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Myrtle Scott Davis

Letter from Myrtle Scott Davis, daughter of James O. Scott, to E. S. Mayer, from McCall, ID, 19 March 1973
Uncle Will was married and had a boy around 1 yr. old when he died. His widow married a man by the name of Knight and they moved to Wyoming. The baby's name was Ernest and he had a half sister, Lora. When Ernest was 18 he came back to visit Grandpa and relatives. Think it was in the spring of 1901 [ Ernest born ~1883]. After he married their home was Omak, Wn. They raised 4 daughters. He wrote Dad once in awhile.

Uncle Dave spent several months at Milton, Ore with Aunt Marilla and Uncle Dave in hopes of regaining his health. I can remember the day Dad brought him home from the train all wrapped up in a comforter and how cold it was. He only lived a few days.

Brother Dave has spent his last two winters at Jacksonville, Ore. and the last several summers at Sisters.

Mary Ida (Scott) Godfrey

Mary Ida Scott was the daughter of James Thomas Scott and granddaughter of William Hazelton Scott. Myrtle Scott Davis was a granddaughter of James Thomas Scott and a niece of Mary Ida.

Mary Ida (Scott) Godfrey to Myrtle Scott Davis, Sept. 13, 1960
Your great Uncle William Scott married Sarah Mehls. We called her Aunt Sade. She was a small woman and ever so nice. I loved her. They had 4 children, Fred, Orrin, Myrtis and Ora.
Uncle Will was a farmer, moved to Unionville after Aunt Sade died.

Uncle Joe Scott married Romanna Montgomery. (We called her Aunt Mannie.) (Aunt Lizzie Duree was her only sister, so far as I know.) They had 3 children, Adaline (Addie), Robert (Bob) and in later years Gail, a boy.
Uncle Joe Scott was a farmer, too, but later was Marshall at Unionville. Also he and [son] Bob ran a restaurant there. Finally they all moved to South Missouri. After Uncle Joe passed on, Addie and Aunt Mannie moved to St. Louis. Aunt Manni, Bob & wife are all dead, and Addie is in Florida. She was brother Geo. H. Scott's age.
Uncle Joe looked like Father (James T.) and was like him in lots of ways. I always liked him. He was more affectionate than Father. He drank as long as he lived. But I liked him anyway. And he had a troublesome family for a good excuse.

My Grandmother Scott (YOUR GREAT) was Mary Ann Short.

Grandfather was William Hazelton Scott. I dont know Too much about the Family tree. I heard Uncle Will tell one time about his Aunt Helen [ Helen H. Scott?]. He had gone over to his grandparents to stay over night, had walked and was very hungry. He would never eat mutton, he said. But as he was eating on his supper, Aunt Helen reached over and whispered in his ear, "Will, you are eating mutton". He said "I know it", but he did'nt. People can get fooled.

Both grandparents, Wm. H. and Mary Short [Scott], came to Missouri when children were single, all but Uncle Joe and Aunt Mary Ellen Wilson. [And James Thomas.] Aunt Mary had a baby boy when she came, Will Wilson. The Grandparents had 3 boys at home, Gill, Garrett, and George. Mother said all Gill did was monkey with snakes. "He never worked after he married". Before that, he travelled and gave lectures and demonstrations on Phrenology. Garrett said he was good at it. Aunt Mary and Janie thought Gill was the only one.

Effie Scott Mayer

Effie Scott Mayer, daughter of David Garrett Scott, granddaughter of William Hazelton Scott, maintained a steady correspondence with an extended network of cousins for over thirty years. After her death, some of her correspondence was inherited by her son, Reece Mayer.

Children of David Garrett Scott and Ann Jane Reece, undated note
Burton Wilson Scott, April 19, 1876, Putnam Co., MO
Alvanza Marshall Scott, May 18, 1877, Putnam Co., MO
Charlie Elmer Scott, May 27, 1879
Mary Cora Scott, Dec. 6, 1880, Putnam Co., Mo
Olie (girl) Belden Scott, Nov. 13, 1882, Lewisburg, Kansas, buried Warsaw, Mo. (died at 2 yrs)
Gilbert Kimble Scott, July 8, 1884, Lewisburg, Kansas
Effie Lillian Melverne Scott, born Nov. 20, 1887, Warsaw, Mo
Asa Reece Scott, April 4, 1889, Warsaw, Mo.
Burt and Al and Cora Scott were all baptized in the United Brethren church.
Children of David Garrett Scott and Cynthia Ann Leeper
Elizabeth Jane Scott, born July 18, 1892
George Leonard Scott, born Dec. 15, 1898.

Note, n.d.
J. O. Scott, brother of Linnie Bennett, died 27 Oct., 1933, and is buried in the Lebabon, OR cemetery.
Lizzie (Elizabeth), wife of J. O. Scott, died 28 April 1933. Buried in the Lebanon, OR cemetery
Linnie (Malinda) Bennett died Jan. 1932. Husband Henry Bennett died Aug. 1932. Both are buried in the Lebanon, OR cemetery. They are parents of Joe Bennett.

Church Affiliations of some of the Scott families
His [James T. Scott] only living sister, Mary Ellen Wilson married a Methodist minister, George Wilson, who farmed after coming to Missouri. They came either from Maryland or Pennsylvania. An obituary of George Wilson after his death said he and Mary Ellen Scott were married in Philadelphia, Penn. [This place of marriage should be treated with some caution.]

Letter to Alice Fay Scott about 1960
My father . . . D. G. Scott, . . . was very close in feeling to his sister Aunt Mary Ellen, and her oldest son, Will Willson, was not much younger than Garrett. Aunt Mary's children were William or Will; then Janie Millsap, then Alvanza Wilson then Johnny and last Bert, named Geo. Gilbert for his uncle Gill. He married Clara Markland.

Reece Mayer

Reece Mayer, great-grandson of William Hazelton Scott, wrote extensively about the Scott family, based primarily on information from his mother, Effie Scott Mayer. Effie Scott, daughter of David Garrett Scott, was an inveterate letter writer, corresponding extensively with various cousins and other relations, sharing family history stories and lore. Reece Mayer also received Scott family information from his cousin, Alice Fay Scott, daughter of Alvanza Scott, another grandchild of William Hazelton Scott; and from Lee and Betty Scott, descendants of William H. Scott's oldest son, James Thomas Scott.

Reece Mayer 3 January 1978
Children born to William Hazelton Scott and Mary Ellen Short Scott in order were:
James T. Scott
William Covington Scott
Mary Ellen Scott (married Geo. Wilson)
Joseph T. Scott
Robert T. Scott (died at 17)
Gilbert Kimble Scott
David Garrett Scott, born Aug. 4, 1851, near Westchester, Chester Co.
Geo. H. Scott
also seemed to be a daughter, Margaret, died in infancy

William Hazelton Scott moved his family to Missouri after all the children were born and after two of them were married. (Joe and Mary Ellen Scott Wilson).

Reece Mayer, July 19, 1984
Old Torrey Cemetery, near old St. John, Missouri, gravestones for my great grandfather Wm. Hazelton Scott and his wife Mary Ellen Short Scott.
At Powersville [MO] cemetery was grave of grandad D. G. Scott's youngest bro. George Scott, his wife Lucy, and oldest son Willie.
My grandmother, Ann Jane Reece Scott, died and is buried at Warsaw, Mo., in central Missouri. Alice [Faye Scott] said that she tried to find grandmother's grave and found out that the old Warsaw cemetery was moved to make way for a highway. Any graves that weren't marked by headstones were not moved. Apparently, our grandmother's grave had no stone. This goes along with Mom saying that her Dad told her once that he was so hard-up when his wife, Ann Jane died, that he couldn't afford a grave stone. So, I guess our grandmother Ann Jane Reece Scott lies underneath a road or highway near Warsaw, Mo. Also a daughter, Ola Belden Scott, died at age 2, buried next to her mother in same cemetery.

Reece Mayer August 1984
William Hazelton Scott had a sister named Emma Covington Scott (Possibly Emma.)

Reece Mayer 10 August 1991
Notes from xerox of news clipping, n.d.[1916] from Lee and Betty Scott
James Thomas Scott joined Baptist Church at age 22 [1855].
"For fifty-two years [beginning 1864] James Thomas Scott struck death dealing blows to civic unrighteousness", especially in West End of the county. "His efficiency as an officer was shown while he served as Justice of the Peace. In ten years only two of the many cases tried before him was appealed."
Served the Union army in the State Militia during the Civil War.
James Thomas Scott moved to Liberty, Mo. in 1907 and lived there until his death on 4 October 1916. Buried on his 83rd birthday. Death on 4 October 1916, Liberty, Mo. Funeral service in Second Baptist Church, Liberty. AF&AM, of which he was a member, conducted burial service. Interment in Liberty Cemetary.

Notes from Lee Scott, 10 August 1991:
George Henry Scott traded his homesteaded in Long Valley to people by the name of Henrich for property NE of Lebanon prior to 1913. He later traded or sold for property on East Isabella Street, where he was living when he married Vira Loomis on 30 April 1913. Their son Lee Scott was born 18 February 1914. George was 47 and Vira 33 when they were married. When Lee was about six months old they sold the Isabella Street property and bought a stump farm 12 miles out of Lebanon on McDowell Creek. "The house burned down -- the Insurance Co was Mutual -- too many claims so no money. The neighbors built -- one day house.
About 5 years after the farm house burned down, George Henry Scott and his wife sold the Ranch and moved to Lebabon." Geo. worked at the paper mill, then a Variety store on Main Street, which they had for 6 years and 6 days. They sold to Lum Kee[h]haver. Bought a house, two lots and about an acre at 1038 Truve Street and lived there until they died. They are buried in the Lebanon IOOF Cemetary.
George Henry Scott died at his home on Grove Street on 15 January 1946. Born 26 October 1866 in Putman [sic] county, Mo., came to Lebanon 35 years ago, owned Scott Variety store for several years. Member of Baptist church. Buried in IOOF cemetary. Survived by wife Vira Louisa, son Lee, both of Lebanon; sister Mrs. Marilla Kidwell of Garfield, Washington; half-sisters Mrs. Mary I. Godfrey of Kansas and Miss Wilmetta Scott of Filmore, Mo.

notes from undated xerox of news clipping [ca. 1946]
G. K. Scott served as Valley County Commissioner from 1922-1926.
G. K. Scott elected assessor of Valley County [Idaho] in 1932, a position he held for 14 years.

Reece Mayer, November 1990
Linnie Bennett [Malinda Scott] born 10/19/1868

Reece Mayer, notes on letter, Dorothy Mayfield to Alverda Godfrey, nd
Alverda . . . was oldest of 4 children born to Mary Ida Scott Godfrey. Mary Masterson, 2nd wife of James Scott, died with "childbed fever" with first child, Mary Ida Scott Godfrey.

Dorothy Kidwell Mayfield

Dorothy Kidwell Mayfield was a granddaughter of James Thomas Scott.

Dorothy Kidwell Mayfield to Effie Scott Mayer, Sequim, WA, 10 Feb 1966 [edited to remove information about living people]
I am David and Marilla's youngest daughter. . . .
[My sister Mary ] faintly recalls a baby funeral when she was 3 or 4 years old.
We are also trying to straighten out our family plot at the cemetery since the records have been partially lost. We find that our parents are buried in one plot while the family plot is across the alleyway and a plot away. I faintly recall that mother had to purchase a new plot when Dad passed on because our family plot was full and she took the closest one even tho it had one unmarked grave on it.
I recall very faintly going with the folks to Long Valley and Payette Lake when I was about 3 years old - Florence and I.
In a few days it will be the 100th anniversary of Dad's birth. I was only 11 when Dad passed away. He was a good man and wonderful father. Mother and I never hit it off so well and had to work so hard to make out afterwards that we had no time for stories and the like.
I have a family of 3 boys and girl, also 5 grandsons and a granddaughter.
We just moved here last summer and like it so much. My husband is a Dozer or Heavy Equipment operator and in the winter builds campers and canopies for pickups. I just started part time as bookkeeper for Lumber company (my job of 14 years out of the 18 I worked before marrying again.) We lived 7 years down nearer the coast in the rain belt where my husband worked in the woods but decided a year ago to get to a dryer climate since we are not getting any younger.
Incidentally, Mother took the family records out of the family Bible when she loaned it out for antique display (so they wouldn't get lost). We have the Bible, which was a wedding gift to our Grandparents - but the records were what was lost - we could find no trace of them in Mother's effects.

Dorothy Mayfield to [ Alverda Godfrey ], n.d. (edited)
I have three sons and a daughter. . . .
The only time I was in southern Idaho I was about 3 years old and we went in the little spring wagon. Florence and I rode in the back on the bundles of oats for the horses. Think there was a canvas over us. My youngest son always kids me about the covered wagon days when I say something about when I was a kid.
[Discusion of her father's side of the family, inc. ref. to Trowbridge family.] Dad and Mother raised several of their neices and nephews - maybe on both sides of the family. I never could figure out who was who since I did not know them much.
Mother took me once to see up the hill where they used to live but we did not go up there - perhaps there was not a road any more. I think the area where Dad used to teach but probably a newer school house. I wish my Dad had lived longer. He was such a good man. Everyone liked and respected him. I am glad I spent so much time with him. After he got hurt mother sent me with him all the time if I was not in school. She knew he might go any time since had had heart trouble after the accident. I did not know but I am so grateful for the companionship. Mother and I did not get on so well. She was not the easiest person to live with -- or maybe I was just young. She did not have responsibility when Dad lived so made it hard for me -- 11 years old -- to take over but I knew more about what to do than she and could work out in the fields and the like. She could not but she could do chores, etc. It was hard to get any hired help you could trust. We tried a few. I never forgave her for not selling the place when she could get a good price and letting me have an education like the rest of the kids did....but she did not realize. She wanted to save that place for the kids but none of them would have went back and kept it - except me maybe. . . . . She did her best....and she would never come to visit any of us after I got married as I think she was afraid we would keep her. She was determined to not live with any of us even in a house of her own. She said it would kill her to leave her home.

Alice Faye Scott

Alice Fay Scott was the daughter of Alvanza Scott, granddaughter of David Garrett Scott, and great-granddaughter of William Hazelton Scott

Letter, Alice Fay Scott, Aug. 1984
Mary Scott Wilson's children: John had one girl, Helen; then twins--a boy Otha & and girl Olive. Olive is still alive & lives at Marshfield, MO. Janie married a Millsap & had several children. Bert had a girl and a boy, but I can't remember their names.

Alice Fay Scott to Reece Mayer, Oct. 1984
Wm. Hazelton Scott, born Nov. 25, 1805 in Cecil Co. Md.
Ann Jane died at Warsaw, MO, Benton Co. on Osage River and buried in small cemetery near river by side of 2 yr. girl, Olie Belsen Scott who died Sept. 13, 1884, soon after Gilbert Kemble (Kay) was born, July 8, 1884.
G[reatg]randpa was 6' tall with blond hair and blue eyes. Mary Ellen had more temper & spunk than grandpa

Elizabeth Jane Fields was the daughter of George Washington Fields and Lucy Duree Fields

Beulah Scott

Beulah Scott was the daughter of George H. Scott, youngest son of William Hazelton Scott. Alverda Godfrey was the grandaughter of James Thomas Scott, oldest son of William Hazelton Scott.

Beulah Scott Underwood to Alverda Godfrey Miller, March 12 1957
(This letter is in the possession of one of Alverda's descendants. Alverda had apparently written a long, detailed Scott family history, perhaps based on the information from her mother who lived for a time with James Scott. This letter is Beulah's reply.) (N.B. - letter has been edited to focus on family information, some of which is demonstrably wrong.)

Gillette, Wyo
March 12 1957
Dear Alverda –

Bless your heart for taking all that time out to write me all the details about our Scott Relation.

Oh Eldora and I never got to go see the old Scott Mill when we went East but think my sister, Opal and brother, Harry and mom and Dad when all four of them went back sometime after I came to Wyoming in 1920. But when Metta’s and Eldora’s (Dora) brother, Sewell Scott was attending Yale University in New Haven, Conn, why Sewell sent me a snap Kodak picture of the old Scott Mill that he had taken when he went to see Cousin Margaret Scott and Sewell went down there then.
I do not know just where that old Mill is or whether Grandpa Scott owned it or worked in it. I heard my Mother say that Grandpa Scott would be away through the week and come home only on weekends from his work.

My great grandfather Scott was buried in Maryland and think Cousin Margaret is buried there too – do not know.
She came to visit us back in Powersville one summer and stayed six weeks just before I came out to Wyoming.

Cousin Margaret had two brothers Sewell and Charles and four sisters that I know of. The one died of a broken heart C.Margaret said because she did have a date with another boy just once and her lover broke off their engagement or friendship etc – but C. Margaret said he felt so badly later after she died that he asked to marry one of the sisters I believe – but never.
Cousin Margaret’s Brother Charles H. and sweet wife, Caroline live at Wilmington, Delaware.

And I hear from them – just had a letter from Caroline not so long ago. And she wanted Effie’s address Christmas time. She and Charles came to see my sister, Effie Long and me here in Gillette about fourteen years ago. My husband, Roy U. was alive then and we had a good visit and also when C. Margaret came out here three years or so before they came. C. Margaret died before Charles and Caroline came out. Charles and Caroline went on to California to see Charles’ sister Virginia (they called her ‘Gen’) and she married a Dr. Walters and live in Oakland, Calif and C. Margaret went to see them too. I have never seen Gen but saw Charles’ other sister Agnes Cooling and she and Mr. Cooling had Eldora and me to dinner in 1918 when we went back there. Their son Samuel was there, he is married but their son, Severson was not there that evening at dinner. I saw Charles’ brother Sewall Davis Scott when back there in 1918 and he and his sweet wife had Dora and I to the finest chicken dumpling dinner ever. They are both dead now – but I still have some of their letters they wrote me. Sewall Davis S, the policeman, looked like General Pershing of the First World War I thought and Caroline said so many remarked that he did look like Pershing at his Sewall Davis’) funeral.

Now were Charles and Cousin Margaret’s father and my Dad’s Father half brothers or what? And was their grandfather’s name Thomas Scott – that’s where Sewall Davis the policeman got his name and Metta’s brother Sewall got his I suppose.

Charles and Sewall’s mother was a Davis before she married a Scott, and cousin Margaret had a gene book of all the generations way back on the Davis side of the family. I got to meet Charles and C. Margaret’s Mother in 1918. She and C. Margaret lived together in Wilmington Delaware.

So you say my grandfathers’ name was William Hazelton Scott and you think his father’s name was Thomas. And this Thomas had three boys you say and he was my grandfather |Wm Hazelton and his two brothers Sewall and Thomas Jr? Then this brother Sewall was the father of Sewall Davis and Charles and C. Margaret, Agnes and Virginia, and that my Dad a first cousin to Sewall Davis and all.

When Dad got to see the old stone house in Chester County Penn, where he was born – it was still there and people were living in it.

Well if I remember correctly I heard cousin Margaret say that some Scott married and had five children and his wife died – then he married another women that had five children whose husband had died – then they had five children (she and this Scott) which made 15 children and C. Margaret said the father or mother would say “Oh Come here quick your kids and my kids are fighting with our kids” ha!
Well was this Scott that had 15 kids (counting second wife’s five children) was he the Grandfather Thomas Senior (my great grandfather) but my Dad’s Grandfather and Charles and C. Margaret’s etc?
I think I remember C. Margaret naming those girls (her Aunts) Helen and Emily. I remember my Dad said that his grandmother was a little short Welsh woman and her name was Mary Anne Short and my sis, Effie married a Long – so there’s the Long and Short of it for her – ha!

I remember them talking about that name Covington. I was thinking it was Grandfather Scott’s middle name – but since you mentioned Hazelton – I remember that too. They called me Beulah Hazel and I named my second girl Hazel after my husband’s sister, Hazel, and my mother said she was named after me too ha!

My Dad said he was ‘Scotch-Irish; and English and Welsh. My mother was just English and French, her father, (George Washington Fields) was a full blooded Englishman and her mother was French and English. I believe Mother’s Mother’s Father (her grandfather on her mother’s side) was a full blooded Frenchman and mom’s mother went to school to him (her own father who was a teacher) all the time she attended school mind you. His name was Harmon I believe. But what relation was Uncle John Duree. My mother has her genealogy written down on the Fields side her father’s side of the family. A young lawyer back in Indiana who was a Fields where Mom’s mother was born – was tracing his ancestors so he finally got in contact with my mother and we all have a copy of it and the lawyer traced mother’s ancestors back to the French Hugenots mind you.

I do not know whether the grandfather Scott or Great grandfather run or owned the flour mill. But I remember my dad talking about making real fine flour, and during the Civil War – he was too young to go and I believe since they made flour – his older brothers didn’t have to go but were allowed to make flour etc.

Dad was only 15 when he came west to Missouri with his folks, his mother, bought up all the nicest and finest yards of cloth and brought west with her thinking they would never see any as nice out west in Mo – ha! And Metta said, people came to Grandma Scotts house just to see the lovely cloth goods ha.

I’ll write Charles and Caroline and if they can tell me the exact facts of a lot of this relation. Charles would know more than anyone perhaps.

Love Beulah Scott Underwood --- Here are the names and addresses you asked for of my sisters and brother and their children
OCTA - Octa Rachelle Scott Whiteley

Octa Scott Whiteley

Octa was the daughter of George Henry Scott, youngest son of William Hazelton Scott

I do not know as much about the Scott Ancestors . . . . I cannot go back much farther than my Grandfather Scotts family for they both died before I was born. They lived in Chester County Pa

This I know from Cousin Margaret Scott, that lived in Wilmington Delaware: She came to visit us when you were a little boy. She never married. Her brother Charles Scott & wife came to visit us soon after [1946] and he took you to see the circus.

My Great Grandfather Scott lived in Pa. had 2 wifes. His first wife died and left him with 5 children. He then married a woman that was a widow with 5 children and then they had 5 children of this union. The first set was where my Grandfather belonged. The Widow’s set of 5 would not be blood related, to the first set only step. Cousin Margaret & Chas. Were from the last 3rd set; and of course would be half brothers and sisters to both sets. (1st and 2nd) (All Scotts name were 1st and 3rd sets the 2nd set would not have (Scot) name. He had 15 children 10 of his own and 5 stepchildren. (Quite a mixed up Bunch.)

My Grandfather (Thomas Scott)[1] was one of the 1st five (sets). My Grandmother Scott’s maiden name was Short. (They Came to St. John Mo about 1840 from Chester County Pa. Many of our relatives lived around Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore and Elkton Md. And Wilmington Del.

Grandfather Scott was a miller by trade. They had seven children. James, Joseph, Garrett, William, Gilbert, George Henry, and one girl Mary. . . . My father was Geo. Henry Scott Born Feb.14, 1854 Passed away in 1935 81 + yrs old. and Married my Mother, Lucy E. Fields in 1889. His first wife was Mary Herold (Mollie) he called her -

  1. "Cousin" Margaret would appear to have confused her uncle Thomas, whom she may have known, with his older brother William Hazelton Scott.


A Photograph of the Scott Family mill, reportedly taken by Sewell Scott, youngest son of James T. Scott, about 1918. The text on the back was added by his cousin Beulah Scott Underwood.

The Old Scott Flour Mill, Turkeytown, Cecil County, Md. Our Grandfather Wm Covington Scott operated this mill during the Civil War in 1861-1865 and it was still in operation when Sewall Scott took this picture in about 1918 when he graduated from Yale University, New Haven, Conn. and rec'd $500.00 Scholarship twice our Dad, Geo. H. Scott said his Bro. Gilbert made the finest flour

Effie Scott Long

Effie Myrtle (Scot) Long was a first cousin of Effie Lillian Melvern (Scott) Mayer.

Letter, 22 Dec 1969, Effie Long to Effie Mayer, enclosed in a Christmas Card, return address No. 54 - 4th Street, San Franciso Ca [edited]
Receid your good letter with nice "Greetings" and the letter that Clara Wilson wrote. Yes I think she sent the one intended for me to you and yours to me. I will send the one I got on to you.

. . . . I had 2 daughters, Marjorie & Lucille.

Lucille passed away in 1960 left 3 children 1 boy & 2 girls -- Jerry the boy will graduate from Uni this Spring. the 2 girls are in Chattaroy Wash. with step-parents. Paul their father passed away 1965 I believe it was -- (his heart). Marjorie the other daughter lives here in San Francisco. She has 2 boys. I was up there for several years. Larry graduated from Uni and is back home now and I am here at this retirement Hotel. Her son Kevin is college freshman.

. . . . My sister Beulah is in Gillette Wyo. My sister Octa is in Kansas City Mo. Sister Opal lives in Tacoma Wn and Harry our youngest brother lives in Hawaii Is married -- has no children lives at Wahaiwa Hawaii. That is town out about 20 miles from Honolulu. This is week of Christmas and I am afraid to go out in the big stores now such crowds but I am able to walk crippled some and do go out and shop in the big stores a little at times. I couldn't drive my car so sold my home and everything and came here. Have an apt. here at the Victoria Hotel. 2 rooms also Kitchenette & bathroom. It is right downtown here in San Francisco. Half-sister Georgia lost her husband George Saulser -- He was buried Dec. 6. Georgia lives in St. Louis Missouri. Had 2 boys and 1 girl. Time goes by brings many changes my brother Harry over in Hawaii long time ago met a fly man named Scott. He was a pilot. Harry asked him was his father's name and he said Asa Scott Think he had accident later. Wish could see you and have a long visit but Bye for now and Love from Effie Long.