Known Robert Patterson's in Old Augusta


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WeRelate DOB DOD DOM Spouse Father MotherPatriarch Notes
Person:Robert Patterson (51) c1711 1775 Sarah William (75) Margaret William (75) the Irish PatriarchLived on Linville Creek, to NC
Person:Robert Patterson (19) c1750 1828 DOM Mabel Father William (51) MargaretWilliam (75) the Irish Patriarch To Rutherford NC
Person:Robert Patterson (47) 1787 1864 DOM Person:Robert Patterson (19) MabelWilliam (75) the Irish Patriarchborn NC, to Alabama, probably never lived in Old Augusta
Person:Robert Patterson (39) 1700 1774 1) c1722
1) Grace
2) Ann
William (61) Janet ErwinWIlliam (61) the PA Patriarchlived on Cathey's River
Person:Robert Patterson (38) c1728 1799 c1751 Elizabeth King Person:Nathaniel Patterson (5) Isabella ErwinWIlliam (61) the PA Patriarch To Hawkins County TN
Person:Robert Patterson (41) c1755 Person:Robert Patterson (38) Elizabeth King William (61) the PA Patriarch