Family:Richard Taylor and Mary Wheldon (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? abt 27 Oct 1646 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts(date of Gabriel Whelden's agreement to their marriage)
abt 1646
18 Jan 1721
13 Sep 1727
01 Feb 1718
27 Jan 1728
4 May 1721
14 May 1743


PCR, p. 2:110, "27 Oct 1646: In the case betweene Gabriell Whelding and Richard Taylor, about his daughter Ruth, the said Gabriell p'miseth his free assent and consent to their marriage." Because people don't realize that Gabriel Whelden had two daughters, Ruth and Mary, that married men named Richard Taylor, it is frequently published (as fact) that the wife of Richard Taylor, tailor of Yarmouth, was Ruth Whelden, daughter of Gabriel Whelden (and therefore she that drowned off Duxbury about 4 December 1673), when there is no documented evidence of the wife of Richard Taylor, tailor, and circumstantial evidence points to his having married Ruth's sister, Mary Whelden.

See Taylors in Yarmouth for the initial results of research conducted into the multiple Richard Taylors (and wives) of Yarmouth. This research implies that Ruth Whelden may have married not Richard Taylor, tailor, but Richard Taylor, Rock.

See "The Origins of Gabriel Whelden of Yarmouth and Malden, Massachusetts," in Register 162:254-261, for the case that supports not only Ruth marrying Richard "Rock" Taylor, but the argument for Mary Whelden marrying Richard Taylor, tailor.

Evidence Supporting These Children In This Family

  1. Richard Taylor's 13 Dec 1673 Inventory mentions children, John, Joseph, Martha and Mary.
  2. The inventory of Sarah Taylor of Barnstable (died single) was taken Aug. 16, 1695, and amount to £34 19s. Deacon Job Crocker and Samuel Cobb, brothers-in-law, were made administrators Sept. 23, 1695. The estate was, Sept. 13, 1695, ordered equally divided between the brothers and sisters of the deceased, given in the following order, to wit: John Taylor, Joseph Taylor, Mary Marchant, Martha Bearse, Elizbaeth Cobb, Hannah Crocker and Ann Davis. The inventory consisted of wearing apparel, five pounds of worsted yarn, a Bible, cattle, sheep and lambs, cash moneys due from Samuel Cobb and Joseph Bearse, &c.
  3. Plymouth Colony marriage and other family records link Martha Taylor with Joseph Bearse, Ann Taylor with Josiah Davis, Mary Taylor with Abijah Merchant, Hannah Taylor with Job Crocker, Elizabeth Taylor with Samuel Cobb. [double-check sources on this line of claims.]
  4. Richard Taylor, tailor, and some of his descendants quotes the 4 March 1673/4 disposition of Richard Taylor's estate, and refers to two sons and five daughters, for a total of seven children.

Discrepancies about daughter Martha Taylor

There were two Martha Taylors, each daughters of Richard Taylor:

  1. Martha Taylor, born Yarmouth Mass 1659, dau of Richard Taylor, TAILOR, and named in the 1674 probate records for his estate. Source:Mayflower Descendant, p. 16:236, Plymouth Colony Vital Records, 1650: yarmouth Regester of ye beirthes of children, "Martha Tayler the eighteenth of the same [December 1650]" -- double check, transcription error? done and done: two independent transcriptions of PCR
  2. Martha Taylor, born Yarmouth 1667, dau of Richard Taylor, of the ROCK, named in the 1677 list of his children, and also named in his 1693 will/1699 codicil. Citation needed
  1.   "The Origins of Gabriel Whelden of Yarmouth and Malden, Massachusetts", in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society), 162:253-261, October 2009, Secondary quality.