Maxwell Distribution in Scotland, 1841

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Maxwell Distribution
Scotland, 1841


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The following mapping and data were developed for the Maxwell family in Scotland in 1841, to support the Tapestry project, using data extracted from 1841 Census of Great Britain.

The purpose of this display is to give some idea of where in Scotland Maxwell's may have originated during the Pre-Revolutionary target period in America, which is the focus of the Tapestry. Ideally we'd like to use census data in Scotland for a period well prior Revolution, but the 1841 census is earliest available systematic data. While there are obvious deficiencies in relying on 1841 data to gauge where the Maxwell's came from prior to the Revolution, the hope is that distribution shown here may approximate the distribution during the period of interest. Caveat Emptor". The base map used for this display is taken from the county map as given on Wikipedia. Note that many of the counties of Scotland include one or more detached "exo units", administed by the county government, but not contiguous with the rest of the county. "Cromarty", for example, is mainly composed of such exi-units, each of which is isolated within Rothshire County.


Maxwells in the counties of Scotland, as a percent of the total number of Maxwells. See [ Wikipedia for a key to County names. Note that the highest concentration of Maxwells in Scotland lies within the border counties, with the greatest concentration located in Lanakrshire