extract 7,8). Further research on the Allison famly to determine the father of James Allison includes the land records of Nicholas County, KY. Also to be searched in the 1820 and 1850 census records could be David Feeback and his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Allison, believed to be Elizabeth Taylor who married Alexander Allison in 1802. Catherine Mann and Martha E Firth could also be researched next time." Universal Genealogy Center, Kathryn M Harmer, Genealogist."

Per 8/9 1991 report from same genealogist: The probates of Nicholas County, Kentucky, did not include Alexander Allison. One early Allison will was found which led to many records. John "Alison's" will was probated 20 March 1833. His wife, Ruth was named. The Nicholas County deeds included one between the John Alison heirs and David Allen of Montgomery County, Kentucky. In it eight chldren were named with their spouses: James & Naomi Alison, John and Zelinda Alison, Andrew and Elizabeth Alison, Nancy & Joseph Graham, Polly and Robert Allen, Eleanor and Milton Brown, Elizabeth and Alexander Bradshaw, Maria and Samuel Call. Furthe research located at 9th child, Anny Alison, who married Douglas Allen. Most of these couples were not found on the 1850 census of Kentucky or Nicholas county and may have been deceased. This deed eliminated any of the above children as those of Alexander and Elizabeth Allison.

There were only two Allison men in the early Nicholas County, Kentucky records, John and Alexander. John was older than Alexander, but not old enough to be his father. They were very likely relatives.

Data on Alexander Allison was difficult to find in Nicholas County, Kentucky records. Perhaps this was because he was deceased by 1818 when his wife remarried. At any rate, many deeds and other records were found on John Allison, a very probable relative. A most informative Nicholas County, Kentucky pension record was copied (C). It stated: "John Allison applied for Revolutionary War penison on 22 October 1832. He stated that he was born in Rowan County, NC in December 1759. He enlisted in Rowan County, NC in May 1776, moved to Kentucky after the war and had been a neighbor to Benjamin Robinson, of Montgomery County, Kentucky, when he lived in Rowan County, NC."

During the next research period, it is recommended that the remainder of Nicholas County, Kentucky histories, tax lists, etc. be studied for Alexander Allison. We should then study the Allisons in Rowan County, NC.

An LDS entry form was extracted, as the film copy was so poor. Joseph Eubanks Jr., of Maysville, Kentucky, submitted four Allison marriages in 1977 for temple sealings. He claimed a 3rd great-grand-nephew relationship to Mary, Elizabeth, Patsy and Susannah Allison - these were the sisters of James Allison. In order to learn how Joseph Eubanks, Jr. was related to the Allison fmaily, the Ancestral File on computer was searched. A pedigree was produced which included Samuel S Snapp of Nicholas County, KY. Many documents weres tudies for the Allison family. the result of this extensive research was verification that James Allison was the son of Alexander and Elizabeth.

Notes for Elizabeth ?: From Eric Sprouls: "Did you find information that Elizabeth (Taylor) Allison remarried to David Feeback 5/14 1818?

- - - - - - - Subj:Allison's of Nicholas County - Date:3/23/99 7:04:10 PM Central Standard Time From:TSNAPP - To:AllisonGen Hi, Sorry have not responded to your E-mail of 2/21 sooner. I lost my hard drive and my computer was in the shop for about three weeks and Ive been without E-mail for about 5-6 weeks. Still trying to catch up. My information on the Allison family differs from yours. I am the descendant of Elizabeth Allison b. ca 1807 (according to later census records) married 25 Dec. 1825 to Peter Snapp. He is my great-great grandfather. I have Elizabeth's father as John Allison. His wife is still not certain. A will of a John Allison in Nicholas County signed 1833 gives the wife name as Ruth but does not give the names of their children. I do not have information on your Alexander. But there is a marrage record of an Alexander Allison to the second wife Elizabeth Taylor 2 June 1805 Nicholas Co. KY.

Info on my John children

Mary Maria b. 13 July 1802 m. 20 Sep 1821 Elijach Snapp (brother to Peter)
Elizabeth b. ca 1807 m. 25 Dec 1823 Peter Snapp
Lucinda b. ca 1808 m. 9 Jan 1828 John Mann Jr.
James b. ca 1811 m. 10 June 1833 Catherine Mann
David Gray b. 8 Dec 1812 m 1st 22 June 1831 Sarah Kithcart, m 2nd 1851 Ann McCarty
Isaac B. ? m. 25 Nov 1837 Sarah Marshall (Sally)

All marriages from the Nicholas County marriage records. If my information is incorrect, please let me know. I do not have any direct proof that John Allison is Elizabeth's father. This is generally assumed by several researchers I have corresponded with. It is highly likely due to his brother marrying what would be Elizabeth's sister and the large number of marriages between the Snapp's and Mann and Marshall families. Thanks for the information you sent me and I look forward to hearing from you again soon. I promise a prompt reply now my computer is functioning again. I have information on the Mann family but very little on the Marshall family if I can be of help with these. Terry

- - - - -

Per Professional genealogist report provided by Phil Zobrist: Universal Genealogy Center, Kathryn M Harmer, Genealogist. August 9, 1991:

"In a previous report, it was learned that after Alexander Allison's death, his wife remarried. Nicholas County, Kentucky marriages included: 14 May 1818 - David Feeback to Mrs. Elizabeth Allison.

Hoping to learn more about Elizabeth through her second husband, the 1850 census index of Kentucky was researched. There were several Feeback men living in Nicholas County, KY in 1850, but no Davids. Perhaps David and Elizabeth Feeback had moved away by then. It was more likely that they were deceased. The 1820, 1820 and 1840 census indexes of Kentucky also failed to produce David Feeback. As many Nicholas County, KY records were studied for the Allison famly, indexes from 1810 and 1850 were found. These census records were more informative.

In 1820 David Feeback had 4 males under 10, one male 26-45, 2 females 10-16, one female 16-26, and one female 26-45 in his household.

It has been estimated that Mrs. Elizabeth Allison was the mother of 4 daughters and 2 sons by Alexander Allison, whom she married in 1802. Patsy Allison married in 1818, so she would not be counted on the 1820 census. Perhaps David Feeback brought chldren to his marriage to Mrs. Elizabeth Allison or more were brought to their union after 14 May 1818.

As research continued, a fascinating Nicholas County deed was copied: Dated 1 March 1808, it stated that Alexander Allison of Nicholas County, Kentucky made deed for all his property to Elizabeth Taylor, wife of Thomas Taylor, deceased, also of Nicholas County Kentucky. For $600 her made this deed of "gift". The property included: 2 old stud horses, 1 mare colt, 2 feather beds and bedding, all my household furniture, 3 barrels, 1 pott and 1 cover, 1 sugar tug, 1 chest, 2 cows, 1 "yearlin heffer", 15 head of "gees", one "womanz" saddle, 1 talbe, 8 "chairz", 2 bedsteads, 1 ax and one hoe. Why Alexander would sell his property to his wife is not understood or why she would not be mentioned as his wife is a further mystery. Also, when Alexander Allison married Elizabeth Taylor, 2 June 1802, in Nicholas County, Kentucky, no mention was made that she was a widow. It is now known that "Elizabeth" had three husbands at least. They were : (1) Thomas Taylor, (2) Alexander Allison, and (3) David Feeback. Unfortunately, her first marriage to Thomas Taylor occurred before the Nicholas County marriages were available, so her maiden name was not yet know.

Thomas Taylor, first husbad to "Elizabeth" was the verifying link to document Alexander Allison as the father of James Allison and the grandfather to Manuel E Allison. On 1 March 1839, James Allison and his wife, Catherine, for $10.00 deeded 93 acres to Elijah Snap.

Elijah Snap had married Mary Allison on 20 September 1821 and was, therefore, a brother-in-law to James Allison. Even in 1839, $10.00 for 93 acres was a "gift" and suggested close family relationships between the parties involved. Because of woman's rights or the absence thereof in 1839, James Allison could not "give" the property to his sister, Mary, but rather deeded it to her husband, Elijah Snap, and his assigns and heirs, which would include a wife.

Per August 9, 1991 report - "The description of James Allison's property was interesting. It included many trees and a vital statement about "Thomas Taylor's" property line. Thomas Taylor, first husband to James Allison's mother, Elizabeth, was deceased in 1839, but his property may still have been known as his, especially is he had been the owner for a long time. "Thomas Taylor" was the link between James Allison and his father, Alexander Allison.

The probates of Nicholas County, Kentucky, did not include Alexander Allison. One early Allison will was found which led to many records.

John "Alison's" will was probated 20 March 1833. His wife, Ruth was named. The Nicholas County deeds included one between the John Alison heirs and David Allen of Montgomery County, Kentucky. In it eight chldren were named with their spouses:

Children of Alexander Allison and ? are:

2i.Patsy5 Allison, born Abt. 1794 in Fayette Co, KY. She married William Brunson December 03, 1818.
3ii.Susannah Allison, born Abt. 1797 in Bourbon Co, KY. She married Nelson Moore December 18, 1821 in Nicholas Co, KY.
4iii.Elizabeth Allison, born Abt. 1801 in Nicholas Co, KY. She married Teter Snap December 25, 1821 in Nicholas Co, KY.

Notes for Elizabeth Allison: From Eric Sprouls: "Believe now that Elizabeth d/o Alex was not the one who married Teter Snap. He may have had a daughter named Elizabeth, but one who married Teter Snap was d/o John Allison".

5iv.Otho Allison, born February 11, 1803 in Nicholas County, KY; died August 27, 1866 in Danville, IL (State Line, IN?), buried in Leonard cemetery. He married Mary Polly Leonard September 24, 1824 in Harrison County, KY (conf LDS).

Children of Alexander Allison and Elizabeth ? are:

6i.Mary5 Allison, born 1807 in Nicholas Co, KY; died Unknown. She married Elijah Snap September 20, 1821 in Nicholas Co, Kentucky.

Notes for Mary Allison: America IGI Record : Mary ALLISON Sex: F Event(s): Born: 1807 Nicholas, Kentucky Parents: Father: Alexander ALLISON Mother: Elizabeth TAYLOR Batch number: 7619806

7ii.Alfred Allison, born March 15, 1808 in Nicholas County, KY; died September 13, 1882 in ?, Buried in Rhea cemetery, Phelps Co, Missouri. He married Mary Catherine Martha Hendrick Abt. 1827 in Harrison County, KY?.

Notes for Alfred Allison: See photo...very faint. See photo of headsone.

Kentucky Nicholas Co, 1800-1830 Indiana 1830-1845, Illinois, Vermilion County Mo, Phelps Co, 1867-1882

In 1831, an Alfred Allison, Scotchman by birth was born 1807, Ky and wife Mary born 1804 Ky with daughter Elizabeth born 1828 Ky and son Otho b 1830 Ky settled in Beach Creek Township, Greene County, Ind. from "Early Settler of Green County, Indiana". Alfred was born 3/15 1808 in Ky, married March C Henrick forn 3/8 1805 in Ky. They lived in Nicholas county, KY in 1830, but by 1840 had moved to Vermilion County, IL, then back to Greene County, Ind by 1850 as they were first in Greene Co by 1850 in 1835. By 1865 they had homesteaded land in Phelps Co, MO. They both rest in Cold Springs cemetery in Phelps co, MO which is now called Rhea Cemetera. Alfred died 9/13 1882 and Mary died 8/26 1877. To this union came 10 children. Alfred was a blacksmith and farmer. The earlist Allison migrated to America from the Highlands of Scotland as they were Scotch/Irish.

Note: See Homestead Certificate #1502, Application 3032, Canton, Missouri...May 20 1862 - Alfred Allison...SE Qtr of NW quarter of section 36 in Township 36 N, of Range 8 W in the district of lands subject to sale in Canton, Missouri, containing forty acres, ..Official Plat of the Survey of the said Land, returned to the General Land Office by the Surveyor General, You know ye, that this is, therefore, granted by the United States unto the said Alfred Allison, the track of Land above described, to have and to hold the said tract of Land, with the appartenances thereof, and the said Alfred Allison and to his heirs and assigns forever. In testimony Whereof, I, RUTHERFORD B HAYES, President of the United States of America, have caused these letters to be made Patent and the Seal of the General Land Office to be hereunto affixed, Given under my hand at the City of Washington, the first day of august, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven, and the Independence of the United States the one hundred and second. By the President (signature R. B Hayes).. by B. L. Lang, Secretary.. ________ Recorder of the General Land Office. This is the Allison homestead

Sources: 1830 Tax Records, 1829 Tax Records, 1830 census Carlisle, Nicholas C0, KY, 1840 Census of Danville, Vermilion Co, IL, 1850 census of Green Co, Ind., 1880 census of Phelps Co, Mo.

"Alfred Allison...They lived in Nicholas County, Kentucky, in 1830, but by 1840 they had moved to Vermilion County, Illinois, and by 1850 back to Greene Co, Indiana, where they had first lived in 1835. By 1865 Alfred and Mary were homesteading land in Phelps Co. They rest in Cold Springs Cemetery (now called the Rhea Cemetery), in Phelps Co. " from Sandy Allison

"In 1862 Alfred Allison came to Phelps County from Danville, Illinois. In 1877 he homesteaded forty acres which still remains in the Allison Family. After the Civil War, Alfred's son Frederick and wife, Mary Putnam, also moved to the farm and purchased more joining land. Frederick and Mary had 13 children. Most of these left Phelps County. John had a jewelry store in Rolla. Elmer remained on the farm where he and his wife Mildred Elizabeth Brown raised their family of 5 children. Two children died young. The children living were Berneice Allison Light, Ellsworth, Harold, Mildred Allison Watson, and Frances Allison Moreland. All but Frances spent their life in or around Phelps County. Berniece married George Light, a Church of Christ minister. Ellsworth married Pearl Brown. Harold married Martha Leonard. Mildred married Cecil Watson. She taught rural school in Phelps Co while Cecil farmed the Allison farm. Frances married Ray Moreland and lived in Wisconsin. All the above at this writing have passed away except Martha, Mildred and Frances. " date submitted unknown, by Sandy Allison.

1830 Alfred taxed on 200 acres in Nicholas Co, Mo on Hinkson watercourse, entered and surveyed by W Griffitts. In 1829, 204 acres, on Five Lick watercouse, entered and surveyed by A Thornton.

1850 Census: Green Co, IN - Beech Creek Two, 819. Alfred 43, blacksmith, $400.00 from KY. Mary 46 from KY, Elizabeth 22 from KY, Otto 20 from Ky, Margaret 18 from IN as a rest of children: Sarah 16, Thomas 14, Jane 13, Emily 11, Fred 9, John 8, Nancy 6, and Peter Hendricks living with them, age 43, laborer from Kentucky.

1878 - receipt for State and County taxes for the year 1878 on personal property. State tax, county tax, road tax and school tax totalling $179.00

1880 Phelps Co, West Cold Springs Twp, shows Alfred 73, farmer, Mary 77, Dora (granddaughter 16), Fredrick Hendrix 39, Mary 29, Theodora Sheldon Allison, 9, John Alfred 8, Gertrude Arra 5, and Otho G 3.

Rolla Weekly Harold: 1/20 1881, page 3, column 6: "FROM RHEA'S SCHOOL HOUSE - item 3 - Mr Alfred Allison, who has been since last fall on a visit to relatives in Illinois, has returned to his farm in this vicinity."

Alfred Allison grantor, Reebecca S Perry, grantee. March 19, 1878. 140 acreas S 1/2 - SW - NW - SW 1/2 op SW of SW, section 36, 1 36, range 8. Fred H Allison and Francis R Clapp

NOTE: Wrote to Military Records NNCC in Washington, they do not have a record of Alfred's Civil War records. They were in the tax records of Nicholas Co, KY 1829 and 1830.

NOTE: Three of his daughters married three Baker brothers!!!

"Alfred Allison - To: Frederick Allison - To care and attenance of him from the death Mother his wife from 18 August 1880 to 13th Sept 1882, 2 years 25 days, Boarding, lodging and medicine and waiting on his day and night $442.00 the above includes my care of attention Alfred Allison and Mary Allison Father + Mother from 16th day of january 1877 to death 13 Sept 1882 and Doctor Bills $15.00 to Dr. Nichol, $7.50 Dr Nevhowar (sp?) and funeral expenses $14.25 in all coming everything as above $442.00. By 1 note Perry Butler $17.00, 1 mare sold $25.00. Balance Due $400.00"

Of interesting note regarding this period: "Negros were then chattals - E. M. Cozatt, local real estate man, has in his possession a news paper telling of a sale more than 5 years ago. The language is said to be quite characteristic of the prevailing in that section of Missouri prior to the war. The sale notice follows: "Public Sale - State of Missouri, county of Pike, to whom it may conern: The undersigned will on Tuesday, February 16, A.D. 1846, sell at public outcry, for cash on premises, where Cook Creek crosses the old Missouri road, the following chattels to wit: Six yoke of oxen, with yoke and chain; 2 wagon beds; three nigger wenches; 4 buck niggers, 3 nigger boys, 2 pairie plows, 25 steel traps; one barrel pickled cabbage; one hogshead tobacco; one lot nigger shoes, one spinning wheel; one loom; 13 fox hounds, and a lot of other articles. I am gwine to California = James Smith, owner. Richard Dorr, cryer. Free headcheese, apples and hard cider."

Researcher on this line is Janey Blue, Skidmore's granddaughter - (Janey Blue)

Notes for Mary Catherine Martha Hendrick: See IGHS chart 2285P.

8iii.James T Allison, born 1811 in Nicholas Co, Kentucky; died Unknown. He married Catherine Mann July 10, 1833 in Nicholas Co, Kentucky.

Notes for James T Allison: Moved family to Indiana sometime between 1859-1964. - - - PER LDS files: JAMES ALLISON, Sex: M, Event(s): Born: 1811, Kentucky, Parents: Father: ALEXANDER ALLISON, Mother: ELIZABETH TAYLOR Film Number: 1760741 - - - - Per profession genealogist report provided by Phil Zobrist: Universal Genealogy Center, Kathryn M Harmer, Genealogist.

The 1850 Census Index of Kentucky for Alison and Allison was copied. Twenty nine counties were included as homelands for these families. Which one included little Manuel E Allison? The search began and many Allison families were studied. Success was achieved..Living in District #2 of Nicholas County, KY was (K) taken 27 August 1850): Allison, James39b KY Catherine34" Nathaniel17" John A13" Sally11" Watron10" Emanuel8" James6" Reuban4" Mary E.1" This Emmanuel Allison was exactly the right age to be ancestral. In November of 1850 he would have his 9th birthday if the 1900 Census of Hutchinson, Reno, Kansas was accurate. It was exciting to add James Allison and Catharine, his wife, to your pedigree.

From the marriages of Nicholas Co, KY were found two relevant marriages: 10 Jul 1833 James Allison to Katherine Mann 30 Jan 1855 Nathaniel F Allison to Sally Jane Feeback James Allison may have left Nicholas County, KY before 1860 as he was not on the Kentucky 1860 Census Index. Perhaps he moved to Illinois where some records suggest Manuel E Allison was born."

Notes for Catherine Mann: Per 8/9 1991 professional Zobrist research report produced by Universal Genealogy Center, Kathryn M Harmer:

"With remaining research time, a Mann Family History (George Adam Mann 1734-1821) was located. According to the surname index, it included Allison/Ellison persons. This was a gold mine!

Catherine Mann was listed as the wife of James Allison. Her 1833 marriage and 8 children were listed. "Watron" was listed as Marion, a much more likely given name, on this Mann history. The ancestroy of Catherine Mann, according to this excellent history included: (1)John Mann b 1771 (her father) (2)George Adam Mann b 1734 (her grandfather) (3)Jerg Bernhart Mohn b abt 1700 (her great-grandfather) Family group records of these Mann and Mohn families were compiled and the 1988 IGI searched for each person identified.

Future research on this family in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Kentucky, as well as Germany, may provide data on the female lines and futher documentation for the Manns."

Subj:What little we have on Alexander's dau, Mary Date:5/16/99 9:02:28 AM Pacific Daylight Time From:AllisonGen

Descendants of Mary Allison

Generation No. 1

1. Mary5 Allison (Alexander4, Charles3, John2, ?1) was born 1807 in Nicholas Co, KY, and died Unknown. She married Elijah Snap September 20, 1821 in Nicholas Co, Kentucky.

Notes for Mary Allison: America IGI Record : Mary ALLISON Sex: F Event(s): Born: 1807 Nicholas, Kentucky Parents: Father: Alexander ALLISON Mother: Elizabeth TAYLOR Batch number: 7619806

From Fayette County query:

Sandy Allison Fri Jan 24 12:24:08 1997 I am Searching for the parent of Otho Allison born in 1803 in Ky. and Alfred Allison born in 1808 in Ky. I have been working on the Allison lines for over 27 years trying to find more on this life and exchanging information with everyone along the way. Alfred was in Nicholas County, Ky. in 1820's, then moved to Greence County, Ind. in 1830's, then in 1840's he was in Vermillion County, Ill., then back in Greence County, Ind. by 1850's and then in Mo. by 1880, after going back to Vermillion County, Ill. in 1870's. Alfred Allison married Mary Catherine Hendrick in Ky.and Otho & Elizabeth there before going to Ind.,Thomas, Maragaret, Sarah, Nancy in Greence County, Ind. with Frederick, Emma, Jane, John, born in Vermillion County, Ill. Alfred moved to Phelps County, Mo. after the Civil war with part of the family moving with them. Thomas & Frederick were in the Civil War on the Union Ill. group. Alfred had 3 daughters marriage into the Ind. & Ky. Baker lines. Otho was in Harrison County, Ky. in 1830's and married Mary Polly Leonard of Ky. also and they had 14 children from Ky. to Ill. were they died in Danville, Ill. If any one can help with these lines or if I can help anyone with all my rooms full of files just let me know! Also Alexander Allison was born in ca.1768 in rockbridge County, Va. and married Elizabeth Taylor 1805 in Nicholas County, Ky. second wife, 1st wife married in Fayette County, Ky. around 1791. Alexander parents Charles Allison and Jane Campbell were married in Augusta County, Va. in circa 1763. Thank you for all your time and help in this matter. Sandy Allison 10095 County Road 5120 Rolla, Mo. 65401 573-341-3549 home phone 573-364-5310 fax

Subj:Fwd: Allison genealogy Date:7/1/99 6:16:46 PM Pacific Daylight Time From:AllisonGen

Forwarded Message: Subj: Re: Allison genealogy Date:6/30/99 8:57:04 PM Pacific Daylight Time (Joy Reeb)

Dear Susan, Yes, I did find "proof" that Alexander was married to Elizabeth Taylor daughter of Elizabeth and Thomas Taylor. Also found the will- deed that someone else mentioned. Alexander left everything to his mother -in-law Elizabeth Taylor. Dated 1808, she was a widow. Don't know exactly why. But Elizabeth didn't remarry until 1818 so she and children were taken care of. Will send copy of will-deed and copy of permission for Elizabeth Taylor to marry Alexander Allison signed by parents and witnessed by Josiah and George Taylor. Didn't copy Josiah swearing document to be true- I goofed. Also didn't copy deed-will of Thomas Taylor to son James. But have notes. Didn't realize significance until later. Have notes though and will send copy. Found permission letter in an unindexed file of marriage bonds. Nicholas County. Also wonder if Caleb Taylor who married Elizabeth & Alex was a relative. Looked at some unindexed court records to see if I could find any guardianship records for Alex's children but found none. Doesn't mean they aren't there I just didn't find them. It may be by leaving things through a deed rather than a will it didn't go through the regular court so the children did not require a guardian. Mother's and women didn't count. Need to find someone that could tell us about the laws in KY for that time period.

Marriage bond for John Deag and Elizabeth Allison 1 Aug 1801 John Allison was bondsman. Josiah Taylor marriage bond 3 Aug 1801 Elizabeth Fields. Father William Fields.

  1. Allison, Sandy - e-mail:
  2. AllisonGen.

    e-mail of 5/18/1999