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Samuel Givens
  1. John Alexander Givens1687 -
  2. Samuel Givens1693 - 1740
  3. James GivensABT 1695 - 1746
  4. Thomas Caleb GivensABT 1697 - AFT 1749
  5. Edward Givens1699 -
  6. Robert Givens1701 -
  • HSamuel Givens1693 - 1740
  • WSarah Cathey1697 - Bet 1765 - 1769
m. 1718
  1. Margaret Givens1718-1722 -
  2. John Givens, of Middle RiverAbt 1719 - 1790
  3. William GivensAbt 1720 -
  4. Samuel Givens, of Augusta County, VA1721 - 1795
  5. James Givens1723 - bef 1801
  6. Martha Givens1725 -
  7. Elizabeth Anne Givens1728 - 1781
  8. William Givens, of the Calfpasture1729 - 1798
  9. Margaret Givens1731 -
  10. Sarah Givens1733 - btw 1764
  11. Jane Givens1735 -
  12. Capt. George Givens1740 - 1825
Facts and Events
Name Samuel Givens
Gender Male
Birth? 1693 Antrim, County Ulster, Ireland
Marriage 1718 Irelandto Sarah Cathey
Emigration? 28 FEB 1738/39 Arrived in Orange (later Augusta) County, Virginia with Sarah, his wife, John, Samuel, James, Martha, Elizabeth, William, Margret, Sarah and Jane Givins, his children; 28 Feb. 1739; O. Book II, pg. 109.
Alt Death[1] ABT 1740 Augusta County, Virginia
Death? 22 Oct 1740 Orange County, Virginia

Samuel Givens was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia



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Acquisition of Land from Augusta County Deeds & Such:

  • Deed from William Beverley to Samuel Givens, 311 acres, on September 27, 1738

Same transaction as listed in Orange County, VA records:

  • Deed Book III, p. 13, is the following order: "Deed (or release) dated Sept. 28, 1738, William Beverly of Essex county, Virginia, Gentleman of the first part, and Samuel Givens, of Orange County, farmer, of the other part, - for and in consideration of seven pounds, ten shillings, and six pence, - deeds 311 acres of land known as Beverly Manor." This was duly signed by William Beverly. This deed was recorded Sept. 28, 1738.


  • Samuel Givens appeared in Orange County Court, February 28, 1739, to swear that he had imported himself, Sarah (his wife), and his children - John, Samuel, James, Martha, Elizabeth, William, Margaret, Sarah, and Jane, from Ireland to Philadelphia and thence to Orange County, VA at his own expense. His importation papers are dated August 23, 1739. This affidavit was necessary for him to hold property.


  • Pages 147-48. Will of Samuel Givins, yeoman of Shenodor (Shenandoah) in the County of Orange and Colony of Virginia being weak of body, dated 22 Oct. 1740.
My dearly beloved wife Sarah Givins and my ouldest sun John Givins and my second sun Samell Givins executors.
To my dearly beloved wife Sarah Giving three hundred acres and fifty acres of land with my dwelling house and other houses convenant for the younce of my youngest sun William Givins to be given unto the hands of my other two executors. If my wife maries then my sun William is to possess said three hundred and fifty acres. But if my wife does not marry shew [sic] is to enjoy it her lifetime.
To my ouldest son John Givins three hundred and fifty acres he having his choice next to his mother and brother William Givins.
To my sun Samuell Givins three hundres and fifty acres of land.
To my sun James Givins three hundred and fifty acres of land.
And they must all live together as they now doe and bring up my young children and pay the land off the wholl head.
My trusty friend James Cathey to oversee my executors.
If it hapens that the child my wife now goes with proves a man child my four meal heairs must purchase the child if it lives to come to age three hundred acres of land.\
All my moveble estate to be equally divided to my wife and all my children.
(signed) Samuell Givins
Wit: James Cathey, Robt. Turk.
28 May 1741. Proved by James Cathey and Robert Turk.
  • Pages 149-50. Bond of Jno. Givins, Saml. Givins and James Cathey unto Thos Chew, justice. For ₤500. 28 May 1741. John and Samuel Givins are executors of Samuel Givens. (signed) John Givins, Samuel Givins, James Cathey.
28 May 1741. Ack. and admitted to record. [Orange County Virginia Will Book 1, Dorman, pg. 30].
  • Pages 167-68. Samll. Givins. Inventory. 17 July 1741. Total valuation £91.15.6. (signed) John Pickins, John Smith, Wm. Thompson. 27 Aug. 1741. Returned into Court. [Orange County, Virginia Will Book 1, 1735-1743, Dorman, pg. 33].


Record of Samuel Givens in Orange County, VA:

  • Orange County, VA Order Book B, p. 47. At a court held for Orange County, on Thursday, August 23, 1739, Samuel Given and John Lewis, Gentlemen, having taken the oath appointed by act of Parliment to be taken instead of the oath of alligiance and supremacy and the oaths of abduration and subscribed that test, afterward severally took the oath of Justice of the Peace for this county accordingly.


Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19

Husband's Name

Samuel GIVENS (AFN:26ZH-32)    

Born:  1693  Place:  , Antrim, Ulster, Ireland 
Christened:  1693  Place:   
Died:  22 Oct 1740  Place:  , Orange, Virginia 
Buried:  Wp 28 1741 May  Place:  , Augusta Co, Va, Old Stone Church 
Married:  1718  Place:  , , Ireland 

Father:  Samuel GIVENS (AFN:NZ26-4D)    
Mother:  Mrs- GIVENS (AFN:NZ26-5K)   

Wife's Name

Sarah CATHEY (AFN:26ZH-47)    

Born:  1697  Place:  , Antrim, Ulster, Ireland 
Christened:    Place:  , , VA. 
Died:  1765/1769  Place:  , Frederick, VA 
Buried:    Place:  , Frederick, VA 
Married:  1718  Place:  , , Ireland 


1. Sex Name

M  William GIVENS (AFN:10JM-QB5)    

Born:  Abt 1720   Place:  Ireland  

2. Sex Name

F  Margret GIVENS (AFN:10JM-QCC)    

Born:  Abt 1720   Place:  Ireland  

3. Sex Name

F  Sarah GIVENS (AFN:10JM-QDK)    

Born:  Abt 1720   Place:  Ireland  

4. Sex Name

M  James GIVENS (AFN:L737-P0)    

Born:  1723   Place:  Of, Antrim, Ireland  
Died:  19 Nov 1790   Place:  , Lincoln, Kentucky  
Buried:  Bef 20 1790 Apr   Place:  Stone Church, Augusta, Virginia  

5. Sex Name

F  Sarah GIVENS (AFN:26ZJ-82)    

Born:  1733   Place:  , Augusta, Virginia  
Died:  Deceased   Place:  , , Bath, Virginia  

6. Sex Name

M  Samuel GIVENS (AFN:26ZJ-21)    

Born:  1721   Place:  , Augusta, VA  
Died:  1795   Place:  , Mercer Co, KY  

7. Sex Name

F  Martha GIVENS (AFN:26ZJ-4C)    

Born:  1725   Place:  , Augusta, VA  
Died:  Deceased   Place:   

8. Sex Name

F  Elizabeth GIVENS (AFN:26ZJ-5J)    

Born:  1728   Place:  , Augusta, VA  
Died:  26 Sep 1781   Place:  Salem, Roanoke, Virginia  

9. Sex Name

M  William GIVENS (AFN:26ZJ-6P)    

Born:  18 May 1729   Place:  , Augusta, Virginia  
Died:  26 Mar 1798   Place:  , Mecklenburg, North Carolina  

10. Sex Name

F  Margaret GIVENS (AFN:26ZJ-7V)    

Born:  1731   Place:  , Augusta, Virginia  
Died:  Deceased   Place:  , Mecklenburg, North Carolina  

11. Sex Name

F  Jane GIVENS (AFN:26ZJ-97)    

Born:  1735   Place:  , Augusta, Virginia  
Died:  Deceased   Place:  , , Augusta, Virginia  

12. Sex Name

M  George GIVENS (AFN:26ZJ-BD)    

Born:  1740   Place:  , Augusta, Virginia  
Christened:  11 Mar 1741   Place:  , Augusta Co, Va, Rev. John Cra
Died:  17 Jan 1825   Place:  , Lincoln, KY.  
Buried:    Place:  , Augusta, Virginia


  1. Chalkley, - Augusta County, Virginia Court Abstracts, pg. 315.

    MAY, 1756 (B).
    Stuart vs. Givens.--John Stuart, of Augusta, Taylor, and Sarah, his wife, late Sarah Givens, one of the daughters of Samuel Givens, late of said County, deceased, orator and oratrix. Samuel died, leaving Sarah, an infant, leaving will dated 22d October, 1740, and made his wife, Sarah (mother of oratrix, now wife of Robert Allen of County of Frederick), and oratrix's brothers, John and Samuel Givens, executors, which will was proved in Orange in 1741, John and Samuel qualifying as executors. Bill filed March, 1755.

  2.   Wilson, Howard McKnight. The Tinkling Spring, Headwater of Freedom. (Privatetly published by The Tinkiling Spring and Hermitage Presbyterian Churches, pub. Fishersville, Virginia), pg. 475.

    Baptisms in Tinkling Spring:

    Mrs. Sarah Givans, widow of Samuel Givans, Esq., mother of:
    George Givens, bapt. 3/11/1741.