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Will of Samuel (6)
Will of Christopher (1)

Person:Christopher Huston (1)
Person:Samuel Houston (6)
Person:James Houston (14)
Person:Robert Houston (13)


The Houston's of Mill Creek Hundred descend from Person:Christopher Huston (1) who left a will dated 1726 indicating that he lived in Mill Creek Hundred, in northern Delaware. Christopher's will identified

wife Martha
son Samuel designated executor
son Robert
son-in-law Hugh Linn
unmarried daughter Jean
unmarried daughter Martha
unmarried daughter Ann
grandson Christopher
grandson James

Son Samuel dies in 1739 dies without issue, and leaves bequests to his brothers and sisters. From Samuel's will it is apparent that Chirstopher's married daughter in 1726 was "Margaret". Sister Ann is now identified as "Ann Walker", and Martha and Jean are now identified as "Martha Linn" and "Janat Linn". Their husbands are presumably brothers of Hugh Linn, or at least his close kin.

Christopher and James, grandsons of Christopher of Mill Creek Hundred, are also mentioned in Samuel's will, but from the context it is clear that they are not his sons. This has led some to interpret them as the children of Samuel brother Robert. Robert is not well documented, but is known to have had sons named "Christopher" and "Robert". Neither of these individuals, however, can be the grandson's mentioned by Christopher of Mill Creek Hundred, as both are known to have been born after Chrisotpher's death. This implies that grandsons Christopher and James are the children of an otherwise unidentified son. from other evidence (See Analysis:Christopher Huston's Missing Son) that son is believed to be James Huston who lived on Brandywine Creek near Wilmington Delaware.


The following diagram shows the family relationships of the male line of descent from Christopher Huston and wife Martha:

Some of the descendants shown here are speculative, and the subject of ongoing analysis. The children of Robert Houston are based on commonly available data for a "John Robert Houston", who seems to be a "genealogical construct", resulting from the merger of information for a "John Houston" and a "Robert Houston". This construct seems to be driven by a belief that this family line is related to the family of General Sam Houston (GSH). The "John Houston" in question appears to be Person:John Huston (9) of "the Gap" in Lancaster, while the person:Robert Houston (13) is in fact Christopher's son. The rationale for the merger is complex, but the underlying seems to stem from the belief that both John (9) and Robert Houston (13), were both once believed to be related to GSH. YDNA evidence is said to disconfirm that belief, but the existence of a "John Robert Houston" is accepted by many researching the line of both John 9 and Robert 13.