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person:John Cowan (38)

Note 1

From:Colonial SC Records of Paul Sarret, Jr on US GENWEB

COWAN , James 1779 Colony, SC Resident Old 96th DISTRICT
COWAN , John 1779 Colony, SC Resident Old 96th DISTRICT

Note 2

Source: Glover Family

JOHN COWAN Son of James Cowan, Immigrant James Cowan's son, John had married his wife, Margaret, in Augusta County Virginia sometime before 1762. They are found selling 179 acres in Albermarle County, Virginia on October 12, 1762. They also appeared in South Carolina in the late 1760's.

John acquired the rank of Captain during the Revolutionary War and operated a ferry across the Savannah River just north of present day, Augusta, GA. There are many records of his ferrying military personnel and supplies during the war. This was known as Cowan's Ferry and John owned land on both sides of the river, in both, South Carolina and Georgia. John and Margaret raised 7 children:


John and Margaret moved across the river to Georgia with their family, and lived the rest of their lives there. His will shows that he owned property on both sides of the river. This could possibly have been in connection with the ferry. John Cowan died in 1792. His will was probated in Ninety Six District, South Carolina on September 12, 1792 Margaret's death or either's burial site.

John and Margaret's son, John was born on August 31, 1770. Nine years later on March 6, 1779, Susanna Glover was born in North Carolina; probably Stokes County, since her parent's marriage records are there. Her father, John Glover, a Revolutionary War veteran moved into Old 96 District while she was a very young girl. It is here on coming of age, she married John Cowan and had a son.

John Glover Cowen, born 3 February 1806

This is the John Glover Cowen (He used the Cowen spelling all his life.) that later moved into Barbour County, Alabama in the early 1840's.

Two other children were born to John and Susannah while living in South Carolina, They were:

*Sarah P. Cowan Born 1 October 1808 *Samuel Cowan Born 1 January 1810 Not much is found regarding John Cowan's church affiliation in South Carolina, however it is known that Susannah was affiliated with the Church of Christ in early life. She was an extremely dedicated Christian all her life, and at least two of her sons , John Glover Cowen and Franklin Cowan were to become ministers. There is no way of knowing if this was a result of a dedicated mother or father or both.

All of John Cowan's and Susanna Glover's children accompanied them when they moved to Georgia around 1811. This could have been in mid 1811, because their son, Franklin was born in Georgia in 1812 and John Cowan was buying land in Putnam County in October 1811.