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Volume 4, Page 615

of better late than never; and William, 9 Mar. 1662, whose b. is not
found; Jeremiah, again, d. 1678; was a butcher late in his days, and d.
12 Sept. 1684; and his wid. d. 4 Aug. 1693. His d. Sarah m. a. 1666,
Stephen Williams of R.; Mary m. 30 June 1669, Caleb Lamb. JOSEPH,
Roxbury, s. of the preced. had Abigail, b. 20 June 1666; but wh. was
his w. or when she d. are unkn. He d. 30 Jan. 1685. A wid. Jane
Wise d. at Roxbury, Apr. 1637, perhaps mo. of Joseph the first; but
wh. was that John, Cambridge, d. 9 Sept. 1644, is beyond the hope of
certainty. NICHOLAS, freem. of Mass. 1645, no more heard of.
THOMAS, Saco 1636, is nam. in Folsom, 33.

    WISEMAN, JAMES, Braintree 1639, had James, b. 8 Oct. 1640; and
Mercy or Mary, 28 Mar. 1643; rem. to Boston, there by w. Dorothy
had Joseph, 24 Dec. 1655. and Sarah, 18 Sept. 1657; perhaps these
were by ano. w. then he at Braintree. He was liv. 1677; and was
a brazier. His d. Mary m. 12 June 1660, John Verin.

    WISWALL, EBENEZER, Newton, youngest s. of Thomas of the same,
m. 26 Mar. 1685, Sarah Foster, wid. of Elisha, and d. of Giles Payson,
had no ch. was freem. 1675 or 80, as he sw. in both yrs. if we believe
the rec. was lieut. and d. 21 June 1691, in his will giv. his est. (aft. the
life of w. wh. surv. to 22 Aug. 1714) to John, Oliver, and Samuel,
s. of his br. Enoch, and made him, with his brs.-in-law, Samuel Payson
and Nathaniel Holmes, excors. ENOCH, Dorchester, eldest br. of the
preced. b. in Eng. a tanner, m. 25 Nov. 1657, Elizabeth d. of John Oliver of
Boston, the scholar, had John, b. 10 Dec. 1658, bapt. 20 Feb. foll.;
Enoch, 10, bapt. 13 Jan. 1661, d. soon; Hannah, bapt. 6 Apr. 1662;
Oliver, b. 25, bapt. 29 Jan. 1665; Elizabeth bapt. 21 tho. rec. of b. is 28
Apr. 1667; Esther, b. 28 Dec. 1669, bapt. 2 Jan. 1670; Susanna, 2,
bapt. 4 Aug. 1672; Enoch, again, 6, bapt. 11 Apr. 1675, d. young;
Mary, 27 Aug. bapt. 2 Sept. 1677; Samuel, 2, bapt. 21 Sept. 1679,
H. C. 1701, min. of Edgartown; and Enoch and Ebenezer, tw. b. and
bapt. 25 Feb. 1683; and d. 28 Nov. 1706, aged 73. His wid. d. 31
May 1712, aged 75, says the gr.-st. of wh. we kn. the mistake, as she
was under 72 yrs. and 3 mos. Susanna m. Edward Breck. ICHABOD,
Duxbury, brs. of the preced. had ent. H. C. but left in 1657 with
the same cause of dissat. as carr. away Brinsmead and others, was
some yrs. employ. perhaps at Pemaquid, there with a large part of the
inhab. took o. of fidel. 1674, in 1676 was ord. at D. m. Priscilla, d. of
William Peabody of that place, had Mary, b. 4 Oct. 1680; Hannah, 22
Feb. 1682; Peleg, 5 Feb. 1684, H. C. 1702; Perez, 22 Nov. 1686,
prob. d. young; Mercy; Priscilla; and Deborah. He was sent 1689 to
Eng. to procure new chart. for the Col. and stood stoutly for its independ.
but was overpow. by the name and influence of Mass. yet he