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Known James

Person:James Campbell (121) c1718 patrick (11)Elizabeth Taylor
Person:James Campbell (123)1759 1844 Janet AllisonRobert (53)Ann/Nancy
Person:James Campbell (136)1722-42 Gilbert (3)Prudence Osran
Person:James Campbell (173) 1777 Prudence OsranDied in Kanawha County in 1777
Person:James Campbell (175) Margaret DonagheClearly related to Robert Campbell=ELizabeth Donaghe
Person:James Campbell (174)RobertElizabeth Donaghe
Person:James Campbell (177)


1:24 November 19, 1746....(131) Road ordered from Ridge dividing waters of New River from waters of So. Br. Roanoak to end in a road that leads over the Blue Ridge--James Cambell and Mark Evans, overseers. Old Mr. Robinson and his sons, Thos. Wilson and his two sons, Wm. Beus and his brother, all the Ledfords, Saml. Brown, Henry Brown, Saml. Niely, James Burk, James Bean, Francis Estham, Ephraim Voss and servants, Francis Summerfield, John Mason, Tasker and Thomas Tosh, John and Peter Dill, Uriah Evans's sons, Mathuselah Griffiths and sons, John Thomas, Peter Kender.
1:27 MARCH 19, 1746/7.... (181) James Campbell and John McCown appd. Constables.
1:36 AUGUST 17, 1748. ...(50) David Edmiston appd. overseer of road from Tinkling Spring to Stuart and Christian's Road, with these: James and John Campbell, Archibald Stuart, Chas. Dallis, James Hamilton, Richard Pilsher, David Henderson, George Vance, Robt. McCutchin, Saml. McCune, Robert Moody, John Frazier, John Thomson, Wm. Johnson, Alexr. Henderson, Saml. Henderson and Samuel Farguson.
1:42 AUGUST 29, 1750. ... (426) John, James and Mary, orphans of John Campbell, to be bound out.
1:53 AUGUST 19, 1752....(313) James Campbell, qualified Captain of Foot; John Maxwell, qualified Captain of Troop of Horse; Robert Renix, qualified Cap. of Troop of Horse; John Poage, qualified Cap. of Troop of Horse; James Edmondson, qualified Cap. of Troop of Horse; John Hogshead, qualified Cap. of Troop of Horse; Mathew Edmondson, qualified Cornet; Adam Harmon, qualified Cap. of a Troop of Horse; George Anderson, qualified Cap. of Troop of Horse; Augustine Price, qualified Lieut. of a Troop of Horse; Jacob Harmon, qualified Cornet.
1:57 MARCH 21, 1753....(415) Joseph Long and James Young, overseers, with Robert Young, Joseph Long, Samuel Gibson, Solomon Whitley, John Collier, William Hall, Gilbert Crawford, George Gibson, John Ruckman, Thomas Burton, Wm. Wadington, Wm. Brown, James Moore, John Hanna, James Huston, Wm. Todd, James Bats, James Todd, James Young, Patrick Young, John Carr and James Campbell--keep the road from Joseph Long's Mill to James Young's Mill, thence to the Great Road on James Thompson's Plantation.
1:61 NOVEMBER 24, 1753....(76) Road ordered--Wm. Bryan overseer--from Wm. Carravan's plantation to Wm. Bryans on Roan Oak. These workers: James Campbell, Joseph Love, Wm. Bryan, Jr., John Bryan, James Bane, Henry Brown, Jr., James Neilly, Henry Brown, Sr., Alexr. Ingram, Edward Patterson, Jacob Patton, John Wood, Erwin Patterson, Andrew Cox, Jasper Terry, Wm. Terry, John Woods, Edward Moore, Peter Craven, Aron Hart, Miles Hart, Wm. Graham, Neal McNeal, Malcom Campbell, Wm. Armstrong, Tasker Tosh, Thomas Tosh, Daniel Evans, Uriah Acres, Thos. Acres, John McAdoe, Wm. Akers.
1:66 NOVEMBER 22, 1754. (330) Maxwell McCormick, servant of James Campbell.
1:69 AUGUST 17, 1753...(5) Alexr. McNutt chose John Brownlee his guardian. Esther Robinson qualifies Admx. of decd. husband, James Robinson. Appraisers are John Robinson, Ephraim Voss, Isaac Taylor, James Campbell.
1:116 NOVEMBER 21, 1764.... (163) Indenture by Church Wardens binding John Cole to James Campbell is assigned to Saml. McMurty.
1:124 OCTOBER 16, 1765....(9) John McKnight, orphan, to be bound to James Campbell.
1:125 OCTOBER 17, 1765. (16) William McCamey and one other and 190 acres added to tithables. Thomas Kilpatrick and one other and 300 acres added to tithables. John Maxwell and one other and 200 acres added to tithables. James Campbell added to tithables. Wm. McElhenny and 400 acres added to tithables. Henry Bowen and 323 acres added to tithilbles. Audley Paul and one other and 350 acres added to tithables. Benj. Watson and 170 acres added to tithables.
1:129 AUGUST 25, 1766.....(275) James Campbell (Calf Pasture).
1:144 MARCH 15, 1768....(491) Hemp certificates: Jonathan Cunningham, James McCown, James Campbell, John Thompson, John Willey, Alexr. Deal, James Thompson, Thos. Kilpatrick, John Nickle.
1:146 MARCH 18, 1768....(520) Hemp certificates: Thomas Crow, Wm. Preston, Francis Smith, John Paxton, James Campbell, James Alexander.
1:182 NOVEMBER 15, 1774....(17) James Campbell, vice John Hall--road overseer.
1:216 AUGUST 18, 1780. (280) Joseph Blair appointed road surveyor from James Campbell's field to James Trotter's. John Campbell, vice John Bigham, appointed road surveyor.
1:237 Not Found
1:315 1756Simpson vs. Campbell.--March 12, 1756. To the Worshipful bench of Augusta, we humbly request that you will take particular notice of Margaret Campbell (Cambal), for it is plainly known to all the inhabitants of the lower end of the Cowpasture that she is a common liar and troublesome to all them that she is in neighborhood with, and furthermore it is known that she will swear anything that comes into her mind, which the subscribers by report will make appear.--Hugh Morton, James Montgomery, Wm. Mortain, Wm. Memory, Edward Edwards, Agnes Memory, Wm. Gillespy, Mary Gillespy, Patrick Carrigan, James Beard, James Scot, Samuel McMorry, Margaret Cohiren, James Arbuckle, Thomas Simson, Robt. Gillespy, Margaret Arbuckle, Anne Montgomery, Thomas Fitzpatrick. This was an attachment vs. James Campbell by James Simpson, 17th March, 1756 (five days after above petition.)
1:342 1761 Summers vs. Campbell.--John Summers and Isabella, his wife, late Isabella Young, complain of James Campbell and Richard Woods. Bond dated 23d June, 1761.
1:374 NOVEMBER, 1779. Edward Parks and Catherine, his wife, late Catherine North, administratrix

of Roger North, deceased, vs. James Campbell.--Writ, 22d Nov., 1779.

1:376 1778 Hugh Campbell, eldest son and heir of Robert Campbell, deceased, who

was oldest brother and heir of James Campbell, deceased, vs. John Campbell.--Chancery. Writ, 19th November, 1778.

1:399 1793 James Campbell and wife, Bridget, vs. Thomas Green and Nancy, his

wife.--16th January, 1793.

1:406 1796 MAY, 1796.... James Campbell and wife, Bridget, vs. James Essex and wife, Christian.--
1:407 1796 Thompson vs. Gibson, etc.--Dehomine Replegiando writ, 4th May, 1796. Writ to sheriff: you cause to be replevied Archibald Thompson whom Alexander Gibson, Larkin J. Gibson and Reizen Barnett have taken and keep taken unless he was taken for murder, etc., that we may have no more clamor thereupon for want of justice and make return, etc. Agreeable to the within writ to me directed, I have gone to the defendants and demanded

the said Thompson. The defendants say that he is legally and lawfully enlisted into the service of the United States of America and that they should not be justifiable in delivering him upon any application contrary to the rules and articles of war, but that they will appear when called on and subject themselves to the decision and directions of the proper authority. (Signed) James Campbell, D. S.

1:423 1812 JUNE, 1812. John Campbell, of Kentucky, formerly of Augusta County, vs. John Mills.--Plaintiff and defendant were executors of Martha Burnsides. Bill sworn to in Mason County, Kentucky. James Campbell was nephew of John.
1:425 Campbell vs. Humphreys.--Affidavit, 19th January, 1811, of James Campbell in Green County, Kentucky.
1:436 Petition, 1752, of inhabitants from Forks of Roanoke to James Neiley's Majority have to travel 25 to 30 miles to work on ye road from Reed Creek to Warwick. Petition to have road laid off into precincts. William Bryan, John Bryan, James Bryan, William Walcker, James Campbell, Alexander Ingram, Robert Bryan, Henry Brown, James Bane, William Bryan, Jr., Joseph Love.
1:441 1753 [1753-1754] Petition for road from Joseph Long's mill to James Young's mill and byWilliam Hall's, on the North River, and into the Great Road on James

Thompson's plantation. It is our course to meeting, mill and market. John Carr, James Campbell, Robert Young, Joseph Long, Samuel Gibson, Solomon Whitly, John Collyer, William Hall, Gilbert Crawford, George Gibson, John Ruckman, James Barton, William Waddington, William Brown, James Moore, John Hanna, James Hutton, William Todd, James Bates, James Footd, James Young, Patrick Young.

1:442 1753 1753-1754, Pt. 1.
 To the Worshipful Court of Augusta now sitting: We, the inhabitants of

this County, have long felt the smart of the great indulgence the ordinary keepers of this County have met with in allowing them to sell such large quantities of rum and wine at an extravagant rate, by which our money is drained out of the County, for which we have no return but a fresh supply to pick our pockets. We, your petitioners, humbly pray your worship to put a stop to the said liquors, which would encourage us to pursue our laborious designs, which is to raise sufficient quantities of grain which would suffciently supply us with liquors and the money circulate in this County to the advantage of us, the same. We hope that your worships will discover to us that you have a real regard for the good of the County, and lay us under an obligation to pray for your prosperity. Robert Stevenson, James Hamilton, Alexander Walker, James Robertson, James Stevenson, John Christian, Alexander Blair, Thomas Shiels, Robert Christian, Thomas Stewart, James Allen, Joseph Hanna, Francis Beaty, Mathew Lyle, Archibald Reah, John Walker (?), Samuel Downey, Daniel McAnair (McEvear), Robert Spears (Syers), Daniel Danison, Robert Moffet, Alexander Henderson, Andrew Hamilton, John Finley, Thomas Beard, Archibald Armstrong, William Mackan, James Campbell, John Vance, John Archer, James Reburn, Alexander Gibson, William Lewis, George Scott, Joseph Bell, James Coyl, William Logen, Samuel McCune, John Caruth, Patrick Hays, Robert Sayers, Andrew McCombe, James Montgomery, James Scott, George Crawford, John Allen, Edward Spear, James Brown, John King, John Anderson, William Logan, Patrick Campbell, Jacob Lockhart, Sam Wallace, James Knox, John Carlile, Charles Campbell, Mathew Harper, John Jackson, James Miller, John Hutcheson, William Palmer, Samuel Love, James Miller, John Henderson, Zachariah Bell (Belche), Andrew Ewin, John Thompson, Loftus Pullin, James Gay, Alexander Craig, Thomas Teat, William Wallace, John Wilson, Alexander Ritchey, James McGee. John Thompson, Samuel Calhoon, John Trimble, Alexander Thompson, William Snodon, Newman McGonigle, John Trimble, Archibald Allison, John Brown, William Thomson.

1:528 1760 athias M. Youcam, of Bedford County, to William Thompson--power of attorney to convey 267 acres whereon Mathias formerly dwelt, joining land lately possessed by James Campbell, on Roanoke River, to Alex. Boyd, Paymaster to the Virginia Regiment. Dated, 16th November, 1760.

Vol 2

2:25 1801 SEPTEMBER, 1801 (A to R). Boggas vs. Sprowl--Deposition taken in Blount County, Tennessee, 1800, of John Ewing. In 1790 he went with William Sprowl down into the Tennessee country and helped him build a cabin; planted a crop. Also of Mathew Wallace. Also George Townsley, taken before J. Houston, James Gillespy, James Campbell, James McNutt.
2:35 SEPTEMBER, 1795 (L to W). Vanscone vs. Gladden--Deposition in Wythe County, 24th April, 1793, of Lucretia Vanscoyoe (Vanscoit) before James Campbell, says: In 1792 robbers came to the house of James Dougherty, in Rockbridge, whose housekeeper she was, and mistreated her.
2:41 1780 SEPTEMBER, 1804 (A to C). Buchanan vs. Campbell--Bond, 6th June, 1780, by Isaac Campbell and

Saml. Wallace to David Hay, guardian to James Campbell, Jr., son to Pattrick Campbell, deceased. Test, James Cunningham, Jno. McCown, Jr. Declaration is as follows: David Buchanan, assignee of James Campbell, who was assignee of David Hay, complains of Isaac Campbell, surviving obligor of Isaac Campbell and Saml. Wallace, Patsey Wallace, Charles Grigsby and Elizabeth (his wife), late Elizabeth Wallace, James Wallace, Grigsby and Rebecca (his wife), late Rebecca Wallace, relict of Saml. Wallace, heirs and representatives of said Saml., deceased. February, 1804.

2:68-69 Person:James Campbell (173) John Levecy and ____, his wife, only daughter and issue of James Campbell, vs. John Morris--O. S. 24; N. S. 8--Bill filed 7th October,

1800). In February, 1773, James Campbell, father of oratrix, went into the County now of Kenhawa County and made an improvement on the Kenhawa, sowing a large quantity of apple seed. The same year John Morris cleared a tract opposite James on a creek called Napper's Creek, which he sold to a person of the same name. The Indian War of 1774 prevented James from making any further improvements, and in 1775 John claimed James' improvement. James died intestate previous to 1779 and John got a patent from the Commissioners and has sold a part to William Droddy, who has sold to John Reynoids. Peter Shoemaker deposes, 18th January, 1804, in Adams County, Ohio. In February, 1773, he started from Muddy Creek in Greenbrier County for the Kenawha in company with James Campbell, James Pauley, and Walter Kelly, and went as far as Gauley River, where Walter Kelly turned back. The others went on to what is now the mouth of Campbell's Creek, where Campbell made a tomahawk improvement. John and William Morris were brothers. The Indians shot deponent at Powell's Valley. Deposition of John Jones, a settler, as to Walter Kelley, Knapper (Napper), Thomas Alsberry, William Feamster. Thomas Alsberry says he forted (fought?) with John Morris all during the Indian War. They were greatly harassed by the Indians. About Conrad Yoacum. George Lee (See?) deposes in Kenawha, that he came to the country in 1774. John Morris was then with him as a soldier under Mathew Arbuckle. Curtis Alderson testifies in Botetourt, 20th May, 1802. In 1713 John Alderson, Joseph Carroll, William Morris, John Herd and deponent set out from Shenandoah County for New River below the falls, in search of vacant land, and went down as far as James Burnsides's on Greenbrier, when they were joined by Archd. Taylor, Philip Cooper and Walter Kelly, and all together arrived at New River 6th April, and made improvements and set out to return home, and at Gauley they met James Campbell, Peter Shoemaker and James Polly; William Morris and deponent went back with them. James Campbell died in fall of 1777.

2:72 William Baxter vs. James Campbell, Sr., and John Swearingen--Bill

filed in Ohio County, 6th March, 1797--O. S. 32; N. S. 11. In 1773 William West and John Sappington came into Ohio County (now Brooke) and made settlement on Harman's Run and resided there until 1774, when they were driven away by the Indians. They returned in 1775 and found James Campbell's tenant in possession. Long before Orator's settlement, Nathaniel Tomlinstone had made a settlement on Harman's Run, which claim Campbell bought. Tomlinson made settlement in 1772 and Campbell bought in 1773. Philip Beale deposes, 27th April, 1798, at house of Col. Richard Brown in Holyday's Cove, in Brooke County, was acquainted with the land in 1772-1773. In 1773 William West and Joshua McQueen were living on the land in a cabin. James Campbell's son, John, purchased of Tomlinson. In 1773 deponent assisted James Campbell in raising a cabin. George Brown and a party of men came before it was completed and compelled them to desist. Richard Wells deposes at same time and place to same effect. John Alexander deposes at same time and place to same effect. Richard Elson deposes at same time and place to same effect. Following deposition taken at home of John Sappingon in Madison County, 27th April, 1798. Cap. John Sappington, a Justice of Peace and lately a representative for Madison County. George Brown, a minister of the Methodist Society. Joshua McQueen deposes at same time and place to same effect. William West deposes at same time and place to same effect. James Campbell, Jr., son of James, Senr., represented James, Sr. John Toland deposes in Ohio County that in 1773 John Campbell bought the land from Tomlinson, and deponent was surety for purchase price. Margaret Langford, daughter of James Campbell, deposes in Ohio County. Richard Boyce deposes in Washington County, Penna., 15th January, 1799, that in 1775 James Kerns employed him to plow on the land. James Kerns deposes in Washington County, Penna., 1799, that in 1775 he was tenant for James Campbell. William Griffith deposes in 1799 that James Campbell, Senr., is about 80. James Campbell, Jr., deposes in Brooke County, 31st May, 1798, that in 1773, spring, he and his brother John came to Ohio County. John bought the land from Tomlinson and improved it, and was drowned. In the fall Joshua McQueen came. Campbell had the land surveyed by Benjamin Johnstone after the death of Col. Wm. Crawford. John Greathouse

deposes 25th January, 1799.
Possibly Person:James Campbell (173) of the Kanawha, as thisi s about the same place and time, but that James is said to have had only a single child, an unamed daughter.

2:87-88 1802 John McCleland, of Rockbridge County, vs. James Campbell--O. S. 42; N. S. 14--Bill filed 1804. John Hays, agent for his brother Charles, who

lives in Kentucky. James Campbell also lives in Kentucky. Deed dated 12th February, 1802, by Charles Hays, of Fayette County, Ky., to James Campbell, proved in Rockbridge June-October, 1802. Deed dated 3d May, 1803, by James Campbell and Sarah, of Rockbridge County, to John McCleland, proved in Rockbridge 7th June, 1803. Power of attorney by Charles Hays, of Adair County, Ky., 25th September, 1804.

2:92 1800 [Undated, probably around 1800] Robert Campbell and wife Elizabeth vs. Hugh Donaghe--O. S. 54; N. S. 18. Robert and Elizabeth married in 1770, Elizabeth being daughter of Hugh Donaghe. Robert owned 400 acres in Augusta, on which they lived 14 years after marriage, but then moved to Tennessee, where they lived 13 years, when they were induced to return to Augusta upon the promise of defendant to give them £500. They returned to Augusta in 1796. Hugh answers that the marriage was against his consent. Hugh Campbell, aged 33 years, son of Robert, deposes. Hugh had a brother James. Margaret, wife of John Donaghe, deposes. James Campbell, aged 30, son of Robert, deposes. John Campbell, aged 24 or 25, son of Robert.
2:139-140 Irvin vs. Campbell--O. S. 170; N. S. 60--Spa. in Washington

County, 8th May, 1804. Orator, John Irvin. Defendants are, viz: James Campbell and James Keys, executors of Jacob Campbell, deceased, Jane Campbell, his widow, and George, Jacob, James (Jr.), Robert Campbell, sons of James Campbell. Bill states orator married a daughter of Jacob Campbell and had by her several children. In 1792 Jacob gave orator a bond to give slaves to orator's children. Jacob died testate. Will dated 28th December, 3794, and devised one slave to George Campbell, son of James Campbell, after decease of Jacob's wife, Jane, who was grandmother to George; and to Jacob Campbell, son of said James, another slave; and to James Campbell, son of said James, another slave; and to Robert Campbell, son of said James, another slave. Jacob's daughter married orator between 1773 and 1777, and died in 1793 (January). James Campbell had moved Irvin from Augusta. Jacob had another son-in-law named Kennedy. James Campbell answers, says he is Jacob's son-in-law. Witnesses, Robert Ferril, Sr., and Mary, his wife; Robert Ferril, Jr., and James McKean of Kentucky, Robert Campbell of Tennessee, William Irvin of Tennessee. The bond was given the week before John Irvin moved to Kentucky. James McKee deposes in Washington County, John Irvin's son-in-law. Jane Campbell, aged 90, deposes in Washington County, 3d May, 1805, widow of Jacob Campbell. Jacob was very much dissatisfied with Irvin as a son-in-law, but some time after Jacob moved to this country, he returned to Augusta where Irvin lived, and brought them out with him. Irvin lived with Jacob about six months, when he went to Tennessee, where he lived some years, and his wife died. Jacob and Jane moved from Augusta in 1779, to Washington, and they have always lived on the same land. James Campbell, executor of Jacob, was Jacob's son-in-law . Jane and Jacob when they moved from Augusta were about 65 years old. Robert Ferril, Jr., deposes 1st January, 1806, at house of Robert Ferril, Sr., in Cumberland County, Kentucky.

2:145 Donaghe vs. Donaghe--O. S. 176; N. S. 62--Orator is Hugh M. Donaghe, who is son and heir of John Donaghe, late of Augusta, who died intestate, leaving widow, Margaret, and children, viz: Elizabeth, wife of John Nichol; Margaret, wife of James Campbell; Sally, Polly, Jane, John and Thomas Donaghe, infants, and orator. Orator owned land in Kentucky given him by his grandfather.
2:186 Walker vs. Reyburn's executors--O. S. 241; N. S. 65--John Walker

of Augusta County, in 1798, bought land from Robert Reyburn of Kentucky, son of John Reyburn of Augusta. Robert Campbell set up claim and is dead, leaving heirs, viz: Hugh Campbell, James, John, Robert, William, Wilson, Stephen, Sally Campbell, Jane, wife of William Stephenson; Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Rochester. Robert Reyburn is also dead, leaving, viz: John, William, Robert, James, Polly, Betsy, Susan, Rebecca and Sally Reyburn.

2:247 1792 James Campbell vs. David Telford's heirs--O. S. 350; N. S. 127--Bill,

3d March, 1819. Many years ago orator bought from David Telford a tract in Rockbridge, 254 acres and deed made 11th April, 1789. Telford moved from the Commonwealth and is since dead. Orator sold to Benj. Edsell. Telford died, intestate, without issue and unmarried. His heirs are his brother and sisters, who live out of Commonwealth. Defendants are, viz: Benj. Edsell, Andrew, John, Samuel and Polly Telford. Spa. dated 11th March, 1823, to summon Ambrose Campbell and wife Dorcas, Samuel Edsell and Rachel, widow of Benj. Edsill; Henry Birk and wife Helen, James Edsell, Barton, Richard, Saml. and Rachel Edsill. In 1792 James Campbell was of Amherst.

2:261 1814 Campbell vs. Campbell heirs--O. S. 399; N. S. 145--Bill, 1814. Alexander died, intestate, leaving widow Jane Campbell and children, viz:

Robert, James, Mary, wife of William Blair Donnell, and infants, viz: John, Samuel, William, Alexander, Jane, Addison Campbell. Joseph Campbell was son of Dugald Campbell.

2:281 1786--January 7, Geo. Hutchenson, of County Greenbrier, and Mary Campbell, daughter of James Campbell; surety, W. Urquhart; witness, Samuel Strong.

2:287 1790--May 5, Jonathan Dunbar and Sally Campbell, daughter of James

Campbell (consent); witnesses, William Burgess, James Essex; surety, William Dunbar.

2:294 1792--December 21, James Campbell and Bridget Devine, widow; consent signed by Thos. Greene and Bridget Devin, widow; surety, John Price.
2:316 1795--October 14, James Campbell and Ro. Gamble, surety. James

Campbell and Victoire Laporte (of age). Own consent dated Calf Pasture.

2:337 1800--January 7, James Campbell and John Campbell, surety. James Campbell and Sally Evans, daughter of Griffin Evans.
2:353 1792, November 22d--By Rev. Wm. Wilson: John Nolin and Mary Bing;November 27th, John Poage and Rachel Crawford; December 24th, James Campbell and Bridget Divine.
2:355 1795, April 22d--By Rev. Jno. Montgomery: Francis Bell and Sally

Bell; August 1st, John Williams and Nancy Barker; October 19th, James Campbell and Victorice Laporte; November 3d, Robert Jameson and Margaret McCutchen.

2:358 1800, January 7th--By Rev. Wm. Wilson: James Campbell and Sally Evans;
2:362 1793--January 25th, Jas. Campbell and Sarah Trotter; May 9th, David

Williams and Elizabeth McNutt; May 23d, Robt. Moor and Sarah Pollock.

2:395 Not found
2:400 1758 1758...page 82, James Campbell, Pastures;
2:403 1767 1767....page 23, James Campbell, Argyle;...page 93, James Campbell, Big James;
2:404 1768... page 26, James

Campbell, Arguile

2:405 1768 [1768] page 137, James Campbell, Pastures;
2:406 1769...page 153, James Campbell, Big James;
2:426 1792 Insolvents and Delinquents, 1792: ...James Campbell, to Penna.;
2:429 Insolvents and Delinquents, 1804; First District: James Campbell, Jr., removed to Tennessee;
2:432 1747 Page 4.--3rd September, 1747: Processioners appointed, viz: Capt. James Campbell and Erwin Patterson, on waters of Roanoke;

2:437 1750 Page 73.--28th November, 1750: Orphan James Campbell bound to Samuel Been.
2:442 1755 Page 157.--27th November, 1755: Vestry met. Processioners designated as follows, viz (to report before 1st March next): William Robinson and

John Wilson, in Cap. Vanse's Company on (page 158) Roan Oke; David Miller, Wm. Carravan, James Cloyd, Bryan McDonald, Jr., in Cap. Geo. Robinson's Company; Robert Montgomery and Thos. McFerrin in Cap. John McFerrin's Company; William Bryans and Thomas Tosh in Cap. James Campbell's Company; Henry Holston and Placherd Scilar, on Craig's Creek.

2:445 1757 Page 188.--18th March, 1757: John Cowl, poor boy, son of _____ Cowl, who was formerly a servant to said James Campbell, bound to said James Cambell.
2:450 Page 383.--1765: John Paxton and Abraham _____ report as follows, viz: For Joseph Walker, for Jno. Sommers, for Robt. Moore, for Saml. McClure,

for Saml. Moore, for Jno. Taylor, for Christian Milliron, for Edmond Crump, for James Welch, for Wm. Paxton, for James Davis, for James Allison, for Richard Woods, for Joseph Lapsley, for James Campbell, for John Paxton, for William Hall, for George Campbell, for James Trimble, for Wm. Foster, for William Holeman, for James Bailey, for Andw. Brown, for James Edmiston, for James McLang, for John McKnight, for John McCallom, for Patrick McCallom, for Peter Wallace, for John Moore, for Abraham Brown.

2:451 Page 385.--1765: Processioned by Collier and McCampbell, viz: For

William McCamey, for Jno. Beatty (Samuel Norrad present), for Solomon Whitley, for Wm. Gilmore, for Robt. Erwin, for Jno. McKee, for Andw. McCampbell, for Henry Kirkham, for Edward Fairies, for James Campbell, for Alex. Deal, for John Gilmore, for Moses Cunningham for Robt. Hamilton, for James McCalster, for Hugh Cunningham, for George McConne; for Wm. Moore, Michael Kirkham present; for James Young, for Robert McKelhenny, for Margery Crawford, for Saml. Todd, for Rob. Young, for James Hutton, for James Todd, for George Gibson for Alex. Collier, for Jno. Hanna, for Robt. Talford, for Robt. McHenry, for David Talford, for William Hall, for John McMurtrey, for James Davies, for Robt. McKee, for Jno. Somers, for Jno. Huston, for Jno. Wylie, for Jno. McConne, for Archd. Buchanan, for Wm. Porter, for Jno. Wieley.

2:462 Page 271.--Jacob Nicholas and John Burk, in Capt. Kirkley's Company. James Campbell and Andrew Lockridge, in Capt. Robert Bratton's Company.

John McCown and Robert Erwin, between the North Mountain and Great Road that crosses the North Branch at Widow Allison's and from River to River.

2:463 Page 279.--1760: Processioned by James Trimble, John Maxwell, viz:

For Joseph Lapsley (bad state health), for John Moore, for Robert Alexander, for John Wiley, for James Campbell, for Patt Young, for Robert Moore, for Joseph Walker, for John Smiley, for Abraham Brown, for Peter Wallace, for Francis McCoun, for David Tilford, for Robert McKlehaney, for William Hall, for George Campbell, for John Paxton, for Wm. Paxton, for Alex. McKorkle, for James Campbell.

2:508 Not Found
2:510 Not Found

vol 3

3:10 Page 106.--15th February, 1748. Daniel Stover qualifies guardian of John, Mary and James Campbell, orphans of John Campbell, with sureties Abraham Strickler, George Leath.
3:19 Page 294.--29th August, 1750. Gilbert Campbell's will, of Forks of James River, plantationer--Wife, Prudence Campbell, alias Osran; son,

George (infant); son, Charles (infant); daughter, Elizabeth Woods, alias Campbell; son, James; daughter, Prudence Hays; daughter, Sarah Campbell; daughter, Lattice Campbell. Executors, James Trimble, Thomas Stuart and Andrew Hays. Teste: James Thompson, Robert Allison, Alex. McMuIlen. Proved, 26th February, 1750, by Thompson and Allison, and probate granted to Andrew Hays.

3:28 Page 484.--23d March, 1753. James Connerley's appraisement by Joseph

Kennedy, John Maxwell, James Campbell. Vendue by George Breckinridge, administrator.

3:30 Page 521.--18th August, 1752. James Campbell's bond as administrator

of Patrick Lynch, with sureties John Smith, Wm. Anderson.

3:33 Page 21.--1753. James Carlile's appraisement, by Robert Gay, James

Campbell, Jacob Clements.

3:33 1753 Page 32.--5th November, 1753. James Campbell's will--Aged about 71

years: To son Daniel, 200 acres, part of tract testator lives on; to Margaret, a horse running at John McClure's; to grandchild, Elizabeth White, a child, to be cared for by Margret; to grandson, James Steel, a horse until testator's son, Daniel, comes of age; to son, John; to son-in-law, Isaac White; to son-in-law, Saml. Steel and Isaac White, executors. Teste: Robt. Cunningham, Benj. Stewart. Proved, 22d March, 1754, by the witnesses. Executors qualify, with surety Jno. Ramsey.

3:33 1754Page 36.--March, 1754. James Robertson's inventory by Jas. Campbell, Ephraim Voss, John Robeson.
3:52 Page 296.--1st February, 1759. James McCutchen's will, freeholder

To wife Grisal and youngest son James, the tract testator lives on; to oldest son John and second son Patrick, 343 acres in Calf Pasture; to son William, if he lives to age, land; to elder daughter Sarah, second daughter Elizabeth. Executors, wife Grisal, Patrick Campbell, Samuel McCutchen. Teste: Robt. Campbell, W. Christian, Chas. Campbell, James Campbell. Proved, 16th May, 1759, by Wm. Christian and Ro. Campbell. Executors qualified.

3:55 Page 337.--1st September, 1759. Jacob Clements' will--Wife; youngest

children, Ruth, Isabella Clements; three daughters, Ann Burnet, Mary McKnight, Rachel Barnet; daughter, Sarah Clements; five daughters, Margaret, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Ruth, Isabel Clements. Executors, Thos. Gillham, James Campbell. Teste: Andrew Hamilton, Robert Lockridge, Thomas Lloyd. Proved, 21st November, 1759, by Lockridge and Hamilton. Executors qualify, with Andrew Hamilton and Robert Lockridge.

3:56 Page 351.--18th March, 1760. Robert Ramsey's appraisement, by Andw.

Hamilton, Jas. Carlile, Jas. Campbell.

3:59 Page 413.--8th July, 1760. Robert Ramsey's additional appraisement

and sale bill, by Andw. Hamilton, James Calile. James Campbell--To Robt. Hall, James Given, James Hall, James Shaw, Daniel Harrah (O'Hara); to liquor at the vendue; balance due the orphans.

3:62 Page 16.--4th April, 1761. Patrick Young's will--Wife, Esibala

(Isabella) and Joseph Walker, executors; son, James; 3 daughters, Sarah, Jannet and Allas. Teste: Wm. Hall, Jas. Campbell, Saml. McMurty. Proved, 19th May, 1761, by the witnesses. Executors qualify, with John Bowyer, Jno. Collier, James McKee. Isabella's mark ( ).

3:110 1769 [17th August, 1769] Page 237.--By cash from, viz (apparently in payment of piece of land belonging to Col. Patton's estate): ... James Campbell.
3:215 1798 [1798] Page 340.--William Creever's estate appraised 18th July, 1797, by

Augustin Argenbrite, Wm. Handly, James Campbell, and vendue bill, sold to, viz: Jno. Harlowe, Philip Creever, widow Creever, widow Greever, widow Greeber.

3:258 1746 Page 182.--18th February, 1746. James Davice to James Campbell,

£64 current money Virginia; 670 acres in B. M. deed to Davice by Beverley, 21st February, 1738. James ( ) Davis. Witnesses, Samuel Gay, Wm. Henderson. Acknowledged, 19th February, 1746.

3:286 Page 760.--23d May, 1750. John Harrison, Jr., to Richard Hall, on

Meadow Creek of Woods River, patent to John, 5th September, 1746. Teste: James Campbell, John McFarron. Delivered: Wm. Hall, July, 1763, 400 acres.

3:291 Page 77.--24th November, 1750. James Trimble and Sarah to Alexander

Beggs 250 acres Buffalo Creek of James; corner Silas Hart. Teste: James Campbell, John Alison, Michael ( ?) Johnson.

3:299 1751 Page 53.--26th November, 1751. Beverley by Lewis and Madison to

Archibald Stuart, 500 acres in Beverley Manor; corner James Campbel; Widow Edmiston's line.

3:312 Page 201.--22d December, 1752. Joseph Lane to wife, Margaret, care

and feeding of infant by Dr. Holt, 1752. Power Attorney General. Teste: James Bratton, James Campbell, Wm. Preston.

3:314 Page 309.--17th May, 1753.[James Patton] to James Campbell, 100 acres by patent as above, on Crooked Creek of Roanoak.
3:317 Page 445.--10th August, 1753. Margaret Love (alias Bryan) to James

Mitchell, mortgage or personalty to indemnify Mitchell against a judgment vs. him in County Court, Augusta, as surety (special bail) for Joseph Lane, absuit of James Dean, merchant. Teste: James Campbell and Wm. Bryan, Wm. Beard.

3:324 Page 202.--27th March, 1754. James Campbell to William Lusk, 267 acres on Roanoke at Arthur Bottom. Mortgage.
3:339 Page 202.--27th March, 1754. James Campbell to William Lusk, 267

acres on Roanoke at Arthur Bottom. Mortgage.

3:340 Page 257.--9th August, 1755. James Campbell to Matthias Yoakham (Yocam), £40, 861 acres on north side Roan Oak above Arthur's Bottom.
3:342 Page 310.--17th May, 1756. Borden's executors to James Campbell,£5.10, 434 acres, part of 92100 on North Branch James joining to James

Young's land, mouth of Whistle Creek. Cor. James Young; cor. James Campbell's land. Teste: Joseph Lapesley (Lapsley ?), Wm. Hall.

3:3421756Page 313.--18th May, 1756. James Campbell and Elizabeth ( ) to James Crawford, £18. 181 acres, part of tract where James Campbell now liveth in Fork of James. Cor. Ro. McElheney, John Wiley's line; cor. James Campbell.

3:356 Page 167.--13th April, 1759. William ( ) Hall and Margaret ( ) of

County, North Carolina, to James Davis, £40, 212 acres on a branch of Buffelo Creek joining Jno. Collier's land; 3 white oaks by the Ship Rock; corner Arthur Brown. Teste: Wm. Davis, Henry H. Kerkham, James Campbell. Delivered: Jno. Low by your order, September, 1761, (Above conveyed to Wm. Hill by John Collier and Sise!y, his wife, 22d May, 1750.)

3:363 1762 Page 446.--19th August, 1760. James Campbell and Lettice ( ) to

Alex. Boyd, Lieutenant and paymaster to the Virginia Regiment, £430, 400 acres on waters of Roanoke, patented to James, 12th February, 1758, on Goose Creek. Delivered: Alex. Love, October, 1762.

3:365 Page 50.--19th November, 1760. Samuel McClure and Mary ( ) to

James Campbell, £160, 232 acres in Forks of James on Woods Creek; cor. Jno. Paxton. Delivered: Benj. Estill, November, 1763.

3:386 Page 416.--13th May, 1762. Borden's executors to Samuel Todd, £12, 200 acres, part of 92100; cor. Wm. Hall; cor. to the Meeting House; cor.

James Camphell's new survey, Samuel McMurtry's line. Teste: Benj. Hawkins. Alex. Collyer, Samuel McMurtry. Delivered: Richard Williamson, 26th May, 1774.

3:392 Page 90.--16th November, 1762. John Carlile and Mary ( ) to Thomas

Hugart. £50, 250 acres in the Calfpasture, part of 600 acres formerly surveyed for James Carolile and by him conveyed to said John; James Carolile's land; Rev. Mr. John Kinkead's land; James Campbell's land; land of Jacob Clemons, deceased. Delivered to Wm. Hugheart, 21st December, 1790.

3:425 1765 Page 36.--23d May, 1765. [[Robert Beverley] to Sarah Thompson, £10.16, 360 acres in Beverley Manor, James Campbell's line; corner Robert Caldwell.Direct evidence for James Campbell on Beverley Manor. HOwever, a person:Robert Caldwell (24), presumably the same person mentioned here as a neighbor, owned land on Muddy Creek, several miles north of Beverley manor in Rockingham County.
3:461 Page 75.--17th August, 1767. Same to James Lecky, £30, 200 acres, part of 92,100 acres, side of North River on or near Mathew Robinson's line; corner James Campbell; widow McClure's line. Delivered: James Lackey, August, 1770.On Borden's Grant. In this case, North River is referring to the North Fork of the James, aka Maury River. James of Whistle Creek
3:469 Page 406.--17th May, 1768. Borden's executors to James Campbell, husbandman, £30, 175 acres in 92,100 acres on North Branch of James; said Campbell's old corner; Wood's Creek, Abraham Brown's line. Delivered: James Campbell, January, 1772. James of Whistle Creek
3:473 Page 9.--2d December, 1767. William ( ) Hall to John Hall, £10,

415 acres on Cedar Creek in Forks of James; corner William Hall, Jr., William Poage's line; corner David Cloyd; corner William Hall. Teste: Richard Woods, James Campbell, William McKee.

3:475 Page 102.--2d August, 1768. James Campbell and Elizabeth ( ) to Charles Kirkpatrick, £92, 253 acres on Whistle Creek in Forks of James, mouth of said Creek; corner Patrick Young, Hall's Mill; corner James Crawford. Teste: John Bowyer, R. Alexander, Jr., Pat. ( ) Doney, John Paxton. Delivered: John Kirkpatrick, 4th January, 1772. James of Whistle Creek
3:476 Page 142.--18th August, 1768. John Wilson, by Sampson Mathews, to

William Morrice, Mathews has obtained a pardon for Morrice and paid £5, to attorney-general therefor, also his expenses in bringing him from Williamsburg (£1). now William Morrice, late servant of John Wilson, agrees to serve John one year additional time. Teste: Richard Mathews, Jas. Campbell.

3:481 1769 Page 286.--9th March, 1769. James Campbell and Lettis (Leths) ( ) to Moses Bennet, £28, 64 acres on North Branch James River, part of 175 acres belonging to James Campbell. Delivered: Robert Lusk, 26th July 1774.
3:491 Page 64.--17th October, 1769. [Thomas Paxton and Rebekah] to James Campbell, £80, 396 acres,

part of Borden's 92,100; corner Alexander Telford. Delivered: James Campbell, November Court, 1773. Teste: Alexander McCroskry.

3:492 Page 117.--3d October, 1769. John Kinkead of parish _____, County

_____, Province of Philadelphia, to Samuel Griffin of Henrico County, Va., £250, 530-1/2 acres bounded by lines of John Kinkade, Thomas Hagert, James Campbell, Andrew Hamilton, being 1/2 of tract purchased by John from Patton and Lewis (deed recorded in Orange County). Teste: Richard Adams, Samp. Mathews, Wm. Armstrong, Wm. Kinkead, Jas. Vaughan, J. Meredith. (Certificate says was proved by witness William Kimsey.) Delivered: Thos. Adams.

3:502 Page 465.--21st August, 1770. Charles Campbell to James Campbell,

£30, 220 acres; corner John Anderson; corner John Erwin. Teste: John Lowry, Hugh Campbell (Gamble).

3:505 Page 24.--20th March, 1770. Hugh Campbell to James Campbell, £5,

5 acres on Andersons Branch of North River of Shanandore, part of a larger tract, Robert Fowler's line. Teste: John and William Campbell, John McPheetters.

3:537 1773 [1773] Page 202.--Henry Reaburn and Margaret ( ) and Charles Harris and

Jean, to James Camphell, conveys above.

3:559 Page 52.--Patent to James Campbell, 16th March, 1771. Teste: William

Young, Samuel Anderson, Isaac Carson.

3:583 Page 165.--12th July, 1788. Hugh Campbell, of Rockbridge, heir-at-law

of James Campbell, to Benjamin Erwin, of Rockingham. Teste: Ro. Gamble. Robert Astrop, Samuel Clark, James Megongal (McGongal).

3:584 Page 209.--Patent to James Campbell, 16th March, 1771. Teste: Thomas

Hughart, William Yooll, Thomas Kinkead.

3:588 Page 384.--20th September, 1788. Alexander Elliot and Ann Conway

Elliot, his wife, now of Rockbridge, appoint William Anderson attorney to convey to William Brent, of Amherst, all lands in County of Lancaster, state aforesaid (Virginia ?), to which they are entitled as heirs-at-law of James Campbell, late of Lancaster County, deceased, provided Brent shall convey to Anderson plantation on Back Creek whereon Brent formerly lived. Teste: John and William King, Wm. Berry.

3:592 Page 125.--18th November, 1787. John Campbell, Sr., to James Steel,

part of 570 acres formerly property of James Campbell, deceased, and sold to James Steel by consent of said John Campbell, joining John Cloid's part of said tract. Teste: Geo. Hutcheson Ben. Stuart, Andrew Fulton, Robert Bell.

3:595 Page 17.--1st September, 1790. Hugh Campbell. of Rockbridge, to John

Lowry, of Augusta. Delivered: Joseph Lowry, son of John, 10th August, 1791. 130 acres, part of 200 acres conveyed by Charles Campbell to James Campbell and descended to Hugh as heir of James.