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Volume 2, Page 457

filling a longer period from grad. than any other of the sons of the Inst.
tho. two have recently reached greater age. * JOHN, Springfield, br. of the
preced. freem. 1677, rep. 1691, was Clk. of the Court, d. 6 Feb. 1712, giv.
his est. to two sis. and id. and ch. of his br. Elizur. Seven of this fam.
had, in 1817, been gr. at Harv.

    HOMAN, JOHN, Salem 1668, m. 23 Dec. 1669, Esther Crason, had a d.
18 Feb. preced.; John, 22 Apr. 1670; Mordecai, 3 Aug. 1673; as giv. in Essex
Inst. II. 152.

    HOME, THOMAS, a youth of 11 yrs. brot. in the Speedwell from London

    HOMER, JOHN, Boston, s. prob. of Michael of the same, m. 13 July 1693,
Margery or Mary Stevens, had John, b. 8 Aug. 1694; Mary, 1696; Benjamin, 8 May
1698; William, 29 June 1701; Michael, 26 Sept. 1703; Robert, 29 Mar. 1706;
Thomas, 1707; and Mary, again, 1708. His deriv. from Edward of Ettingshall, in
the parish of Bilston, Co. Stafford, as giv. in Geneal. Reg. X. 291, is by Mr.
Somerby thot. not trustworthy. Admin. I judge, of this John, was giv. to his
wid. Mary, 19 Dec. 1738. MICHAEL, Boston, in a petition, 1676, for release of
a serv. from impress. for the war, says he had had one serv. k. Prob. by first
w. he was f. of John; but he took 13 July 1693, Mary Burrows, prob. as sec. w.

    HOMES, ROBERT, a soldier in Lothrop's comp. k. by the Ind. at Bloody
brook, 18 Sept. 1675.

    HOMWOOD, WILLIAM, Cambridge, by W. Winifred had Elizabeth b. 19 May 1644.
This name means Holman. See that.

    HONET, EDWARD, Huntington, L. I. 1664.

    HOOD, JOHN, Lynn 1650, Kittery 1652, says Farmer; yet of him I can learn
no more, but that he was a weaver, had w. Elizabeth was in Eng. 1653; exc. that
Mary Truesdale, wid. of Richard, in her will of 1672, speaks of "br. John
Hood's two ch." JOHN, Lynn, s. of Richard, by w. Sarah had Barbara, b. 1694;
Huldah, 1697; Benjamin, 1700; and Lydia. RICHARD, Lynn 1650, came from Lynn
Regis Co. Norf'k. had Richard, b. 18 Nov. 1655; Sarah, 2 Aug. 1657; Rebecca, 7
Feb. 1663; John, 7 May 1664; Hannah, 21 Oct. 1665; Samuel, 12 May 1667; Ann,
13 Feb. 1673; Joseph, 8 July 1674; and Benjamin, 3 Jan. 1678; freem. 1691, and d.
12 Sept. 1695. Sarah m. 25 Oct. 1675, William Basset; and Rebecca m. 9 Dec. 1681,
Hugh Alley.

    HOOKE, � FRANCIS, Kittery, s. of Humphrey, an alderman of the city
of Bristol, m. 20 Sept. 1660, at Boston, Mary, wid. of John Palsgrave,
d. of Samuel Maverick of Noddle's isl.; was a magistr. 1666, a capt.
treasur. of the Province of Maine, under Presid. Danforth, acting for
Mass. 1680, of the counc. 1681, and after the new chart. of William and
Mary, at the first elect. 1693, chos. into the counc. in place of one of
Mather's creation. Judge Sewall marks his d. 10 Jan. 1695, "much