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Current efforts include:

1. Extending the family histories of the Dodson Family researched by Ralph C. Jones from 1960s-1980s. This work centered on the descendants of Charles Dodson (b. ca. 1649 - d. 1705 Richmond County, Virginia) in the Northern Neck of Virginia and their later migration to the southern and western United States. My work includes research into apparently unrelated Dodson immigrants of the 17th century, especially Gervasse Dodson (b. about 1621 England - d. before 1662 Northern Neck, likely Northumberland County).

2. Researching the descendants of Eppa Christopher Walker (b. 1823 Richmond County, Virginia - d. 1895 Richmond County, Virginia) and searching for his antecedents.

3. Researching the Moore family of Nelson County, Virginia.

4. Tracing the seven immigrant children of Jonas Klang (Smålandand, Sweden) and their descendants in the United States. This work also includes research into Peterson ancestors from Kronobergs län, Uppsala and Stockholm, Sweden.

5. Researching the Fayette family of St. Lawrence County, New York and their ancestry in Quebec, Acadia and Cantal, France.

6. Researching the Serrano family of Jaen and Albacete, Spain.