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The last time I viewed or updated this page, 17 Dec 2012.


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  • Move all names to their respective newspapers from Obituary source, which is way too vague to be a "Source".



Occupations as Places

"Place" Report Date Rank Links Comments
Blacksmith 9 Dec 2012 108
16 Dec 2012 320 102
23 Dec 2012 337 100
Farmer 9 Dec 2012 1405
16 Dec 2012 4 1365 Fabulous change
23 Dec 2012 4 1357
Laborer 9 Dec 2012 125
16 Dec 2012 211 125 Hrm, should work here a little
23 Dec 2012 209 125 Guess I didn't touch this one at all
Physician 9 Dec 2012 0 Still 0 (16 Dec 2012)
Teamster 9 Dec 2012 0 Still 0 (16 Dec 2012)
Unknown 9 Dec 2012 1 6116
16 Dec 2012 1 6087 Making headway :D
23 Dec 2012 1 6068
MySource:SSDI 16 Dec 2012 5 1284
23 Dec 2012 5 1283
Place:St Joseph du Corbeau, Coopersville, Clinton, New York 16 Dec 2012 1000 58 List stops at 1000, but I know there are more. By 23 Dec, this is place 967, so 33 pages gone. Nice :D
Place:Waldenbuch, , Wuerttemberg, Germany 23 Dec 2012 1000 58

Orphaned Pages

An orphaned page is a page without any incoming links. What this means is that unless you know that this page exists, you are not likely to come across it in the natural course of navigation.

Wanted Pages

These are pages that are needing a page, ie., Sources, Places, MySource, etc. Some of these pages don't actually need a page and need to be corrected. See: Occupations as Places as a good example. Each of those come up on the Wanted Pages report and don't need to be pages.

My plan... It's a good plan. So good, it couldn't fail twice.
I'm going to attempt to get rid of at least one entire entry each week (between report runs) and work a bit on the really LARGE link lists, like the 1-10 spots, if possible. Let's see what progress can be made. :D
Here's a not so quick experiment, but will redirecting a "Wanted Page" to a page that does exist take that page off the Wanted Page report? I've entered the page in the spreadsheet as Ella Gray. It's no longer a red link and it changed the entry on the Wanted Page report to one with a line through it. Fabulous!