Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p418

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Volume 4, Page 418

Sarah, b. 28 Aug. 1642, m. 11 May 1664, Return Strong, and d. 26
Dec. 1678; and youngest d. Esther, bapt. 8 Dec. 1644, m. Rev. Eleazer
of Northampton, and next Solomon Stoddard, and bore ch. to ea.
Of the sec. d. Hepzibah, bapt. 9 Aug. 1640, rept. of her d. 1647 is
furnish. The mo. [Person:Jane Unknown (895)[|Jane]], wh. he m. at W. no doubt, tho. date is not
found, nor parent, d. at Norwalk, 23 Apr. 1645, says the Parson's
transcr. of Windsor rec. in Geneal. Reg. V. 363, tho. we might be sure
this is wrong, for the town of N. was not sett. for more than four yrs.
later. She d. Apr. 1655. WILLIAM, Newbury, whose name, says
Coffin, is sometimes Worm, and he adds that he m. 10 Feb. 1682, Hannah
Adams, d. of the first Robert, had Paul, b. 2 Oct. 1683.

    WARNER, ANDREW, Cambridge 1632, freem. 14 May 1634, rem. to
Hartford with the body of orig. proprs. but wether Hutch. I. 99, be
justif. in mak. him, with Ludlow and other Commissnrs. to gov. the people
under Mass. as Farmer quotes him, is to me doubtful. See our Col.
Rec. I. 171, where the last of the eight do honor. is Andrew Ward, but
in the repetit. of the names in the same instr. becomes Warner. In
1659 he rem. with a new w. Esther, wid. of Thomas Selden, wh. brot.
him no issue, to Hadley at its first settlem. was liv. to take the o. of alleg.
at H. 8 Feb. 1679, and d. 18 Dec. 1684, or possib. the month foll. aged
almost 90. Of his ch. nine in number, we kn. neither the mo. nor order
of succession, nor dates, exc. of Isaac, by approxim. a. 1645. The
others were Andrew; Mary, wh. prob. was b. in Eng. m. first, 1645,
John Steele, jr. of Hartford, wh. d. 1653, and next William Hills;
Ruth, ano. d. m. a Pratt; Daniel; Robert; John; and Jacob. Of his
wid. Esther, the inv. was tak. Dec. 1693. ANDREW, Middletown, s. of
the preced. left Abigail, b. 3 Sept. 1660; Andrew, Mar. 1662; Mary,
Apr. 1664; Hannah, 14 Nov. 1668; John, 8 Apr. 1671; Joseph, 20
Feb. 1673; and Rebecca, 12 July 1675; and he d. early in 1682. He
may have liv. first at Milford, where Lambert gives resid. to one of the
same name 1653. His wid. wh. m. Jeremiah Adams, was Rebecca, d.
of John Fletcher, m. 1653, had first Samuel, b. Aug. 1659, d. soon;
also John, Sept. 1667, d. in few days. DANIEL, Ipswich 1639, s. of
William of the same, and brot. prob. by him, freem. 2 June 1641, by w.
Elizabeth had Simon, b. 6 June 1658, d. in few days; but prob. sev. earlier;
and his w. d. 1 Nov. 1659. He m. 1 July foll. Faith Brown, wh. d. 10
Nov. 1679; and had brot. him Daniel, b. 25 Aug. 1671; Sarah, 22 Oct.
1672; and Rebecca, wh. d. 10 June 1679; but perhaps others earlier.
He m. third w. 1 June 1686, wid. Ellen Jewett of Rowley, and d. 9
Sept. 1688; leav. wid. Ellen, and ch. Daniel, John, William, perhaps
Nathaniel, Elizabeth Abigail, Susanna, beside Hannah, w. perhaps of John
or Joshua Batchelder. DANIEL, Farmington. s. of the first John of