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It seems to me, that for the Province of Overijssel the level 'Gemeente' = Municipality has been left out. Is there a way to correct this? --Ekjansen 12:22, 23 August 2010 (EDT)

Klaas, what happened is that at the end of 2008, I went through Friesland and renamed the place pages to include the gemeente. I did this for Friesland only. The problem is, I am rethinking if this was wise. Looking at the gedcoms of recent Dutch users, having the gemeente may add to confusion. I began a conversation here and would welcome your input. --Jennifer (JBS66) 16:17, 23 August 2010 (EDT)
Jennifer, I just think, that it is hard to bring the villages and municipalities in the right connection. If we take Heemse, which is located in Ambt Hardenberg (1818-1941), and later on was part of the community Hardenberg. How do people find out where to look for the sources. Well the church records are to find under Heemse, but the civil records as from 1806, 1811, 1818-1941, 1941-now are to find und different municipalities. The difference with Friesland and Groningen, where quite a lot of villages had their own churches continued after the Reformation, in the other provinces you will find church records only under certain central places. So the Ommen church-records are including about 10 or more villages in the later municipality of Ambt Ommen. In my opinion it should be quite useful to make a more distinct village, municipality, province, country - structure like you did for Friesland. But it is a hard job. I could offer to do this for Overijssel where my father's ancestry comes from for 50%. --Ekjansen 06:12, 26 August 2010 (EDT)
Klaas, I copied this conversation over to here: WeRelate_talk:Forum_(Nederlands)#Titling_Netherlands_Places_.5B27_August_2010.5D. I will respond on that page to keep this topic together. --Jennifer (JBS66) 13:57, 27 August 2010 (EDT)

What to do with this list? [21 January 2011]

I did all places in the category Overijssel, Netherlands. I think these were all blue marked, correct placed in the hierarchy. I see this list with an awful lot of red places. But for example Archem, Ambt Ommen, Overijssel, Netherlands is correct, but the entry of Archem in this list is just an entry. Do I have to understand, that this is just a listing. How can I link the red ones to the right places?--Klaas (Ekjansen) 06:17, 21 January 2011 (EST)

I believe that I gathered this list from Wikipedia - we don't have all of these place pages in WeRelate. These place page lists were a bit of an experiment...
For the places that you redirected - those should work ok (and be blue) in this list. That is because even though they are written on this page as Arriën, Overijssel, Netherlands, we have a redirect page that points to Arriën, Ambt Ommen, Overijssel, Netherlands. For places like Archem, that was a new place that you had added to WR, and it doesn't have a redirect to it such as Place:Archem, Overijssel, Netherlands > Place:Archem, Ambt Ommen, Overijssel, Netherlands. In those cases, the place will be red.
To fix that there are two options. One would be to create a page titled Place:Archem, Overijssel, Netherlands and #REDIRECT it to Place:Archem, Ambt Ommen, Overijssel, Netherlands. You'd want to avoid this option if there are two same-named towns in Overijssel that are in different gemeente. The other option is to edit the listing on this page to include the gemeente. --Jennifer (JBS66) 06:37, 21 January 2011 (EST)
I will inclkude the gemeente which is not too problematic. It just diligence rather than brainwork. The places which stay read afterwards should I create I suppose.--Klaas (Ekjansen) 07:31, 21 January 2011 (EST)
Sometimes this type of "busywork" is a refreshing break... I don't think you have to create pages for the red-links. I've seen lists or other pages on WP with red-links. I am quite impressed with your efforts in Overijssel - you have really done a nice job! --Jennifer (JBS66) 07:50, 21 January 2011 (EST)

Places in WR not on list [21 January 2011]

This is a list of places that we have in WR that don't appear on this list (at least at first glance). We may not want to add them all, and I didn't want to begin adding them yet - lest we get into an edit conflict :-)

Marken in Overijssel [21 January 2011]

This is a list of Marken in Overijssel. There are sources available and that's the reason that most of these 'places' are registered in WeRelate with the source. But these are not really, or most of them are not really places, villages or hamlets. The Marke was a collective of Farmers (the wealthier part) to manage and the usage of the common grounds in the Eastern Netherlands. This ran from the Middle-Ages till the 19th century. In the 19th centary all lands were divided to private users and also partly to the gemeenten. You can see that most of the listed places in the chapter above are in this list.

Interesting... If they're not really towns, then we could delete the place pages. However, I'm unsure what I'd do about the source pages, since they reference a place. Maybe it doesn't hurt to keep them... I believe I'm on-the-fence with this one :-) --Jennifer (JBS66) 11:41, 21 January 2011 (EST)
  • Eschmarke of Groot Boermarke,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Agelo,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Albergen,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Ane en Anevelde,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Arriën-Noord, 1817 -
  • Marke Arriën-Zuid, 1817 -
  • Marke Arriën,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Assendorp,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Baalder en Hardenberg,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Bathmen en Loo,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Beckum, 19de eeuw
  • Marke Berghuizen,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Berkum,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Besthmen,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Beuningen,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Blalo,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Boekelo,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Brucht, 18de eeuw
  • Marke Buurse,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Daarle,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Dalmsholte,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Delden of Grote Boermarke,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Den Ham,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Deurningen,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Diepenheim,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Dieze,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Diffelen, 19de eeuw
  • Marke Dorth en Zuidloo,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Dulder,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Elsen,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Emmen,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Enter,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Fleringen,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Fortmond,-16de eeuw
  • Marke Gammelke,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Geesteren, Mander en Vasse,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Genne en Holten,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Giethmen,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Gramsbergen, Loozen en Radewijk, 19de eeuw
  • Marke Groot Driene, 19de eeuw
  • Marke Groot en Klein Agelo, 19de eeuw
  • Marke Haaksbergen, 19de eeuw
  • Marke Haarle, 19de eeuw
  • Marke Haerst,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Hasselo,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Heemse,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Heeten,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Heino,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Hellendoorn,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Hengforden,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Herculo,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Herfte,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Herthmen,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Herxen,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Hessum,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Hezinge,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Holten,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Holtheme,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Honesch,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Hulsen, 19de eeuw
  • Marke IJsselmuiden,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Kamperveen,-20de eeuw
  • Marke Katwolde,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Klein Driene, 19de eeuw
  • Marke Langenholte,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Lemele,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Lemselo,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Lenthe,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Leusen,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Lonneker, 18de eeuw
  • Marke Losser,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Luttenberg,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Lutte,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Markelo,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Mastenbroek,-16de eeuw
  • Marke Middel en Duur,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Noetsele,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Noord-Deurningen, 18de eeuw
  • Marke Notter en Zuna,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Nutter en Oud-Ootmarsum,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Oldeneel,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Olst en Overwetering,-20ste eeuw
  • Marke Ommen, 19de eeuw
  • Marke Pleegst,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Raalterwoold,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Ramele,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Rande,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Rectum,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Reeze,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Reutum,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Rossum,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Rozengaarde,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Rute, 17de eeuw
  • Marke Sekdoorn,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Spoolde,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Stegeren,-17de eeuw
  • Marke Tjoene,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Tubbergen,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Twekkelo,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Usselo,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Varssen,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Volthe, 19de eeuw
  • Marke Voorst en Westenholte,-20ste eeuw
  • Marke Wezepe,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Wierden en Hoge Heksel, 19de eeuw
  • Marke Woolde,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Ypelo, 19de eeuw
  • Marke Zalne en Wijthmen,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Zenderen en Bornerbroek,-19de eeuw
  • Marke Zuthem,-19de eeuw
  • Marken Lattrop en Tilligte,-19de eeuw--Klaas (Ekjansen) 09:59, 21 January 2011 (EST)