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Based on a survey of SW Virginia literature (See Notebook:George Family in Southwest Virginia, there appears to be two William George' in the area during the Revolutionary war period.

Upper Clinch. Most of the records are dominated by a William George in the Wythe-Montgomery County area, who probably owned land in the Upper Clinch watershed. This William was heir at law for a Thomas George who died sometime before XXXX, and who may have been William's father, or perhaps brother. A marriage between William George and Jennet Patton in 1793 appears in the Montgomery County records; This William may be the same person who owned land in the Upper Clinch, perhaps a son, or conceivably some other kinsman.
Lee County In 1797 a William George "of Lee County" purchased a 100 ac parcel in Washington County from a Richard Moore. The property was located in Craig Valley, along the foot of the Clinch Mt. It is unclear from this description where the property lay within Washington County. The fact that this William George is described as "of Lee County" seems to mitigate against him being the same William George of the Upper Clinch (ie, of Montgomery or Tazewell Counties).[1]
In the 1810 census the surname "George" appears within the broad Southwest Virginia area, only in Montgomery County.
Jas W George Christiansburg, Montgomery, VA1810
Thos W GeorgeChristiansburg, Montgomery, VA1810
Abm GeorgeUpper Hanover, Montgomery, PA1810