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Augusta, Virginia
Trinity Parish, Louisa, Virginia
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1783 - 1822
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This page is merely notes to try to sort out the folks mentioned in this will. If you know something about them, please mention it.

There are two wills mentioned in this court case: the 1st is the 1807 Will of Thomas Jackson and 2nd is the 1783 Will of William Jackson.

Chalkley Vol 2, pg 236
Jackson vs. Jackson's representatives--O. S. 318; N. S. 114--Bill, 5th June, 1822, by William Jackson of Louisa County.
In 1783 William Jackson, Sr., orator's father, died, testate.
After William's(1) death his wife was delivered of a son named Thomas. (1) William's son Alexander died infant, unmarried, intestate.
William's son Thos. was also entitled to land in Louisa under will of his uncle, Thos. Jackson, Sr., who died 1807.
Thomas Jackson lived a number of years in Augusta, where he has lately died, intestate, leaving widow Catherine and
children, viz: William S.,
Susan Jane,
Thomas T.,
Robert S.,
Mary L., all infants.
Catherine was sister of Robert Steele.

Will of Thomas Jackson, Sr., of Louisa County, 26th March, 1807.
Legatee, Susanna Jackson, widow of William Jackson;
legatee, Thomas Jackson, Jr., son of William Jackson;
legatee, William Jackson, Jr., son of William Jackson, land adjoining Chas. Jackson, Joel Walton, William Baker;
legatee, Ann White;
legatee, Polly Steele,
Wm. Thos. Jackson,
heirs of Wm. Jackson, deceased.
Witnesses, Henry Timberlake, Joel and Wm. Walton. Recorded in Louisa, 13th July, 1807.

Will of William Jackson of Louisa, Trinity Parish.
Son, Alexander Jackson;
wife, Susanna;
son, William Jackson;
child, wife now bears;
daughters, Mary, Nancy Jackson;
brothers, Thomas and Charles Jackson, executors. Dated 10th February, 1783.
Recorded in Louisa, 11th August, 1783. Witnesses, Jno. and Anna Jackson, Jno. Sanders.

Even though Susanna is mentioned after son Alexander (1783 Will), she is not his wife as the first paragraph in this court case states that "Alexander died infant, unmarried, intestate". So she is widow of the decedant. The child which she "now bears" was Thomas who was born shortly after William's death.

William who died in 1783 and Thomas who died in 1807 were brothers. When Thomas died his will left all his estate to William's widow and children. It is not yet known if Thomas ever married. There was also another brother Charles who was co-executor with Thomas or William's will.<vr>
It is conjecture to assume that Nancy who married Alexander Connolley is the same Nancy who was the daughter of William Jackson. But as of September, 2010, another Nancy Jackson has not been found in Augusta County. It is also possible that William's daughter Ann White was Nancy Ann as the name Nancy is not mentioned as an heir in Thomas' 1807 will. Or perhaps Nancy was not mentioned in 1807 because she was deceased by then. So there are several possibilities and both Nancy and Ann need to be highlighted with a 'Conjecture' flag until more is known about them.