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Mercer County, KY
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1793 - 1826


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Intermediate Source:Abstracts of Cowan Deeds Need to know who made the extractions, or whether they are in a published work.
Original Source:Mercer County Deed Books 2 through 16


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These abstracts provide useful information that shows the relationships of some of these information. Ultimately, we need person articles for the individuals mentioned in these records. Initially, yhey don't need to be elaborate, just a starter page where information about them can be collected. Articles for some of them, such as Jared Cowan already exist. I've inserted a link to Jared where appropriate in the following list, but ultimately we need all of these people identified and incorporated into the person article system.


Mercer County, KY Abstracts of Cowan Deeds:

DEED BK 2, Pg: 46, Aug. 27, 1793 Hannah Cowan of Mercer Co., widow of David Cowan, late of Lancaster Co., PA, appoints her daughter Margaret Cowan and her son David Cowan, both of Mercer Co., KY, as her lawful attorneys in fact. Accounts with John Hopkins and Nathaniel Ellmaker of Lancaster Co. Witnesses:Christopher Greenup and Joshua Barbee.

DEED BK 2, Pg:542 Oct. 23, 1795 Person:Jared Cowan (1)|Jared Cowan]] conveys to Hannah Cowan, both of Mercer Co., 200 A . for 160 pounds....The tract of land is where Jared now lives and is known as Irish Station. Boundaries: Henry Thomas - John Wright. Witnesses: Benjamin Bell - John Mahan - David Cowan.

DEED BK 2, Pg:20 June 7, 1793 Person:Jared Cowan (1)|Jared Cowan]] conveys to his loving sons - George Caldwell Cowan and David Cowan- infants under 21 - four negroes which are to be divided between the two when David arrives at the age of 21 years. Witnesses: D. Knox - George Caldwell

DEED BK 3, Pg:203 Dec 22, 1796 John Cowan and Mary his wife of Mercer Co. sell and convey to William Buckner of Green Co., KY, for $1000., 1000 A. land in said Green Co. on North Fork of Sinking Ck. (Wayne Co. written by hand, next to abstract). (No witnesses noted)

DEED BK 3, Pg: 364 Dec 22, 1797 John Cowan and Mary his wife of Mercer Co. to James Graham of Washington Co. for 16 pound current money, 666 acres in Washington Co. on East Cany Ck. Boundary: Samuel Boyd. Notation in margin reads: "June 3 1807 Delivered to John Cowan to whom the land is willed as he Cowan informs me." (No witnesses noted)

DEED BK 4 Pg:244 Dec 22, 1800 James McAfee, Jr. of Mercer Co., converys to John Cowan of same, .....Whereas McAfee is indebted to Cowan in amount of 63 pounds, part due Apr. 13, 1798 and remainder July 1. McAfee executed bond to Cowan for part of amount and to John Craig for remainder. To secure debt, McAfee mortgages 80 A. land on west side of Salt River in Mercer Co. If debt is paid off this indenture to be void. Witnesses: John Smyth - John McAfeee - William Davenport.

DEED BK 11, Pg: 293 June 1, 1819 John Cowan and Mary his wife convey to their (son) William C. Cowan, for natural love and affection, the western half of a tract of land on Harrods Run in Mercer Co. It is the tract of land on which John Cowan now lives. Boundaries: Old preemption line between Cowan and John Fauntleroy, formerly Harrod - corner between Cowan and Samuel K. Nelson - James Field's line. Witness: D. G. Cowan.

DEED BK 11 Pg:292 June 1, 1819 John Cowan and Mary his wife to their son Henry J. Cowan, for love and affection, the eastern side of a tract upon which said John Cowan now lives on Harrods Run in Mercer Co., and lying opposite of the tract they have deeded to William C. Cowan. This deed is subject to provisions in favor of Mary Cowan which are contained in the last will and testament of John Cowan bearing date of May 28, 1819. Witness: D. G. Cowan

DEED BK 11, Pg:397 John and Mary Cowan are old and infirm and wishing to settle their worldly affairs, they have executed deeds to their sons, William C. and henry J. for the land on which they now live. They wish to reserve a decent and confortable support during their lives, so William C. Cowan and Mary his wife and henry J. Cowan bind themselves to pay $400. yearly to John and Mary Cowan. Witness: D. G. Cowan.

DEED BK 16, Pg:301 Sept. 14, 1826 Margaret Cowan - Elizabeth Cowan -Jane Cowan and Sarah Cowan make an exchange of land with David G. Cowan, as Follows: David G. sells and conveys to them all that tract of land which Jared Cowan died siezed and possessed on Wilson's Run. They convey to David G. 100 acres on which they reside....a part of the tract on which they reside. Boundaries: Robert Ragan and William Southern. Witnesses: J. Harlan - John Green - Basil Prather.