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Seth Rodgers
b.Est. 1708-1720 prob. Ireland
  1. Hugh Rodgers1700 - 1758
  2. Sarah RogersABT 1707 - BET 1750 AND 1754
  3. Robert Rogers, Jr.est 1708-1720 - bef 1745
  4. Seth RodgersEst 1708-1720 - 1758
  5. Joseph R. Rodgersabt 1709 -
  6. Hugh RodgersAbt 1711 -
  7. Daughter RogersEst 1712-1725 -
  8. George Rogers, of Beverley Manor, Augusta County, VAbef 1722 - 1768
  • HSeth RodgersEst 1708-1720 - 1758
  • W.  Katherine (add)
Facts and Events
Name Seth Rodgers
Gender Male
Birth? Est. 1708-1720 prob. Ireland
Death? poss. 1758 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Information on Seth Rogers

From History of Sullivan county, Pennsylvania, by Pennsylvania State University, 1903, pg. 13:

Among the records of Lancaster county, Pa., are found the names of a number of Rogers' families, who were located in Hanover township in said county. The records show a will of Robert Rogers, Jr.; who died in 1745; the will was executed in 1744. Seth Rogers died in 1758, his will was executed in 1750 (s/b 1760 based upon reference below). In the recorder's* office are a number of deeds recorded, of Rogers' families. Among the names of the gentlemen, the names of Richard, William, Samuel and Andrew, occur frequently, and among the names of the ladies the names of Martha, Ann and Margaret occur frequently.

From "Notes and Queries: Historical, biographical, and genealogical", Volume 2 By William Henry Egle, pg. 2272-276:

Seth Rogers died in 1758; will executed June 9, 1760, probated June 9,1758. Lived in Hanover township. Left widow, Katharine; mentions brothers Hugh and George, nephews Beth and Robert, children of Hugh; nephew William, son of Robert Rogers, of Carolina; nephew Robert Hunter, son of a married sister living in Carolina. (Note: this establishes George Rogers as a brother of Seth Rogers of Lancaster County, PA)