Source:Torrey, Clarence Almon. New England Marriages Prior to 1700


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"This work, compiled over a period of thirty years from about 2,000 books and manuscripts, is a comprehensive listing of the 37,000 married couples who lived in New England between 1620 and 1700. Listed are the names of virtually every married couple living in New England before 1700, their marriage date or the birth year of a first child, the maiden names of 70% of the wives, the birth and death years of both partners, mention of earlier or later marriages, the residences of every couple and an index of names. The provision of the maiden names make it possible to identify the husbands of sisters, daughters, and many granddaughters of immigrants, and of immigrant sisters or kinswomen." [1]

The work has been formatted to microfilm, book (in its 6th printing) and CD, and supplemented three times. The original manuscript (and its microfilm) and the CD have Torrey's references, the book omitted them to save space.

Torrey is Not a Primary Source

Torrey cited his sources for each entry, and the user should always attempt to trace the information found in Torrey back to an earlier source to determine its reliability. Original sources can also lead to information on other family members. In the interim, Torrey can and should be cited, and is considered overall fairly reliable.


Original manuscript film numbers:

  • 929494
  • 929495
  • 929496
  • 929497
  • 929498
  • 929499
  • 929500

Book edition:

  • Available on microfilm from the Family History Center, Film 1320548 Item 14.
  • Available in hard copy at NEHGS
  • Current edition available for purchase from Genealogical Publishing Company and elsewhere

CD Edition

  • Available for purchase online and presumably in many genealogical libraries


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