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Cowan L List, Jane Vining, extracts.
Cowan L List, Jane Vining, transcription
Thelma Cowan, 20 April 2014, personal communication with WMWILLIS


Person:Robert Cowan (10)


There is some duplication of records in the following, based on different extractions. No discrepancies have been noted between these duplicated extractions. They differ in terms of the amount of detail given, but seem to agree in terms of facts. nonetheless, we probably need to include more specifically the intermediate sources for the extractions, in addition to the original sources shown. Most of the extractions are from the Jane Vining reference shown above.

Robert CowanNov 4 1784300 ac on Nolachucky Riverp-323-4 11/10/1784 NC #569 TO Robert Cowan 300 acres on the Nolachucky River. CONS: 50 shillings per 100 acres. SIG: Alexender Martain, by J. Glasgow.

WA. CO. TN., Deed books today, on 11/10/1784, N.C. grant #569 was given to Robert Cowan for 300 acres on the Nolachuckey River. CON's: 50 shillings per 100 acres. SIG: Alexd Martin, by J. Glasgow.

Robert CowanOctober 26 1789200 acres South side of Nolachukyp. 219 10/26/1789 NC # 740 To Robert Cowin: 200 acres on the south side of Nolachuckey. CONS: 50 shillings per 100 acres. ADJ: Robert Rone, (Tevel/Teuel ?) SIG: R'd Casewell, by J. Glasgow.
John Cowen/Cowin, Andrew, Robt, and Sam'l CowanNovember 8 1797100 acres s. side Nolachuckyp344-5 11/8/1797 John Cowen/Cowin, Andrew Cowen, Robt Cowen and Sam'l Cowen Blunt Co. heirs of Robt Cowin dec'd TO: John Rymeal: 100 acres on the south side of Nolachuky, part of 300 acres grant # 740 to Robt Cowin, CONS: $1100. SIG: John Cowan, Andrew Cowan, Robert Cowan, Samuel Cowan. Wit:

David Wallace, Jno Williams.[P. 138 (page # in book) (the other page # below is location in NC records)]

Heirs of Robert Cowan4/30/1798,104 acres on NolachuckyFrom Thelma Cowan 20 April 2014, personal communication. In Vol. 2 of WA. CO. Deeds, dated 4/30/1798, says Heirs of Robert Cowan, decd. to John Rymal,104 acres on south side of the Nolachucky River. CON's:$1100. For: part of a tract of 300 acres #569 to Robert Cowan. ADJ: Samuel Handley, Andrew Beard. SIG: David Wallace, Samuel Handley. The date of 1/25/1804 is when John Cowan, Andrew Cowan, Robert Cowan, and Samuel Cowan, of Blount CO, sign as Heirs to sell Roberts land to Michael Fraker. So, the only Robert Cowan that fits your dates is #10, Robert born 1746 and died 1784.
Jno Cowan, Andrew Cowin, Robert Cowin & Samuel Cowin, Blunt Co. heirs of Robt Cowin, dec'dApril 30, 179876 acres s. side Nolachuckyp. 139 p371 -3 4/30/1798 Jno Cowan, Andrew Cowin, Robert Cowin & Samuel Cowin, Blunt Co. heirs of Robt Cowin, dec'd TO Robt Allison 76 acres on the south side of nolachucky, part of Robt Cowin's 300 acres, grant no. 569, CONS: $333.35 ADJ:

Andrew Baird. SIG: Jno Cowan, Andrew Cowin, Rob Cowin, Sam'l Cowin. Wit: David Wallace, Samuel Handley. [p.147]

Robert Cowan22 October 1799120 acresWashington County, TN Roll 196, Vol. 6, Pages 549-50

This Indenture made this twenty second day of October in the year of Our Lord 1799 between John Cowan Andrew Cowan Robt Cowan and Samuel Cowan of the County of Blount of the one part and Adam Harmon of the County of Washington of the other part. Both of the State of Tennessee Witness that the said Cowans for and in consideration of the sum of 660 Dollars and two thirds to them in hand the reciept where of is hereby acknowledged, hath said and by these presents both Grant, Bargain and Confirm unto the said Adam Harmon his heirs and forever all that tract or parcel of land containing one hundred and twenty acres lying and being in the County of Washington on Nolachachi River of a 300 acre tract in the name of Robt Cowan deceased No 569 begining at a Popular on the South of the River then South 65 East 155 Poles and the Stake thence S. 22 W. along a conditional line 105 Poles to the line of the old survey thence North 65 West 220 Poles to a stake thence direct line to the begining together with all the Appurtences there unto belonging or in any wise app! ertaining and the said John Cowan, Andrew Cowan, Robt Cowan, Samuel do bind themselves their heirs Executor to warrant and forever defend the sd line to the sd Adam Harmon his heirs Executor Administrations and forever as a free clear and indisposable estate of and heirtence in for that in witnessess where of the Day and Year first written Signed Sealed and Delivered in presence of

James Wallace John Cowan
Samuel Handly Andrew Cowan
Robt Cowan
Samuel Cowan

John Cowin, Andrew Cowin, Robt Cowin and Samuel Cowin, Blunt Co. Oct 22, 1799120 acres on Nolachuckyp549-51 10/22/1799 John Cowin, Andrew Cowin, Robt Cowin and Samuel Cowin, Blunt Co. TO Adam harmon (1) 120 acres on Nolackucky River. FOR: part of a 300 acre tract, NC # 569, to Robt Cowin, deceased. CONS: $660-2/3. (2) 100 acres on the Nolachucky. FOR: part of a 200 acre tract, NC # 740, to Robt Cowin, dec'd. CONS: $666-2/3. SIG: John Cowin, Andrew Cowin, Robt Cowin, Samuel

Cowin. WIT: James Wallace, Samuel Hanley.