Person:Moses Skaggs (1)

Moses Skaggs
d.Abt. 1796
m. 1720
  1. Henry Skaggs, "Long Hunter"1723/24 - 1810
  2. James Skaggs, II1724 - 1820
  3. John Skaggs1728 -
  4. Charles Skaggs1730 - 1815
  5. Susannah Skaggs1730 - 1797
  6. Nancy Skaggs1732 -
  7. Moses Skaggs1733 - Abt 1796
  8. Lydia Lydde Tizah-neh Skaggs1736 - 1814
  9. Aaron Skaggsest 1737-1739 - est 1790-1795
  10. Elizabeth Skaggs1740 - before 1820
  11. Richard Skaggsabt 1740 - 1818
  12. Jacob Scaggs1741 - 1830
Facts and Events
Name Moses Skaggs
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1733 Virginia, USA
Death? Abt. 1796
Alt Death[1] 1799 Green County, Kentucky, USAKilled by indians in 1799 at the age of 66

Moses Skaggs was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Moses Skaggs in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County, VA records:

  • Vol. 2 - Lewis vs. Draffin--O. S. 202; N. S. 71 -- Bill, 1809. Involves lands in Albemarle County in Kentucky, and Ohio. Deed dated 7th September, 1805, by Robert Draffin of Albemarle to James Lewis of Albemarle; conveys tract on Pitman's Creek in Green County, part of tract granted to Hervey and Clark (400 acres), cor. Moses Skeggs. Recorded in Albemarle, 8th May, 1806. Deed dated 12th May, 1806, by same to Richard Anderson, 723 acres on Ivy Creek in Albemarle. Recorded in Albemarle, 2d June, 1806. Deed dated 7th September, 1787, by John Harvie of Richmond, to Robert Draffin of Albemarle, 2,000 acres on Sinking Creek in Jefferson County, adjoining Henry Hogan. Patent by Jefferson, President of U.S., to James Lewis, assignee of Ro. Draffin, in consideration of military services of William Ware, Thomas Burk, Mosby Childress and James Cooley, all soldiers for three years; William Smith, a drummer for the war; Wormack Blackenship, corporal for three years; Cole Robinson, sergeant for three years, in Virginia line on Continental Establishment, for 1,000 acres between Little Miami and Scioto Rivers. Deed 6th December, 1797, by Robert Draffin of Albemarle to James Lewis of same place; two tracts; 800 acres in Green County, Kentucky, on Pitman's or Sinking Creek, part of 2,000 acres sold by Harvie and Clark to Draffin. Proved at Court of Quarter Sessions in Green County, fLOth March, 1798 Deed Gth November, 1799, by same to same, at same place; part of tract patented to Christopher Clark and John Harvie. Recorded in Green County, 23d December, 1799. Deed dated 20th January, 1794, by Robert Draffin to Robert Pattenger of Green County, Kentucky, 320 acres in Green County on Sinking Creelc, part of 2,000 acres above. Iiecorded in Green County, 14th October, 1794. Courses of deeds in Green County, viz: Robert Draffin to Moses Skaggs, 216 acres; Robert Draffin to Wm. and Michael Sympson, 3023/4 acres; Robert Draffin to Wm. Buckner, 370 acres; Robert Draffin to James McColgan, 103 acres; Robert Draffin to Wm. McColgan, 88 acres.

Information on Moses Skaggs

Moses died intestate and without any heirs. His estate was settled in 1837 and in the documents there are several testimonies that name his brothers and sisters. A digital copy is online. ESTATES: MOSES SKAGGS HEIRS, ESTATE CASE # 3871, GREEN CO., KY, 1836

Excerpt: He did die in this county (Green) many years ago, He never had any children. His father and mother died many years before Moses. He had however four sisters only to wit. Susanah, Lydia, Elizabeth, and Nancy. Susanah married Richard Whit, Lydia married Matthias Harman, Elizabeth married John Hankins and Nancy married William Meridy. He also had the following brothers towit, James, Henry, Richard, John, Jacob and Charles. Elizabeth, Susanah, and Lydia with their husbands, lived in Virginia, where I suppose their children are now living.

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