Person:Robert Rose (13)

Robert Rose
b.est 1619
m. bef 1619
  1. John Rose1619 - bet 1683
  2. Robert Roseest 1619 - bef 1682/83
  3. Elizabeth Rose1621 - 1659
  4. Mary Rose1623 -
  5. Samuel Rose1625 - 1698
  6. Sarah Rose1627 - aft 1684
  7. Daniel Rose1631 - aft 1711
  8. Dorcas Rose1632 -
  9. Jonathan Roseest 1634 - bef 1684
  10. Hannah Roseest 1636 - aft 1664
  • HRobert Roseest 1619 - bef 1682/83
  • WRebecca Unknownbef 1631 - bef 1690
m. bef 7 Oct 1651
  1. Mary Rose1655 - 1747
  2. Rebecca Roseest 1657 - 1728/29
  3. Elizabeth Rose1658/59 - aft 1714/15
  4. Hannah Roseest 1668 - 1710
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Robert Rose
Gender Male
Birth[1] est 1619
Immigration[1][3][5] Apr 1634 With parents.
Marriage bef 7 Oct 1651 to Rebecca Unknown
Death[2] bef 9 Mar 1682/83 Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States
Estate Inventory[2] 9 Mar 1682/83
Vital Records

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    Robert Rose, b. about 1619 (aged 15 on 30 April 1634 [Hotten 278].

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