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This page collects links to articles dealing with Belief, Folkways, Religion and attitudes in Southwest Virginia

Folk BeliefsFormal ReligionAttitudes and CustomsIndian Views
How to make the corn grow tall Religious Leaders of Southwest Virignia Views of an Appalachian Woman Indian Views:Mixing of Food

William Byrd's Folk Remedies Camp Meetings Attitudes toward Health Indian Views:The Hereafer
Dreams and Portents Views of One Church Assembly, 1906 Overcoming Adversity Indian Views:Dealing with Famine
Rattlesnake Rattles and Violins Call to Reverend Cummings Marriage Ceremony
Church History in Southwest Virginia
Stoney Creek Baptist Church
Asbury's Journal, Volume 2
Methodism in Southwest Virginia
The Baptists in Southwest Virginia
The Mennonites
The Dunkards
A List of Ministers in Southwest Virginia
The Keywood and Huffacre Conferences
Primitive Baptists
Elder Leland
Methodism in Tazewell County
The Rev. John Stanger