Family:Daniel Dugger and Mary Morris (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? Before 1774 Brunswick, Virginia, United States


Daniel Dugger and Mary Morris had 10 children, 9 of whom are proven by a Nov 1811 court record which names:

  • Mary Dugger, widow
  • Elizabeth Stainback
  • William M. Dugger
  • Benjamin L. Morris and wife Nancy, late Nancy Dugger
  • Daniel Dugger
  • Andrew, Amos, Ashley, Polly, Absolem and Sally Rainey, infants of Jesse Rainey by Frances his wife, late Frances Dugger, by Jesse Rainey, their next friend.
  • Sally Dugger, infant
  • John Dugger, infant
  • Henry Dugger, infant
  • James Dugger
  • (Brunswick Co., VA Order Book 24 page 357)

The same heirs are named again in a Jan 1812 court record when the estate was divided:

  • Widow her dower - 118 acres
  • Benjamin Morris, 60 acres
  • John Dugger, 42 acres
  • Elizabeth Stainback, 25 acres
  • James Dugger, 21 acres
  • Jesse Rainey's children, 29 acres
  • Henry Dugger, 28 acres
  • Sally Dugger, 28 acres
  • (Brunswick Co., VA Order Book 24 page 514)

Richmond Dugger presents an enigma. He is their son but he was not named in the 1811 or 1812 court records naming the heirs. He was named in the 1802 Will of his grandfather John Dugger as a grandson. That doesn't prove which of John's sons was his father though, but shows one of them was. Most of Richmond's records in Brunswick Co., VA show him associated with the Daniel Dugger family. Daniel deeded him some land for only $1.00 before he died. Richmond's own Will (1823) names Henry Dugger as his brother. Daniel's son Henry was the only one around at the time. Richmond was named administrator of Daniel's Estate, a job usually given to the oldest son (if of legal age and a resident of the same county).