Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p227

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Volume 4, Page 227

went with Warham thither, among wh. is No Strong. As Roger Clap
had m. a d. of Ford two or three yrs. bef. the exodus, the d. wh. bec.
the sec. w. of Strong, as it seems to me after it, may have contin. at D.
to comfort her sis. and avoid the perils of ano. first planting. He was a
tanner, one of the pillars at foundat. of ch. Elder 1663, and his w. d. 6
July 1688, and he d. 14 Apr. 1699, aged 91, says his s. Jerijah, wh. in
mod. tradit. is easily corrupt to 94. Beside Sarah, above ment. Abigail
m. 12 Nov. 1673, Rev. Nathaniel Chauncy, and 8 Sept. 1686, deac.
Medad Pomeroy; Elizabeth m. 17 Mar. or 11 May 1669, Joseph Parsons;
Experience m. 27 May 1669, Zerobabel Filer; Mary m. 20 Mar. 1679,
John Clark; Hannah m. 15 July 1680, William Clark jr.; Esther m.
15 Oct. 1678, Thomas Bissel, the younger, of Windsor; and Thankful
m. a Baldwin of the countless tribes of Milford, as Cothren reports, no
doubt from the fam. acco. So there were eight ds. and seven s. of the
prosperous tanner, wh. liv. to m. and thirteen of this number were b. to
him by the sec. w. Abigail Ford. JOHN, Windsor, eldest s. of the preced.
b. perhaps, in Eng. m. 26 Nov. 1656, Mary Clark, d. of that wid.
Frances C. wh. had m. Thomas Dewey, had Mary, b. 22 Apr. 1658;
Hannah, 11 Aug. 1660; and his w. d. 28 Apr. 1663, aged 25. He m.
sec. w. 1664, Elizabeth Warriner, perhaps d. but (unless the name should be
Warner) more prob. sis. of William of Springfield, had John, 25 Dec.
1665; Jacob, 8 Apr. 1673; and Josiah, 11 Jan. 1679, bapt. next day;
was freem. 1667; his w. d. 7 June 1684, and he d. 20 Feb. 1698.
The five ch. were liv. at the d. of f. Mary m. Timothy Stanley of
Farmington; and Hannah m. Stephen Hopkins. JOHN, Windsor, s. of
the preced. m. 26 Nov. 1686, Hannah, d. of Joseph Trumbull, it is suppos.[1]
had Mary, b. 1688; Elizabeth 1689; Hannah, 1692; Jonathan, 1694;
Abigail; Esther, 1699; Sarah; David, 1704; and John, 1707; and his
w. Mary prob. 2d[1] d. 4 July 1747. He d. 29 May 1749. JOSIAH,
Windsor, br. of the preced. m. 5 Jan. 1699, Joanna Gillet, d. of Cornelius
of the same, had Joanna, 1699; John, 1701; Damaris, 1703; and
prob. others. RETURN, Windsor, younger br. of the preced. a tanner,
freem. 1666, m. 11 May 1664, Sarah Warham, d. of Rev. John, had
Sarah, b. 14 Mar. 1665; Abigail, 8 Mar. 1667; Return, 10 Feb. 1669;
Elizabeth 20 Feb. 1671; Samuel, 20 May 1673, d. soon; Damaris, 3 July
1674; Samuel, again 27 Dec. 1675; and his w. d. 26 Dec. 1678, aged
36. He m. 23 May 1689, Margaret Newbury, d. of Maj. Benjamin, had
Joseph, b. 1694, d. young; Hannah; Margaret, 1700; and Benjamin,
1703. He had large est. and d. 9 Apr. 1726; in his will, of 1719, he
names the liv. s. Samuel and Benjamin, six ds. and also the childr. of s.
Return wh. had dec. 1708. Both John and Return are in the list of
freem. 1669, and the latter was one of the returning officers. SAMUEL,