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Person:Alexander Walker (42)
Data Needs for Walker-Campbell-Patterson Research in Old Augusta
Current Research Problems for Old Augusta Walker's


The following research problems relate to Person:Alexander Walker (42) who is often identified as a Wigton Walker, but whose location within the Wigton Walker lineage is unclear. Our knowledge of the Wigton Walker line is primarily driven by the work of the family historian, Emma Siggins White. her 1902 work, Descendants of John Walker of Wigton Scotland... (Source:White, 1902 has served as the basis for much of the family history. Unfortunately, YDNA data currently available shows that the lineage White described, is actually composed of two separate lines of Walkers, commonly referred to as the "Walker's Creek line", and the "Natural Bridge line". Resolving the relationships between these two lineages, and understanding of how they came to be merged, is a major research problem in Wigton Walker genealogy. Resolution of the following research problems may help forward that understanding.

Current Research

1. What is the basis for identifying the wife of Alexander (42) as "Elizabeth Patterson"? We know her first name was indeed "Elizabeth" based on Alexander's will, but why do people give her last name as "Patterson". Was she really a Patterson?

2. What is the relationship between Alexander (42) and the John Campbell who lived on Little's Run? There's obviously a family connection here, but what is it.

3. How does Esther Campbell relate to John Campbell, and Alexander Walker (42)? She gave/sold both of them land, which may indicate kinship. So far I've not found a connection for her to the other Campbells in the area, though Esther does show up among them as a given name.

4. Is Alexander (42) really a Wigton Walker of some description? Lots of people think this, but a demonstration of a connection is missing. The most interesting possibility is that he's John III's brother. That might make John Campbell of Little's Run, his brother-in-law.

5. If Alexander (42) is John III's brother, how do we explain Alexander=Jane Hammer? If we accept that Alexander (42) is John III's brother, than we have to also figure out the relationships of Alexander=Jane Hammer. If the later is not John III's brother a) why did White think he was, and b) who is he really connected to? Samuel of Natural Bridge? Perhaps that explains some of the YDNA evidence.

6. What evidence do we have concerning Jane Hammer's family line? Supposedly Alexander married her about 1748, so we'd suppose that they were on BOrden's Grant. What evidence do we have for her family connections?

7. What is the significance of the fact that both Alexander (42) and Samuel of Natural Bridge apparently name daughters "Barbara"? Perhaps this might indicate that Alexander (42) is actually a Natural Bridge Walker, and perhaps Samuel's brother? Is there a male line for Alexander (42) that could take the YDNA test? That would certainly prove interesting.

8. Is the Joseph Walker who had a child baptized by Rev. Craig related to John III, Samuel of Natural Bridge, or Alexander (42)? Does he have a male line descendant who could take the YDNA test?