Person:Robert Holmes (25)

Robert Holmes
b.18 February 1737 of Augusta County, Virginia
d.28 February 1812 Oglethorpe County, Georgia
m. abt. 1736
  1. Mary Holmes1735 - bef 1823
  2. Robert Holmes1737 - 1812
  3. Jean Holmesabt 1744 -
  4. Katherine Holmes1746 -
  5. James Holmes1747 - 1807
  6. Elizabeth Holmes1756 - 1803
  7. Richard Holmes1760 - 1818
Facts and Events
Name Robert Holmes
Gender Male
Birth[1] 18 February 1737 of Augusta County, Virginia
Death[1] 28 February 1812 Oglethorpe County, Georgia
Vital Records

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Robert Holmes was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Robert Holmes in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 1.--Robert Willson, in Shanadore in Virginia, will dated 3d November, 1745. Wife, Jane; estate except such as is nominated of the hole head to son John. Son, John; daughter, Jannet Holmes, 20 shillings; daughter, Catrin Bell, 20 shillings; nephew (?), Robert Holmes; daughters, Elizabeth, Jane, Frances. Executors, Wm. Long and James Alexander. Teste: Jno. Patterson, Gabriel Holmes, James Bell. Proved, 11th February, 1745, by John Patterson. Proved, 16th April, 1745, by Gabriel Holmes. (Note: Robert Holmes appears to be the grandson of Robert Wilson, who named his nephew Robert Holmes (?) in his will).
  • Page 38.--__ day _____, 1760. Edward Beard and Mary ( ) to James Beard, £30, 36 acres on North River of Shanandoe, part of 400 acres patented to Samuel Lockhart, 10th April, 1751; also 20 acres, part of 179 acres patented to Samuel Lockhart, 30th August, 1748, adjoining above. Teste: Robert Homes, Joseph ( ) Homes. (Note: possibly this Robert Holmes?).
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