Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p234

Volume 1, Page 234

15 Feb. 1678; Samuel, 3 Jan. 1681; Martha, Aug. 1683; and he d. in
Jan. 1705, leav. and five ch. ment. in his will of 4 Dec. preced.
JOSHUA, New Haven, br. of Daniel of the same, had only Joshua, b. 31
Dec. 1665, perhaps rem. JOSHUA, Rowley 1663. NATHAN, Guilford,
br. of Daniel by w. Esther, had Ann, b. 16 Nov. 1669; Mary, and Abigail, tw. 13
Mar. 1672; Esther, 2 Nov. 1674, d. young; Esther, again, 14 Apr. 1677;
Daniel, 9 June 1680, d. young at Nathan Noah as the rec. has, perhaps by
mistake, giv. the name of the ch. 18 Sept. 1685; and Patience, 6 Apr.
1688. He next m. 1694, Hannah, wid. of Joseph Tuttle, d. of Thomas
Munson, wh. d. next yr. and he m. 16 May 1698, Rachel, wid. of
Thomas Strong; and he d. 1710. NATHANIEL, Dorchester, m. 17
July 1666, Mary, d. of Richard Evans, d. 26 July 1701, aged 70.
NATHANIEL, New Haven, youngest s. of the first William, m.
1688, Ruth d. of Abraham Dickerman, had James, b. 12 Oct. of that
yr.; Ruth, 23 Jan. 1691; Miriam, 4 July 1698; and Nathaniel, 16 May
1701. PETER, New London, 1654, mariner, by w. Elizabeth wh. is believ. to
have been d. of Jonathan Brewster, had Elizabeth b. 1655; Peter, 1658; and
Lucretia; and he d. 1662. His wid. m. Christopher Christophers; and
d. Lucretia m. his s. Richard. Elizabeth the d. m. 22 Sept. 1670, Thomas
Dimond. PETER, New London, s. of the preced. m. 9 May 1678, Mary,
d. of Chritopher Christophers, had Christopher, b. 11 July 1679, wh.
went to Southold, L. I. and the f. d. Aug. 1687. RICHARD, Boston, by
w. Ann had Ann, b. 16 Dec. 1651; Deliverance, 3 Apr. 1655, and John, wh.
d. at Liverpool, May 1676, leav. wid. Mary. STEPHEN, Guilford, br. of
Daniel at New Haven sw. fidel. 1660, m. 9 Nov. 1663, Hannah, d. of
George Smith of New Haven, and had Hannah, b. 1 Sept. 1661; Sarah,
14 Feb. 1667, d. young; Stephen, 1 Oct. 1668; Daniel, 21 Oct. 1670;
Elizabeth 31 Dec. 1671; Abraham, 13 May 1674; and Sarah, again, 17
Oct. 1676. He m. Mary, wid. of the sec. William Leete; and d. 20
June 1702. WILLIAM, New Haven, m. 18 Feb. 1645, Alice Prichard,
perhaps d. of Roger of Springfield, had Joseph, bapt. 4 Jan. 1646;
Martha, 8 Oct. 1648; Abraham, b. 24 Oct. 1650, Mary, 30 Apr. bapt. 1
May 1653; Benjamin, 8, bapt. 12 Apr. 1657; Esther, 29 Sept. bapt.
25 Nov. 1659; Nathaniel, b. 26 Feb. 1661; and Sarah, 21, bapt. 25
June 1665. He d. 1691, made his will 22 June 1683, in wh. he ment.
all the s. d. Munson, wh. was Martha, w. of Samuel, m. 26 Oct. 1665;
Mary, w. of Samuel Todd, m. 26 Nov. 1668; and d. Brockett; wh. was
Sarah, m. 23 May 1682; Esther d. prob. unm. Mr. Porter thinks, this William
was br. of Daniel by an elder w. of their f. and that he and other ch. were
brot. by their mo. a wid. wh. was a midwife at N. H. in 1655. WILLIAM,
Dorchester 1664, of wh. no more is heard by me, than that he
sign. the petn. that yr. WILLIAM, New Haven, s. of Isaac, m. 7 Jan.
1713, Elizabeth Chedsey, had Caleb, b. 17 Oct. 1714; Ebenezer, 25 Mar.
1716; Joseph, 13 July 1718; Elizabeth; Desire; and James, 15 June 1726.
Twenty-two of this name had been gr. at the N. E. coll. in 1834.

, Cambridge, ar. co. 1642, by w. Patience
had Sarah, b. 3 May 1653; John, 24 June 1655; and Ruth, 3 Nov.
1657. He took sec. w. 24 Mar. 1665, Martha, wid. of William Russell,
wh. after his d. had third h. 24 May 1683, Thomas Hall, and she d.

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