Person:Moses Samples (1)

Moses Samples, Sr.
b.1730-33 Virginia
m. abt 1711
  1. Elizabeth Sempleabt 1718 - 1780
  2. Capt. Samuel Semple, ASST QTR MRabt 1725 - 1808
  3. Moses Samples, Sr.1730 - 1824
  4. Hannah Sampleabt 1731 - 1814
  5. Robert Semple1733 - 1808
  6. Susanna Samplesabt 1741 -
  7. William Sempleabt 1742 -
  8. Sarah Samplesabt 1743 -
  • HMoses Samples, Sr.1730 - 1824
  • WMary B WoodABT 1730 - ABT 1783
m. BEF 1758
  1. Mary Samples1749 -
  2. Elizabeth Samples1752 -
  3. Moses Samples, Jr.1754 - 1830
  4. John Semple, Sr.abt 1755 - 1794
  5. Alexander Samples1756 - abt 1820
  6. Betsy Samples1758 -
  7. Elender Samples1758 - ABT 1796
  8. Jane Sample1760 - 1818
  9. Peggy Samples1760 -
  10. Anna Sampleabt 1761 - abt 1838
  11. William Samplesbet 1761-1769 - 1850
  12. Matthew Samplesabt 1762 - ABT 1829
  13. Ruth SamplesAbt 1765 -
  14. Robert A Samples1770 - 1857
  15. Agnes Sampleabt 1776 - abt 1824
Facts and Events
Name[1] Moses Samples, Sr.
Alt Name Moses Semple
Gender Male
Birth? 1730-33 Virginia Hereditary Sempill Lords of Blackburn, Kirkhouse, and Long Dreghorn & Clan Sempill
Alt Birth[3] 1730-33 Cumberland, Pennsylvania, United StatesFormed from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania c. 1730. Around the area of Carlisle during the Frontier Wars.
Marriage BEF 1758 to Mary B Wood
Military[4] 1758 Augusta, Virginia, United StatesSource: Virginia Colonial Militia, page 62, Moses Sample was a private in the Augusta County Militia
Military? 10 Oct 1774 Point Pleasant, Mason, West Virginia, United StatesServed in Captain Joseph Haynes Company. Not much is known of Capt. Joseph Haynes Company of men. From a Pension from Moses Bostick relates that He Moses Bostick served in Capt. Joseph Haynes Company at the Battle of Point Pleasant in October 1774. Under General George Rogers Clark also see wikipedia George Rogers Clark This was a cavalry company, ordered into service by Col. John Bowman (pioneer). Men enlisted in Bedford County, Virginia.
Residence[2] 1779-1788 Greenbrier, West Virginia, United StatesSource: Heads of Families in Virginia, 1783-88
Death[7] 24 JAN 1824 Jefferson County, Tennessee

Moses Samples was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

1758 - Augusta County, Va. Militia - Saml. Semple and Moses Samble (ie. Semple) - Page 61, 62 - Virginia Colonial Milita, 1651-1776 (1954), Crozier, William Armstrong, Southern Book Co., Baltimore, Published 1923-1963. Internet Archive Virginia Colonial Militia

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 79.--19th August, 1761. Mary Jackson's (late Mary Claypole) settlement of estate of William Claypole recorded--To Jno. Wright, Francis McBride, Jno. Dunbar, Jno. and Jos. Claypole, Mr. Johns, Evan Thomas. Sale bill, viz: To Robert Williams, Jersmons Peir, Arthur Trader, Moses Samples, John Douglass, Jno. Arshers, James Cohoon, Dennis Henry, Wm. Cimsey, Andw. Sedusky, Rees Thomas, Henry Harvey.
  • Vol. 2 - Supernumeraries collected by John Smith for 1774: Peter Black, Charles Erwin, John Frame, Archable Kilkison, James Lock, Andrew Marten, Wm. Ralston, Moses Samples, Joseph Wright, John Collens, Wm. Mathers, Wm. Craige, Archable Cunningham, Robert Moday, John Allen, Joseph Colter, Joseph Bell, Able Griffa, John Yancy, Dan O'Neel, Adam Wall, Hugh Campbell, Jr.; Wm. Frame, Sr.; David Williams, George Bowsell, Joseph Campbell, John Patterson, Seath Rogers, Thomas Armstrong, Edward Beard, Hennery Harlis, Zachariah Smith, Sam'l Frazier, Edward Hall, Jesse Jackson, Zachariah Johnston, James Lansbee, Dan'l Mackoneer, Adam Reaburn, Henry Reaburn, David Bosang, Sam'l Wright.
  • Page 421.--13th June, 1776. Samuel Sample's will--To wife, Ann; to son, Samuel; to son, Moses; to sons, a division; to son William's son, William, an equal legatee; to son, Robert; to grandson, Thomas Randall. Executors, sons Robert and Moses. Teste: Andrew Erwin, John Brown, Mary Black. Proved, 20th August, 1776, by Erwin and Brown. Executors qualify.
  • Page 472.-(undated, appears to be abt. March/May 1778) - Patent to Robert Ralston and conveyed to David Ralston. Teste: Alex. Robertson, Thomas Hughart, Robert Poage.
  • Page 476.--Teste: Moses Sample.
  • Page 376.-(undated, appears to be abt. 18 August 1778) - On the Wet Stone Draft of Mossey Creek. Teste: Jas. McVey, Moses Sample, William Ralston.
  • Page 132.-(undated, abt. 1778) - Vendue bill of Samuel Samples -- Jacob Caplin, John Chasm, Elihu Messexs, James Floyd, Wm. Greagg, John McVey, Wm. Pettijohn, Wm. Perrigin, Margaret and James McVey, Felix Sheltman.
Sgt. John McVey was born between 1737 and 1727 in Scotland. He served in the military between 1755 and 1760 in American Colonies for the French and Indian War. He was listed as poor and delinquent on Col. Smith's tax list in 1766 in Augusta Co., Virginia. He served in the military in 1777 in Virginia. He was at the Samuel Samples vendue sale in 1780. He had an estate probated on 13 Jun 1817 in Ardery, Bath Co., Kentucky. He died in 1823 in Virginia or Kentucky. He was a soldier, farmer, and millwright in Greenbrier Co., Virginia.
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    Virginia Colonial Militia, Augusta County, September 1758.
    Colonel John Buchannan, Major John Brown, Major John Smith
    Militia: - Saml. Semple on page 61. Moses Samble on page 62.

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    Page 167, Gragg, Scotch-Irish, before 1792, Reed's Creek.

    Page 208, Gragg, Thomas (____ ____)-left a minor daughter, Mary and appears to have had these sons:
    1. Henry
    2. William (Mary ____)-d. Jan. 24, 1795.
    3. Samuel (Ann Black)-m. 1785?

    A daughter of William was killed by the Indians in 1781 (see Page 64,65). Elizabeth (Peter Cassell-m. 1794) was a daughter of Henry.

    The family seems afterward to have moved to the South Fork above Sugar Grove. J. Robert and Amby Gragg of that district are present representatives of the family...

    Page 64, 65 - In 1781 took place what seems the last Indian raid into this county. A party of redskins, led by Tim Dahmer, a white renegade, came by the Seneca trail to the house of William Gragg, who lived on the highland a mile east of Onego. Dahmer had lived with the Graggs, and held a grudge against a daughter of the family. Gragg was away from the house getting a supply of firewood, and seeing Indians at the house he kept out of danger. His mother, a feeble old lady, and with whom Dahmer had been on good terms, was taken out into the yard in her chair. The wife was also unharmed, but the daughter was scalped and the house set on fire, after which the renegade and his helpers made a prudent retreat. The girl was taken up the river, probably to the house of Philip Harper, but died of her injuries.

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  9.   "[Edna (Vinson) Davis Relatives.FTW]
    :Subject: DAR Patriot Lookup: Reference Code RXBBGGK
    :A search of our Patriot Index provided the information found below.
    :SAMPLE, Moses
    :Birth: Circa 1730
    :Service: VA
    :Rank: Sol
    :Death: TN Before (ante) 1830
    :Patriot Pensioned: No
    :Widow Pensioned: No
    :Children Pensioned: No
    :Heirs Pensioned: No
    :Spouse: Mary Rutherford
    :Spouse: Ruth Wood

    My Note: Jane (Samples) Campbell had died in 1818 and her family by 1824 were in KY!