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Summers 1903

Source:Summers, 1903
Patrick136March 2 1774Wash No further orders pertaining to Washington county were entered by the court until March 2, 1774, on which day Patrick Porter was given leave to build a mill on Falling creek, the waters of Clinch river, this being the first mill erected on Clinch river, so far as the records disclose. On the same day, on the motion of Charles Allison, leave was given him to build a mill on his land, on the South Fork of Holston, near the head spring.
Patrick367Early 1783WashEarly in the year 1783, about twelve years after the first settlement at Castle's Woods, a party of northward Indians invaded the settlement and attacked the fort at Hamblin's Mill.This fort was erected by Henry Hamblin, one of the first settlers in that section, in the year 1776, with the assistance of Henry Dickinson, Charles Bickley, William Robertson, William Russell, Patrick Porter, Henry Neece, William Wharton, Humphrey Dickinson, Frederick Fryley, James Bush, Archelas Dickinson, Samuel Ritchie, Jerry Harrold, Richard and. William Long and William Bowlin, the first settlers in that section.Patrick Porter included in a list of persons that assisted with the erection of the Fort at Hamlin's Mill in 1776. [This probably refers to Moore's Fort or Cowan's Fort, both of which were erected in 1774. I've seen no record of a fort as such at Hamblin's Mill. Cowan's Fort, however, lies near by Hamblin's Mill. Q 19:55, 31 May 2009 (EDT)]
Patrick3899 May 1786RussellPatrick Porter commissioned as "Commissioner of Revenue" along with Samuel Ritchie
William4981851Smythe On Wednesday last, pursuant to previous notice, a great railroad convention was held in Abingdon. It met at 12 M. and was temporarily organized by the call of Major John Campbell as chairman, and the appointment of Charles B. Coale and William King Heis- kell as secretaries. From Washington county, Virginia, there were several hundred delegates in attendance, and it was impossible to procure a list of them. Smyth county—James F. Pendleton, Thomas L. Preston, James Saunders, Dr. Thomas M. Tate, H. D. Poston, Esq., Meade E. Smythe, Richard Haller, John C. Poston, William T. Campbell, E. S. Watson, Esq., Dr. William T. Thurman, William Porter, Esq., Robert Houston, Esq., A. H. Campbell, James C. Smythe, Dr. Robert Thurman, John C. Rogers James Campbell, John Campbell, Thomas H. Thurman. Colonel Hiram A. Greever, John H. Barton, John Pride and Robert Goolsby.
Patrick811April 1 1774Washington214 ac on Falling Creek, West side
Thomas811June 10, 1774. Wash. 144 ac MFH, South Branch
WJ8381887WashSuperintendent of Alms House

Summers 1929

Source:Summers, 1929
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Patrick 599 Fin march 2 1774 On the motion of Patrick Porter leave is given him to build a mill on Falling Creek the waters of the Clinch
651 Fin 2 Apr 1776 Samuel Porter, Henry Dickenson, John Kincaid, and John Blackamore to appraise estate of William Herbert deceased
750 Mont
755 Mont
792 Mont
895 Mont
918 Mont
Margaret 944 Mont Probated May 23 1786Probate of estate of Samuel Ewing. Estate to wife Mary, sister Margaret Porter, Elender Porter, Rebeckah Porter. Witnesses Manitree Jones, George Bride, William Bride See Analysis:Samuel Ewing Porter
Elender 944 Mont Probated May 23 1786Probate of estate of Samuel Ewing. Estate to wife Mary, sister Margaret Porter, Elender Porter, Rebeckah Porter. Witnesses Manitree Jones, Goerge Bride, William Bride See Analysis:Samuel Ewing Porter
Rebeckah 944 Mont Probated May 23 1786Probate of estate of Samuel Ewing. Estate to wife Mary, sister Margaret Porter, Elender Porter, Rebeckah Porter. Witnesses Manitree Jones, George Bride, William Bride See Analysis:Samuel Ewing Porter
Samuel950WashJan 28 1777Ordered that John Kinkead Sen, Frederick Friley, James Wharton, John Dunkin, and Samuel Porter, or any three of them, appraise estate of Isaac Chrisman, deceased.
Patrick 959 Wash 19 April 1777on the motion of James Green. permission granted for obtaining administration of estate of James Naul; Josiah Pain and Patrick Porter Security.
Samuel 964 Wash 26 Aug 1777Error correction previous May in Clerks records, includes addition of court case "craig vs Bush Att.vs Sauel Porter Gar[nishee?]. [transcription unclear]
Samuel 965 Wash 26 Aug 1777Samuel Porter and others to appraise estate of Nathaniel Brown
Patrick 999 Wash 19 Aug 1778 Patrick Porer James Whaton, Joesph Moor, William Trimbel, and John Kinkead appraise estate of Samuel Walker
Samuel 1003 Wash 20 Aug 1778 Grand jury
Samuel 1004 Wash 17 Nov 1778 Wm Trimble, James Woton, Joseph Moo Frederick Firley and Edmundsomith to appraise estate of Samuel Cowan
Samuel 1006 Wash 18 Nov 1778 John Dunkin Andrew Colvill, and Samuel Porter serve as security for John Kinkead in the administration of the etstate of John Barksdale.
Patrick 1017 Wash April 21 1779 Bill of sale for land of Henry Hamblin to John Barksdale deceased edhibeted in Cout and proven by oaths of Patrick Porter, John Kinkead,
Samuel 1042 Wash Bough Smith bound to Samuel Porter
Patrick 1043 Wash on Jury
Patrick 1044 Wash on Jury
Patrick 1057 Wash June 20 1780patrick Porter, Samuel Ritchey, Alex. Ritchey, and Josiah Pain ordered to appraise estate of Jhn Dunkin deceased.
Patrick 1096 Wash Administration of estate of Richard Stanton granted to Frederick Findly; Patrick Porter and Wm. Cowan acknowledge Bond.
Patrick 1104 Wash 18 June 1782 Almore Douglas, Andrew Davis, john Norris, Joseph Blackmore, Alexander Ritchie, patrick Porter, George Gibson, to appraise estate of John Blackmore Jr.
Patrick 1109 Wash 21 Aug 1782 patrick Porter, Samuel Ritchie, and William Cowan to divide the personal estate of John Blackmore Jr.

Addington, 1932

Source:Addington, 1932

Kegley 1980

Source:Kegley and Kegley, 1980
Margaret121Adm of estate granted to widow Margaret on estate of Robert Porter
Patrick371803slgrant 214 ac
Patrick981773Finmill estab 1773 on Clinch River on falling Creek, appears to be first mill on Clinch
Patrick106Fin1773?on list of tax delinquents on the Clinch River.
Robert37sdslland grant to Robert Pastor (Robert Porter?)
Robert1213 Ap 1781MontAdm of estate granted to widow Margaret
Robert155reference to estate
Robert157reference to estate
Samuel952 Oct 1771Boton list of tithables for Botetourt co, "On Clinch"
William371796slgrant, 200 ac
William1475 Dec 1777Monton McCorkle's list of those swearing allegiance to the United States.
William3111783Mont63 acres west side of new below Eagle Bottom
sl: Sine Locus, without location.
sd:without date.

Kegley 1982

Source:Kegley and Kegley, 1982

Kegley 1995

Source:Kegley and Kegley, 1995

Kegley 1998

Source:Kegley and Kegley, 1998


Title: Robertson, 1998 Washington County Surveyor's Records
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