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Person:John Campbell (205)


Notes from DeliJim

One Source claims that the parents of John Campbell are Alexander Campbell and Anne Whitfield.

From the Edmondson Family Association Bulletin, Oct. - Dec., 1998:

John Campbell married Grisel or Grace Hay, daughter of Patrick Hay in 1695. The family moved from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to Fincastle County, Virginia abt. 1730. John and Grace reportedly had nine children: Patrick the eldest, born in 1696, maried Delilah Thompson. David the youngest, born 8 March, 1706, called "white" David to distinguish him from his darker cousin "black" David, married 16 January 1735, Mary Hamilton (1716-1801).

From "Annals of Augusta County, Virginia", by Joseph A. Waddell, pg. 147-149:

John Campbell came from Ireland to America in 1726, with five sons and several daughters, and settled first in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Eix or eight years afterwards, he removed to that part of Orange County, Virginia, which, in 1738, became Augusta County, where many of his numerous descendants lived for many years.

Three of John Campbell's sons came with him to Augusta, Partick, Robert and David.

Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19

Husband's Name

John CAMPBELL (AFN:972S-SF)    

Born:  16 Nov 1674  Place:  Londonderry, Londonderry, Ireland 
Christened:  1726  Place:  Lancaster, Co, VA 
Died:  1741  Place:  Augusta, Co, , VA 
Buried:    Place:  9, Children 
Married:  1695  Place:  Ulster, Ireland 

Father:  Duncan CAMPBELL (AFN:GJ05-B0)    (note: conflicting information on John Campbell's parents)
Mother:  Mary MCCOY (AFN:GJ05-C5)              The file containing this information seems to have many
                                                                         errors, and seems to be suspect information.

Wife's Name

Grissel HAY (AFN:972S-TL)    

Born:  1678  Place:  , Antrim, Ireland 
Married:  1695  Place:  Ulster, Ireland 



1. Sex Name

M  John CAMPBELL (AFN:972S-WX)    

Born:  Abt 1702   Place:  , Antrim, Ireland  

2. Sex Name

M  William CAMPBELL (AFN:972S-X4)    

Born:  Abt 1704   Place:  , Antrim, Ireland  
Died:    Place:  , , PA  

3. Sex Name

F  Catherine CAMPBELL (AFN:972S-Z9)    

Born:  Abt 1706   Place:  , Antrim, Ireland  

4. Sex Name

F  Mary CAMPBELL (AFN:972T-1L)    

Born:  Abt 1710   Place:  , Antrim, Ireland  

5. Sex Name

M  David CAMPBELL (AFN:972T-3X)    

Born:  Abt 1714   Place:  , Antrim, Ireland  

6. Sex Name

M  James CAMPBELL (AFN:972T-0F)    

Born:  Abt 1708   Place:  , Antrim, Ireland  

7. Sex Name

M  Patrick CAMPBELL (AFN:972S-VR)    

Born:  1696/1698   Place:  , Antrim, Ireland  
Died:  17 Mar 1767   Place:  , Augusta Co., VA.  

8. Sex Name

M  Robert CAMPBELL (AFN:972T-2R)    

Born:  Abt 1712   Place:  , Antrim, Ireland  
Died:  1768   Place:  , Augusta, VA  

9. Sex Name

F  Margaret CAMPBELL (AFN:972R-66)    

Born:  1706/1708   Place:  , Antrim, Ireland  
Died:  Mar 1764   Place:  Amsterdam, Bototourt, Pennsylvania  
Buried:    Place:  , Rockbridge, VA  

10. Sex Name


Born:  8 Mar 1706   Place:  Drumboden, Near Londonderry, Ireland, Ireland  
Died:  19 Oct 1790   Place:  , Augusta, VA  

11. Sex Name

M  John CAMPBELL (AFN:PDSM-81)    

Born:  1692   Place:  , Antrim, Probably, Ireland  
Died:  1764   Place:  , York Co., PA.  

12. Sex Name


Born:  1689/1708   Place:  , Antrim, Probably, Ireland  
Died:  31 May 1771   Place:  Derry (Hershey), , PA  

13. Sex Name


Born:  < 1708   Place:  , , Probably, Ireland  
Died:    Place:  , , Probably, Ireland  

14. Sex Name

F  Elizabeth CAMPBELL (AFN:PDSM-CJ)    

Born:  < 1712   Place:  , , Probably, Ireland  
Died:    Place:  , , Probably, Ireland  

15. Sex Name

F  Mary Ann CAMPBELL (AFN:314V-BV)    

Born:  1731   Place:  Probably, Antrim, Ire  
Christened:    Place:  Ireland  
Died:  1806   Place:  Estill's Station, Madison, KY  

From post:

Re: john campbell - grace hay 1773 Pa-Va Posted by: Katherine Embry Date: July 16, 1999 at 13:05:04 In Reply to: john campbell - grace hay 1773 Pa-Va by Steve J. Bivans of 1160

I descend from John Campbell and Griselle (Grace) Hay, through their daughter Lady Mary Ann Campbell. John was born November 16, 1674, in Londonderry, Ireland. Grace was born in 1678 in Ulster, Ire. They married in 1695. John died in 1741 and Grace died in 1771. I have listed as their children, the following: John (b. 1702), William, Catherine, Mary, David, James, Patrick, Robert, Margaret, David, John, James, Martha, Elizabeth, and Mary Ann. There are some duplication of names, but I believe some of the children died young. John and Grace immigrated to the U.S. in 1726 to Lancaster County, VA. I have another birthdate and location for Grace Hay, listed by someone else, as 1672 in Augusta, VA. I don't believe that is correct. I believe she immigrated with John in 1726. Otherwise all of her children would not have been born yet. Grace's father was Patrick Hay. I hope that helps a bit. Contact me if you require further info. Kit - #9333

Oldest Proven Campbell Ancestor: John Campbell

Summary: John Campbell born 1674 in Londonderry, Ireland, died 27 Feb 1733/34 in Augusta (Orange) County VA. John Campbell with his wife and children left Ireland in 1726 and came to America. They stopped for a short period in Lancaster PA. In 1730 they moved to Augusta County VA where many Campbell relations then lived.