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Valentine Pence
b.ABT 1700/05 Prob. Germany
d.BEF 18 AUG 1761 Augusta County, Virginia
  1. Valentine PenceABT 1700/05 - BEF 1761
  2. Jacob PenceABT 1710 - bef 1750/51
  3. Anna Margaret PenceABT 1715/20 - AFT 1769
m. 19 January 1740/41
  1. Anna Catherine PenceABT 1741 - BEF 1824
  2. Adam Pence1743/44 - BEF 1801
  3. Jacob PenceABT 1749 - 1802
  4. Henry PenceABT 1752 - BEF 1834
  5. John Pence1755 - 1834
  6. Mary PenceABT 1758 - 1850
  7. Barbara PenceBEF 1759 -
  8. Sarah PenceBEF 1761 -
Facts and Events
Name Valentine Pence
Alt Name[1] Valentin Bentz
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1700/05 Prob. Germany
Marriage 19 January 1740/41 East Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvaniato Catherine Oberlin
Death? BEF 18 AUG 1761 Augusta County, Virginia

Valentine Pence was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 726.--27th November, 1749. Christopher Franciscus, Jr., of Augusta, to Jacob and Valentine Pence, 210 acres, part of 3,000 acres on Cub Run; corner Nicholas Null. Delivered: H. Dowley (See page 720, supra.), 20th August, 1751.
  • Page 426.--2d July, 1752. Same (Christophel Francisco by Stophel Francisco, his son and attorney) to Valentine Pence, 210 acres as above (Part of Jacob Stover's 5000 acres, on Shanandore; corner Nicholas Trout's line, on Cub Run; Morris Pound's line; corner Patrick Wilson; Val. Pence's line; the 3,100-acre lines. These Francisco conveyances are part of Stover's 5,000-acre tract). Corner Nicholas Null, Cub Run.
  • Page 431.--2d July, 1752. Same to same (Same (Christophel Francisco by Stophel Francisco, his son and attorney) to Valentine Pence), 168 acres. As above. Cub Run, corner John Craige: corner land said Pence lives on. Teste: Patrick Wilson.
  • Page 235.--10th May, 1754. James McCarroll to Valentine Pence, 275 acres by patent 5th July, 1751, on a branch of North River of Shanando. Cor. David Lojo.

Will of Valentine Pence

  • Page 67.--25th May, 1761. Valentine Pence's will--Wife, Cathrine; brother's son, Jacob Pence; first born son, Adam Pence. To Jacob Nicholas, deed to be made for land sold, viz: One-half of a tract of 168 acres devised to him by Stophel Francisco. Lawfully begotten children, viz: Adam, Jacob, Henry, John, Catherine, Sarah, Barbara and Mary, and one in the womb. Executors, Jacob Nicholas, Peter Miller, they to sell tract on Nelson's Run joining David Logan's land. Teste: Jno. Craig, Jacob Nicholas. Proved, 18th August, 1761, by the witnesses. Nicholas refuses to execute. Miller qualifies, with Christopher Harmentrout, Jacob Parsinger, Fredk. Harmentrout.
  • Page 501.--18th March, 1767, recorded. Valentine Pence's estate to Peter Miller, executor--Paid Henry Long, who married one of Valentine's daughters, her legacy; paid Jacob and Adam Pence, their legacies; paid Jacob Nicholas as exla of Mathew Sharpe. Received from Conrad Peterfish, Jno. Counts, Christian Teter, Jacob Moyer, Christopher Reisling, Nicholas Null.
  • Page 199.--14th November, 1768. Received of Peter Miller, executor of Valentine Pence, who was executor of Jacob Pence, £2.18.6-1/2, being the ballance due me on settlement of my father's estate.--Yacob bru-- (Pence). Ditto, similar receipt from George Pence.

Records of Valentine Pence in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 147.--5th April, 1751. Sale held of the estate of Jacob Pence, and settlement of estate by Peter Miller, executor of Val. Pence, who was executor of Jacob Pence, recorded 18th May, 1762. Sold to Henry Dooley, James Bartley, Wm. Craig, Jno. Fudge, James Downey, Joseph Wait, Repentance Townsend, Jacob Harman, Saml. Muncy, Robt. Hook, Danl. Love, David Loran, Wm. Beard, Johnston Hill, David Crighton; to cash. Paid Jno. Wright, Henry Perkey, Jno. Maggart, Andw. Faught, Jacob Pence. Nicholas Trout, Thos. Crawford, Archd. Huston.
  • Page 174.--__ _____, 1768. Jacob Pence's estate settled, by Valentine Pence--Paid Jacob Pence remainder of his portion of his father's estate, paid George Pence, John Pence, Wm. Pence. Errors excepted by Peter Miller, executor of Valentine Pence.

Information on Valentine Pence

From research conducted and compiled by the late Richard A. Pence of Fairfax, Virginia:

2 VALENTINE PENCE was born about 1700 probably in what is now Germany; died between 25 May 1761 (will date) and 18 Aug 1761 (will proved) in Augusta County, Virginia; married (Anna Maria) Catherine Oberlin 19 Jan 1741 in East Cocalico Twp, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (an entry in the International Genealogical Index gives his name as Georg Valentine Bentz and hers as Maria Catherine Oberlin for this marriage; they were married by the Rev. John Casper Stover and the published version of this marriage does not include the name Georg for him); he and his brother Jacob settled on Cub Run, then in Augusta County but now in Rockingham County, Virginia, about 1747. Children, as named in his will and his wife's will of Jun 1803:

21 ADAM PENCE ("first born son") was the John Adam Benz born to Valentine and "Maria Cath Oberlin" Benz 15 Jan 1744, baptized at Christ Lutheran Church, Stouchburg, (now) Berks County, Pennsylvanaia (then Lancaster County); died after 25 Oct 1800 (will written) and before 21 Jul 1801 (executor's bond) in Rockingham County, Viginia; married Margaret _____ (probably Ergenbright) about 1770.

22 JACOB PENCE was born about 1749 probably in Augusta County, Virginia; died 19 Nov 1802 in Cabarrus County, North Carolina; married Catherine Barger about 1771 in Virginia or North Carolina (she was the daughter of George Henry Barger who made his will in Rowan County, North Carolina, on 3 Feb 1819; Catherine died before her father's will was made, probably in 1813, for a letter of administration for her estate was given in Cabarrus Co to _____ Pence in July of that year); Jacob was in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, in 1790 with 1 male under 16, two males over 16 and six females, and in Cabarrus County (formed from Mecklenburg in 1792) in 1800 with two males 10-16, one over 45; two females 10-16, one 16-26 and one over 45; Jacob Bentz and Georg Henrich Berger were among those who began building the Organ Church in Mecklenburg County in 1774; Jacob purchased land in Mecklenburg County in 1772. According to receipts his children signed for a portion of his share of his parens' estate, he had nine children, six of whom can be identified from the receipts they signed. It appears that the youngest three were Christina, Adam and Valentine, since John Michael Sites was made the guardian of Christina on 17 Oct 1804 in Cabarrus Co and on the same date John Berger was made guardian of Adam and Valentine. In 1807 William Sifferd was made guardian of Adam and Felty (nickname for Valentine) and on 10 Jan 1810, Adam Bence, minor, was bound to George Rimer, blacksmsith, until he is 21, then be given a suit of clothes, anvil, sledge and _____, also schooling of three months.

23 HENRY PENCE was born about 1752 in Augusta County, Virginia; possibly the Henry Sr. who died before 18 Aug 1834 in Rockingham County, Virginia, when Jacob and John Rush were named administrators of his estate, with John Nicholas and William and John McCausland as bondsmen; a Henry Pence Sr also died before 5 May 1828 in Rockingham County when Jacob Pence was named administrator of his estate, with John Nicholas as bondsman (see Nos. 117 and 124); married Susannah _____. NOTE: Daughters are identified through marriage bonds; three sons listed below (Jacob, John and Valentine) were brothers who married Miller sisters, according to tradition; they are listed as children of Henry because his name appears with one or the other in various records; not positively identified as children of Henry, so they could be sons of another of Valentine's sons; the Henry listed is also presumed to be Henry's son.

24 JOHN PENCE was born 23 Nov 1755 in Augusta County, Virginia; died 10 Jan 1834 in Rockingham County, Virginia; married Nancy Swisher 6 May 1793 in Rockingham County (she was the daughter of John Switzer/Swisher and Anna Wagner). He was given a pension for service in the Revolution and his wife received a widow's pension. He is called "Red John Pence" on some records, perhaps to distinguish him from other John Pences, notably John, the son of Jacob, who is likely the one called "Black John Pence."

25 (ANNA) CATHERINE PENCE was no doubt the Anna Catarima Bentz, daughter of Valentine Bentz, whose birth or baptism was recorded as 9 Nov 1741 in the register of Muddy Creek Lutheran Church, East Cocalico Twp, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; died in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, leaving a will dated 20 Mar 1820 and probated in the Feb term in 1824; married Henry Long 20 Aug 1761 in Augusta County; she was called Catherine Long in a settlement of her father's estate; she and her husband wrote from North Carolina to her brother John Pence at McGayesville, Rockingham County, Virginia, telling him of the death of their brother Jacob in Catawba County, North Carolina, in 1802; the portion of Mecklenburg County in which they lived is now a part of Union County, North Carolina.

26 BARBARA PENCE was born in Augusta County, Virgina; married George Probst before 1776 (father's estate settlement); probably to southwestern Virginia.

27 MARY PENCE was born about 1758 in Augusta County, Virginia; died - Feb 1850 in Pendleton County, West Virginia (then Virginia); married Henry Swartzer (Swartley, Swadley) before 1775 (father's estate settlement) (he was born in 1748 in Augusta County, died - Jan 1829 in Brandywine, Pendleton County); to Highland County, Virginia, then Pendleton County.

28 SARAH PENCE was born in Augusta County, Virginia; married John Perkey after 1776, when she was called Sarah pence in a settlement involving her father's estate.

29 _____ PENCE, "one in the womb" (Valentine's will, written in 1761), thought by some to be named Valentine, but no Valentine is mentioned in any settlements of the father's estate or in the will of Valentine's wife; probably died quite young.


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