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The focus of this article is with the Edmondson families who settled on Borden's Grant c1740. A number of members of this family relocated to Washington County Virginia about 1770.

in 1740 Borden's Grant lay within the boundaries of Old Augusta County. Old Augusta was eventually subdivided during the revolution to form various polities including the present counties of Rockbridge, Augusta, and Rockingham. Records of Old Augusta County include entries for persons in all three areas. There are at least two, and possibly three, lines of Edmondson's in Old Augusta County during the 18th century. While our interest lies only with the Edmiston's who settled in the area that became Rockbridge County, it is necessary to look at all of the Edmiston records in Old Augusta County, in order to see what applies to the ones of interest.

  • David Edmiston of Beverly's Manor. David settled to the north of Staunton on Elk Run, in Beverly's Manor, about 1740. He is recorded as having paid for his own importation to the colonies, as well as that of several family members. His line is commonly identified as that of "David Turk Edmiston" where "Turk" appears to be a by-name assigned to him by genealogists.[1]
  • Edmiston's of Borden's Grant. At about this same time three brothers, (Robert, John, and William Edmiston) settled in Borden's Grant, the area that eventually became Rockbridge County. These brothers are known to have come to the area from Cecil County MD, settling on Borden's Grant (modern Rockbridge County). Andrew Edmonson, a grandson of John, left a letter to Governor David Campbell of Virginia, which details his fathers history, and places him in Rockbridge County during the French and Indian War. He also notes that his father was born in Cecil County Maryland, from which the family emigrated in the earlier 1740's.
  • James Edmiston of Red Banks. James Edmiston setted well north of Beverly's Grant, in the historical community of "Red Banks" in Rockingham County. There are numerous records for this person in that area.

[insert map showing location of Edmiston settlements.

It is conceivable that all three lines are related to each other in some way that is not clear. The Edmiston's of Beverly's Manor appear to be recent immigrants, while those of Borden's Grant appear to have lived for sometime in the Cecil County area. James Edmiston of Red Banks settled a substantial distance from the other two lines and a connection between them seems unlikely. It would seem that if a connection exists between the three lines, it probably antedates their appearance in America. On the otherhand, naming patterns in the Edmiston's of Borden's Grant and the Edmiston's of Beverly's Manor are similar, which may imply a possible connection between them.


  1. "Turk" appears to be a by-name applied for unknown reasons. It probably represents a marriage relation, as there were persons using the "Turk" surname in the general area.