Person:Robert McCormick (3)

Robert McCormick
d.12 October 1818
m. 17 JAN 1728
  1. Thomas McCormick1727 -
  2. James McCormick1729 -
  3. William McCormick1731 - 1812
  4. Hugh McCormick1735 -
  5. Robert McCormick1738 - 1818
  6. Elizabeth McCormick1740 -
m. 1770
  1. George Elliot McCormick1771 - 1849
  2. Martha McCormick1773 -
  3. Elizabeth McCormick1774 -
  4. William McCormick1776 - 1837
  5. James McCormick1778 - 1839
  6. Robert McCormick1780 - 1846
Facts and Events
Name Robert McCormick
Gender Male
Birth? 1738 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Marriage 1770 to Martha Sanderson
Death? 12 October 1818

Robert McCormick was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Robert McCormick in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 547.--3d February, 1778. Andrew Walker's will--To wife, Margaret, if she has a child to him; to mother-in-law; to brother and sisters. Executors, Thomas Connely and John Burnsides. Teste: John Campbell, Robt. McCormick, Mary Sevenson. Proved, 17th February, 1778, by Campbell, and recorded. Executors qualify.
  • Page 256.--13th March, 1782. William Wood's will--To wife, Ann; to sons, Searight and Alexander; children to be of age before division of estate. Executors, wife Ann, Alex. Seeright, Wm. Loggan. Teste: Robt. McCormick, James Rowan, Simon Carson. Proved, 15th October, 1782, by witnesses. Logan refuses to execute. Ann qualifies.
  • Page 281.--8th December, 1796. William Moore's will--To wife, Mary Ann; to son, John; to son, Robert; to son, James, infant. Executors, wife Mary Ann, James Henry. Teste: Robert McCormick, Samuel Carson, Thos. Beard. Proved, 19th September, 1797, by Ro. McCormick, Samuel Carson, Thos. Beard. Executors qualify.
  • Page 32.--1st February, 1799. William (X) Poage's will--To wife, Sarah; eldest son, Robert (land joining James Henry, John Moore); to son, James; son, William; son, John; to daughter, Elizabeth Poage, 150 acres joining Hugh Beard, Jno. Cunningham, Andrew Purris (youngest daughter Elizabeth); to eldest daughters, Agnes, Sarah, and Isabel Poage. Executors, wife and sons Robert and James. Teste: Robert McCormick, James Henry, Robert Moore. Proved, 23d September, 1799, by Moore and McCormick. Sarah and Robert qualify. James Poage refused to execute.

Information on Robert McCormick

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Husband's Name

Robert MCCORMICK (AFN:QRDM-9Q)  Pedigree  

Born:  1738  Place:  Harrisburg, Pa   
Died:  12 Oct 1818  Place:     
Married:  1770  Place:     

Father:  Thomas MCCORMICK (AFN:QRDM-1C)  Family  
Mother:  Elizabeth CARRUTH (AFN:FM31-67)   

Wife's Name 
Martha SANDERSON (AFN:QRDM-BW)  Pedigree  

Born:  1747  Place:  <Middleton Twp, Cumberland Co, Pa>   
Died:  1803  Place:     
Married:  1770  Place:     

Father:  George SANDERSON (AFN:10FT-4ZH)  Family  
Mother:  Jane ROSS (AFN:10FT-3ZB)   


 1.  Sex  Name    
 F Elizabeth MCCORMICK (AFN:QRDM-FF)  Pedigree  

   Born:  1774   Place:  <Walnut Grove, Rockbride Co, Va>   

2.  Sex  Name    
 F Martha MCCORMICK (AFN:QRDM-D8)  Pedigree  

   Born:  1773   Place:  <Walnut Grove, Rockbride Co, Va>   

 3.  Sex  Name    
 M James MCCORMICK (AFN:QRDM-HR)  Pedigree  

   Born:  7 Jan 1778   Place:  <Walnut Grove, Rockbride Co, Va>   
   Died:  30 Aug 1839   Place:    

 4.  Sex  Name    
 M William MCCORMICK (AFN:QRDR-F0)  Pedigree  

   Born:  12 Apr 1776   Place:  <Walnut Grove, Rockbride Co, V
   Died:  17 Apr 1837   Place:    

 5.  Sex  Name    
 M George Elliot MCCORMICK (AFN:QRDM-C3)  Pedigree  

   Born:  9 May 1771   Place:  <Walnut Grove, Rockbride Co, Va>   
   Died:  25 Apr 1849   Place:    

6.  Sex  Name    
 M Robert MCCORMICK (AFN:QRDR-WD)  Pedigree  

   Born:  8 Jun 1780   Place:  Walnut Grove, Rockbride Co, Va   
   Died:  4 Jul 1846   Place:  Walnut Grove, Rockbriodge Co, Va
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